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Films Screened In 1968

PARANOIA (Adriaan Ditvoorst, 1967)
This is a sensual study of a young man, Arnold Cleever, who goes into retreat when a photo in a newspaper convinces him that he is a wanted SS officer. In his paranoid state, his relationship with hi… Read more

PATHER PANCHALI (Satyajit Ray, 1952)
The Apu Trilogy, India's most important contribution to world cinema so far, is based on the Bengali novel by Bibhuti Bhusan Bannerji. The book contains a great deal of autobiographical material and … Read more

Poen (Josef Reeve, 1967)
A poetic nightmare in which the dreamer attempts to make some kind of pattern out of disturbing and violent images. ... Read more

Postcards Home (Dai Vaughan, 1966)
Postcards home from the front during the First World War reveal the inherent frailty of human attachments. ... Diploma, Leipzig Festival. ... Read more

Rail (Geoffrey Jones, 1967)
An impression of the changing image of the railway in the twentieth century. ... Read more

Rains (R. K. Ramachandran, 1967)
The film conveys the blessings and curses of rain to mankind. ... Read more

REBELLION (Masaki Kobayashi, 1967)
At the end of the 18th century, the eldest son of Sasahara, a court official, is compelled by Lord Matsudaira to marry the Lord's former mistress. Sasahara is displeased, but agrees when the boy is i… Read more

Riff ‘65 (Eric Camiel, 1966)
A projection of the character of Riff, a resourceful, underprivileged youngster in conflict with his environment. ... First Prize, National Students' Awards, U.S.A. ... Read more

Scoundrel (Flemming Quist Møller, 1966)
An irreverent look at a little monster who wreaks unbridled havoc. ... Diploma of Honour, Cracow Festival. ... Read more

SILHOUETTES (Costis Zoes, 1967)
This is the story of a divorce, and of the events that led up to it. In her small house, a young woman is spending her last hours with her little boy, before his father claims him for custody. Both s… Read more

SKINNY AND THE OTHERS (Henryk Kluba, 1966)
A few years back, Poland led the Eastern European countries in forthright themes in films, but has, of late, mainly concentrated on large scale epics. This film marks a return to smaller themes, conc… Read more

Slag's Place (David Naden, Gwyneth Furdivall, 1965)
A group of children explore a deserted house and its overgrown garden. The story was filmed as it was improvised by children from a London Secondary School. ... Award, Venice Festival. ... Read more

Summer War (Palle Kjaerulff-Schmidt, 1965)
A fable about a young soldier engaged on manoeuvres who takes advantage of being a mock casualty to spend the time with a girl. ... Diploma of Merit, Edibvurgh; Hauptpreis, Oberhausen. ... Read more

Ten Ties and a Heart (Henning Ørnbak, 1967)
The influence of mass media on the young. A girl tries to live as her magazines tell her she should. ... Award, Cork Festival; Diploma, Oberhausen Festival; Prize, Helsinki Festival. ... Read more

The Bairds of Barrow Street (Don Luftig, 1967)
The design, creation and performance of puppets for a professional show at the Baird Puppet Theatre. ... Read more

The Boiled Egg (Marc Andrieux, Bernard Brévent, 1964)
The adventures of an unlikely but very recognisable successor to Humpty Dumpty. ... Read more

The Box (Fred Wolf, 1967)
Out of a rainy night comes a little man with a most interesting guest . . . almost as interesting as the box that he carries with him. ... Read more

The Changing Rains (Clark Worswick, 1967)
The different values and the quiet pace of living in an Indian village—a dignified rhythm of life long lost to western man. ... Read more

The Collection (Cliff Roberts, 1966)
What happens when you illustrate the high-powered advertising blurb for a chain food store with great paintings . . .\ ... First Prize, Chicago; Chris Award, Columbus; Golden Gate Award, San Francisc… Read more

The Cooper's Craft (Arthur L. Smith, 1967)
The ancient art of barrel making is re-created by a master craftsman. ... Golden Eagle, CINE; EFLA Blue Ribbon Award. ... Read more

The Empty Quarter (Richard Taylor, 1967)
This is a reconstruction of the journey of Wilfred Thesiger, the last of Britain's great desert explorers. For five years he shared the life of the Bedu of Southern Arabia, living and travelling in t… Read more

THE FACE OF ANOTHER (Hiroshi Teshigawara, 1966)
On the surface, the film is about a man whose face is destroyed in a factory explosion, and who is given a new and life-like mask by a doctor. To the accompaniment of a subplot of doom-laden referenc… Read more

THE HECKLERS (Joseph Strick, 1967)
A picture of politicians under pressure, shot during the 1966 elections in Britain. The camera goes to meetings up and down the land, with an eye on angry audience excitement. The result, dramaticall… Read more

The High-Tension Line Mounters (Dumitru Done, 1966)
The beauty of human effort as men ride the wires, sweeping along the skylines to the horizon. ... Read more

The House That Ananda Built (Fali Bilimoria, 1967)
This study of a typical Oriya family shows the life of a small landowner whose grown children have left the village, and who now live on different levels of the social scale. ... Read more

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