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Films Screened In 1968

The Indian Speaks (Marcel Carrière, 1967)
The Indians who speak in this film express no injury, no common com­plaint, but reveal some of the dimensions of the general cultural deprivation of Indians. ... It is the consciousness of an Ind… Read more

The Making of Life (Nat Greenblatt, 1967)
A film about the production resources of Life magazine. ... Read more

The hero of the film, Vive, is an adolescent dissatisfied with his comfortable existence after graduating from high school. He and his friend, Romache, are led to revolt. For Vive, this initially tak… Read more

THE MUSIC ROOM (Satyajit Ray, 1958)
This film was made between the second and third parts of the Apu trilogy. Where the trilogy shows the gradual breaking up of the simple traditional family life and religion, and their replacement by … Read more

The Question (John Halas, 1967)
The ideological confusion that sets in when one tries to answer fundamental questions in life. ... Read more

The Story of a Concerto (H. J. Hossfeld, 1966)
Within the framework of a rehearsal of the Brahms piano concerto in D minor, with Julius Katchen and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, unfolds the life of Brahms and the history of this concerto. ..… Read more

The Story of a Russian Mother (, )
This is the story of a ninety-year-old mother, who lost nine sons to Russia: one died in the Revolution and the other eight during the second World War. Using old photographs, letters and newsreels, … Read more

The Summer We Moved To Elm Street (Patricia Watson, 1966)
The discoveries and disappointments a nine-year-old girl experiences in one summer. ... Read more

THE THINGS I CANNOT CHANGE (Tanya Ballantyne, 1967)
From three weeks of camera observation of the real life of the Bailey family in Montreal, this film shows that there is far more to living in poverty than most people have hitherto realized. ... Exce… Read more

The Timeless Track (Roland Eisenmenger, 1967)
The film investigates the considerable scope offered by the use of magnetic tape in industry, education and entertainment. ... Read more

Through the Eyes of a Painter (M. F. Hussain, 1967)
An experimental film in which the well-known painter, M. F. Hussain, gives his cinematic impressions of a few places he visited in Rajasthan. ... Read more

TRIO (Gian Franco Mingozzi, 1966)
The lives of three young people are intertwined in this initial feature by Gian Mingozzi. A young girl who wins a pop singing contest is seen to triumph in her work as a singer. An introverted youth … Read more

Turner (David Thompson, 1966)
A selection of the painter's works, shown entire and studied in detail, and accompanied on the sound track by recollections of his contemporaries. ... Read more

Umbrella (M. Kobakhidze, )
A charming fantasy about three young people and a sociable magic parasol. ... Read more

Un Honnête Homme (Ado Kyrou, 1964)
Told by means of a series of postcards of the year 1900, the film tells the incredible and amusing story of an honest young man who, in Paris for his apprenticeship, becomes Vampiras, the bandit, her… Read more

Victoria Line Report No. 2 (Bob Privett, 1965)
The film explains the modern tunnelling techniques employed in the con­struction of a new line of the London Underground. ... Read more

WARRENDALE (Alan King, 1966)
A study of life at Warrendale, a home for emotionally disturbed children in Toronto. The story begins as the patients' day starts, showing them in bed, resisting the morning rays of light. Soon, the … Read more

Wet and Wild (David Adams, 1967)
The camera catches the colossal power of the giant waves as a board rider catches one on his perilous journey. ... Read more

Will The Great Barrier Reef Cure Claude Clough? (John Milson, 1967)
An off-beat, tourist promotion film, extolling the attractions of the Great Barrier Reef. ... Bronze Award, Jedda Award, Australian Film Awards. ... Read more

Window on the World (Nat Greenblatt, 1967)
Synopsis not available Read more

Workout (Rhonda Small, 1967)
Without a commentary, this study gives an atmospheric impression of the relationship between horse and rider during a workout. ... Bronze Award, Australian Film Awards. ... Read more

WORLD OF APU (Satyajit Ray, 1958)
The third part of the Bengali saga continues the story of Apu, now a young man living in Calcutta and dreaming of a literary career and a positive future. An old friend invites him to a village weddi… Read more

You're Human Like the Rest of Them (Bryan S. Johnson, 1967)
This is the tragi-comic story of an ebullient school teacher who comes face to face with death and conquers his fear of it under the cold, disinterested gaze of his class and his colleagues. The dial… Read more

YOUNG TORLESS (Volker Schlöndorff, 1966)
This faithful screen version of Robert Musil's well-known novel is a major work of the new German cinema. Set in a remote Austrian boarding school before the First World War. the story centres on one… Read more

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