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Films Screened In 1967

L'oiseau de la sagesse (Henri Lacam, 1965)
The legend tells how the owl saved a whole country and became the emblem of Athene, Goddess of Wisdom. ... Read more

LA VIE DE CHATEAU (Jean-Paul Rappenau, 1966)
Marie, newly married to a man twenty years her senior, lives in an enormous castle on the coast of Normandy. ... The time is 1944. In anticipation of the Allied landing, led by an officer, the German… Read more

Ladies and Gentlemen (Witold Giersz, 1965)
A short tale about the rivalry of two men fighting to win the love of the same woman. ... Read more

Le Drame Du Taureau (Lucien Clergue, 1965)
A vivid coverage of bullfighting — from the bull's point of view. ... Read more

Le Poisson Prof (Philippe de Poix, 1965)
The trials of a young teacher in charge of a class of little girls. ... Read more

Listen to a City (Eric Fullilove, 1966)
A colourful and sophisticated impression of Melbourne by night and day. ... Silver Award, Travel Category, Australian Film Awards. ... Read more

LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC (Karel Kachyna, 1966)
A vivid re-enactment of life in a Moravian village towards the end of the last war. The cynicism of the story effectively conveys the sardonic humour of the villagers' efforts to protect their farms … Read more

LOVE 65 (Bo Widerberg, 1965)
The action of the film takes place during two summers and a winter. Keve is a film director whose relationship with his wife is deteriorating, and for a while he finds peace in the arms of another's … Read more

Mardi-Gras (Geneviève Grand'ry, 1966)
This is a short-story film about the adventures of a young painter who spends a night during Mardi-Gras alone with only his fantasies to keep him company ... Read more

Master Singers (Robert Vas, 1966)
The great choirs of the Welsh mining valleys first grew from the singing of hymns in chapel on Sundays — for many, the only time in the week into which beauty entered. Even now these choirs, an… Read more

Moon's Men (, 1964)
Without commentary, this cinematic poem tells of the work of the shrimp fishermen of northern England. ... Diploma of Merit, Edinburgh Festival. ... Read more

MOROCCO (Josef von Sternberg, 1930)
Dietrich's first American film was a highly romantic farrago about a singer in a Moroccan cafe, the wealthy hedonist who loves her and the Legionnaire whom she finally decides to follow into the dese… Read more

Morty (William Compton, 1965)
An amusing reminder of just how loaded the index finger can be in the fantasy world of the child. ... Read more

NAYAK (Satyajit Ray, 1966)
The Hero is one of Satyajit Ray's modern stories, concerned with the life and thoughts of an Indian film star as he travels by train to collect a prize in Delhi. Through dreams and flashbacks, he tel… Read more

No Reason to Stay (Mort Ransen, 1966)
Developed from a script written by a boy of the same age as the central figure of the story, this film takes a deliberately biased look at the history of one school drop-out, and the system he reject… Read more

Notes for a Film about Donna and Gail (Don Owen, 1966)
This film is a character study of the two girls, Donna and Gail, showing the currents that brought them together and revealing the differences in their natures — contradictions that first attra… Read more

Now (Santiago Alvarez, 1965)
A look at racial discrimination in the United States. The background music is sung by Lena Horne. ... Grand Prize, Leipzig Festival. ... Read more

Overture to Tomorrow (Joseph McDonough, 1966)
Music and photography have been wedded to images of people, manufacturing, applications and systems, in this unconventional portrayal of a corporation. ... Special Mention, Venice Festival; Industria… Read more

Painting People (Tim Burstall, 1966)
A searching survey of Australian portraiture and the aims of the artists. ... Silver Award, Documentary Category, Australian Film Awards. ... Read more

People Make Papers (Fred Schepisi, 1966)
An impressionistic account of the production of a newspaper. ... Golden Reel Award, Public Relations Category, Australian Film Awards. ... Read more

People of the Australian Western Desert, Part 4 (Ian Dunlop, 1966)
A detailed and penetrating ethnographic study of the daily life of a nomadic aboriginal family. ... Silver Award, Documentary Category, Australian Film Awards. ... Read more

Petrol (Hugo Niebeling, 1965)
A portrait of the oil industry presented with bravura, using exciting compositions, striking camera move­ments and angles. The visuals are splendidly matched with the musical score. ... Gold Awar… Read more

Pianissimo (Carmen D'Avino, 1960)
A disarming attempt to express rhythms in terms of colours. ... Read more

Pierrot (Jacques Leroux, 1965)
Using experimental techniques in animation, the film is a poetic evocation of the metamorphosis of the carnival character of Pierrot. ... Animation Prize, Bilbao. ... Read more

Rain and Shine (C. V. Gopal, 1967)
An impressionistic presentation of Mahabaleshwar, a quiet little hill station, during and after the monsoon rains. ... Read more

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