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Films Screened In 1970

An ABC film unit went around the world to uncover the inside story of Hamersley Iron Pty. Ltd. This film probes the issues involved in the debate on overseas investment in Australia through a company… Read more

Dodge City (Jeff Dell, 1968)
Black and white children play happily in a Dodge City playground. But elsewhere, in wars. children are suffering. What of the innocence of any of them? ... Read more

EVERYTHING FOR SALE (Andrzej Wajda, 1968)
The boy in dark glasses who was hero of Andrzej WajtIa`s film. Ashes and Difttrtottrls, was played by Zbigniew Cybulski. The actor and the part he created became a legend, not unlike that of James De… Read more

Film Four (Rahat Yusufi, 1969)
In India, as everywhere, there is a generation gap. The older people of the family studied in this film are religious, orthodox and conventional, but a daughter has been exposed to modern thought... ... Read more

Fusion (Ed Emshwiller, 1967)
A kaleidoscopic collage of colours and dehumanised modern dancers, making subtle use of double exposure and electronic music. Shapes move and grow to form designs which are reflected. turned. twisted… Read more

George the People (Jimmy Murakami, 1967)
An animated film explaining the structure of United States government, how it is empowered by the Constitution and how it relates to the individual. ... Read more

Ghana - A report (Peter Hopkinson, 1969)
Aid given to developing countries over many years is now seen to be largely ineffective. This film examines a more “realistic" approach in the form of investment from overseas, to which a country s… Read more

Goldframe (Raoul Servais, 1969)
A great film producer always has to be first. This is his tale- a salutary one. ... Read more

GOTO, ISLAND OF LOVE (Walerian Borowczyk, 1968)
Goto, an island formed after an earthquake in the 19th century has been cut off from the mainstream of social progress and survives as a totalitarian world of concrete corridors, iron trapdoors and o… Read more

Hail to You, Pompeians! (Herbert Seggelke, 1969)
The volcano Vesuvius destroyed the ancient cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. But within reach of most of our cities today lie a thousand volcanoes of a different order... ... Read more

Hello, Mustache (Ronald Borowski, Howard Blume, 1970)
Two people from different subcultures meet for a moment and try lo break down barriers in order to communicate. Touch me. feel me. ... Read more

Hides and Strings (John Abraham, 1969)
The traditional arts and crafts of making sitars and tablas. ... Read more

Homo Ludens (A O Karlung, 1968)
A tirade of images, a barrage of animated etchings and artifacts for and against " the American way". ... Read more

HOROSCOPE (Boro Draskovic, 1969)
A remote railway station near the Adriatic Riviera in Yugoslavia is the limbo where five young layabouts laze away the summer days, ... making pointless bets like placing heads on the line as a train… Read more

Image (R. Shaye, 1967)
A live girl and an identical photo twin stand side by side in a meadow Which represents reality, and which the image of it? Either, neither, or both? This has been called "an ... unnerving challenge … Read more

Images of Town (Herbert Seggelke, 1968)
A town is discovered as if through the eyes of a modern painter. ... Read more

IN THE COMPANY OF MEN (William Greaves, 1969)
Made by a Black director commissioned by Newsweek, this film was shot in a General Motors plant in the American South during a trial job &ndash: training programme. A hardcore group of unemployed Bla… Read more

In the Void (Ronald Bijlsma, 1969)
Violence in human life is so ugly as to be fascinating. ... Read more

IN THE YEAR OF THE PIG (Emile de Antonio, 1967)
The director of Point of Order (about the TV hearings of Joe McCarthy and the Un-American Activities Committee) and Rush to Judgment (based on Mark Lane's post -: mortem of the Kennedy assassination)… Read more

Incredible Machine (Paul Cohen, 1969)
A dramatic introduction to what could become a major art form in the future: electronics. Computers synthesise speech, song, painting, design prototypes, and even make films - though not this one. On… Read more

INNOCENCE UNPROTECTED (Dušan Makavejev, 1968)
ln l942, a Serbian acrobat named Dragoljub Aleksic made a film about himself in occupied Belgrade. lt was the story of an orphan girl driven by her stepmother into the arms of a rich man when her tru… Read more

JACK AND JILL: A POSTSCRIPT (Phillip Adams, Brian Robinson, 1969)
Jill is a young Catholic kindergarten teacher with cultural aspirations, who is becoming bored with her boyfriend. Jack is a tow-truck driver, a delinquent bikie in his spare time, with neither cultu… Read more

JE T'AIME, JE T'AIME (Alain Resnais, 1968)
Claude Ridder has tried to shoot himself: he is picked up from the hospital by two strangers. taken on a mysterious car ride to a clinical centre, and prepared for an experiment in which he is shut i… Read more

Kidnapping of the Sun and the Moon (Sándor Reisenbüchler, 1969)
War and other human evils destroy the sun and the moon. Darkness and want grip mankind. but the will to live recaptures the light. The film is based on a poem by the ... Hungarian poet. Ferenc Juhás… Read more

KILLER (Claude Chabrol, 1969)
The crushed body of a nine-year-old boy is found in a village street, the victim of a hit-and-run driver. His father, a lonely widower of 35, has lost all that was most dear to him. He is an author o… Read more

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