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Films Screened In 1967

WATCH YOUR CAR (Eldar Riazanov, 1966)
Watch your Car is about a Robin Hood of our times and a Russian one at that: a gentle car thief who steals not for personal gain but for a children's home. Innokenty Smoktunovsky, remembered for his … Read more

What on Earth (Les Drew, Kaj Pindal, 1966)
The title says this is a production of the National Film Board of Mars, and the film shows what Martians, looking at us. might logically guess to be the case — that the auto has inherited the e… Read more

WHEN TOMORROW DIES (Laurence Kent, 1966)
The film concerns a young housewife and mother whose existence has become dull and empty as both her husband and children are too taken up with their own affairs to bother much about her. Feeling dej… Read more

Why Do You Smile Mona Lisa? (Jirí Brdecka, 1966)
An amusing parody about the enigmatic smile of Mona Lisa. ... First Prize, Animation, Bergamo Festival. ... Read more

WINTER KEPT US WARM (David Secter, 1964)
This film, set at the North American University of Toronto, was made by a young man who had just graduated, and who managed to capture faithfully the feel of life on the campus. The story examines a … Read more

Woman as a Flower (Jan Lenica, 1965)
Renaissance, "modern style" — decorative, erotic and fantastic. ... Lion of St. Marc, Venice Festival; Silver Medal, Padua Festival. ... Read more

World Tomorrow - The Most Amazing Hunt Ever Known (Eric Harrison, 1966)
Although the U.S. Government said there was no danger, they almost literally moved mountains to fish one lost H-bomb off the Mediterranean seabeds. This film is a record of that bizarre game of Hunt … Read more

Yoga and the Individual (John B. Murray, 1966)
A sympathetic description of the true aims of Yoga and an absorbing demonstration of it in practice. ... Silver Award, Teaching Category, Australian Film Awards. ... Read more

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