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An 11-year-old film maker is seen at work with his associates, explaining his techniques and ideas- casting, influences, and so on. We are treated to short excerpts from the 20 ten-minute film he has completed in ten months, and to some very amusing insights into his self-assertive personality and the serious approach he takes. ... Read more
A little man with a cross crusades his way through contemporary society. ... Grand Prix (shared) 1968, Oberhausen. ... Read more
Synopsis not available Read more
A fleeting encounter between a man and a woman is treated in the technique of "minimal art". ... Read more
An absorbing study of a gymnast ... exercising on a parallel bar with a ... grace almost balletie, observed by ... delicate colour photography. ... Read more
The benefits of space research are ... outlined: the improvement of weather ... forecasting, the location of oil. ... instant communication between ... continents, discoveries that may lead ... to improvements in the world's ... food and Water supply. ... Read more
Scripted and directed by herself. this ... documentary on the career of one o‘ ... the first famous stars of the screen ... contains excerpts from her films ... Cut into an interview with the lonely ... old actress of 86. ... Read more
A documentary abstraction recorded ... at night in Los Angeles backed by ... the music of Stockhausen. It is a ... preliminary effort to organise camera ... and audio images through a cybernetic ... editing model and a digital computer. ... Read more
A bureaucrat working for the ... railways uses the regulations to ... conceal himself and cloak any human ... reactions. Bhuvan Shome is a ... widower who even sacked his own ... son for negligence. But when he is ... about to dismiss another employee for ... taking bribes, he begins to be aware ... that he is bored and lonely. He ... goes off on a duck shoot where he ... meets simple peasants and... Read more
In fine colour photography, steam locomotives are shown at work with the recorded voices of the men who operate them. Their tributes capture some of the excitement generated by this disappearing form of transport. ... Read more
Black children at Coney ... Read more
An internal probe into the violence and mystery of the American psyche seen through the eye of a black man and the Russian Revolution. ... Read more
Vietnam, assassination, racial strife and police clashes are documented in a machine-gun succession of images photographed directly off the television screen to produce the unsettling atmosphere of violence and chaos that flickering TV images often transmit. ... Read more
Animated photographs, a three-dimensional room design, a world of fantasy. ... Read more
Ten years after his death has come a phenomenal resurgence of interest in the work of Humphrey Bogart. This documentary analyses the Bogart revival through interviews, rare tapes, stills, newsreel material, and clips from such Elms as The Petrified Forest, Little Caesar, High Sierra and The Treasure of the ... Sierra Madre. ... It did not quite explain what Bogart's magic was, but it did wrap up f... Read more
An itinerant family of four makes a living by faking road accidents as pedestrians, with the drivers of expensive cars as victims. The game is to claim indemnity from the driver in the hope that he will pay up rather than become embroiled with the police. The father was wounded in the war and hasn't worked since; the stepmother, though genuinely fond of the ten-year-old boy, thinks he must do his ... Read more
Vic, Deaves, a fourth generation bush-man and one of the few remaining "bullockies”, has spent his life entirely in the bush, in an area ... with a diameter of no more than ten miles. The film studies the man in his natural environment. ... Golden Reel Award, 1969 Australian ... Film Awards ... Read more
Before the British came to India, a fishing village stood where Calcutta was established. The city evolved to meet the needs of colonialism: the growth of the East India ... Company and the exploitation of Bengal. It now has a population of eight million, three times what it was when India became independent in 1947. More than half a million of its people live on the streets, and of the rest, some... Read more
A documentary examination of the plight of the old in Britain, showing the work being done by such organisations as the Jewish Welfare Board to alleviate it. The script is deliberately explicit, describing some of the harsh facts of ageing, and the camera concentrates disturbingly on the textures of the aged human face. ... Read more
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