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Films Screened In 1970

Kisses (Ion Popescu-Gopo, 1969)
This witty and resourceful cartoon in back and clue begins with two figures: a pat on the shoulder, a kiss, and the leap of one on to the other's back,. But that is only the way it begins... ... Read more

La Belle Cérébrale (Peter Foldes, 1967)
A naked girl chews a pear and paints her toenails while two men argue in the background. As she daydreams, a wig emerges from a drawer to caress her, flowers bloom in her hair, and a box opens to dec… Read more

La Cage de Pierre (Pierre Zucca, 1967)
A little girl seems to be the sole ... occupant of an old house. But is it ... her refuge or her prison? Will she ... ever break the tyranny of the old ... stones? ... Read more

Lagged - The Story of a Convict (John Clark, Henrietta Clark, 1969)
The story of a young convict lad: his life in London during the late 18th century his transportation to New South Wales, and his life in the new colony. ... Silver Award. Australian Film Awards 1969 ... Read more

Leela (Govind Saraiya, 1969)
The colours, forms, designs and movements of the toys of India, which have a long history and tradition, are studied against their original backgrounds and regional music. ... Read more

Lichtenstein in London (Bruce Beresford, 1968)
Roy Lichtenstein, one of the originators of pop art, has become one of the most controversial of internationally known American painters for his comic strip canvases. There was a retrospective exhibi… Read more

Line of Apogee (Lloyd Michael Williams, 1967)
A stream-of-consciousness excursion through the mind of a young man. Boy, man and elder confront each other: colour changes with mood, ... actuality blends into fantasy, and past, present and future … Read more

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD (Timo Bergholm, 1968)
oung Anja, victim of society and of herself. has been sentenced to a young peoples prison. Her loneliness and desperation, her longing for sex and freedom, are studied against the background of strai… Read more

LUCIA (Humberto Solás, 1968)
ln 1895, the Cuban people revolted ... against Spain. ln |933 they revolted ... against a dictator. Then in thc ... Sixties came Fidel. Lucia is a different ... heroine in each of three moments ... i… Read more

Mafai, my Father (Giuditta Mafai, 1969)
Through the memories of the daughter of the great painter, and from his most significant works, comes a reconstruction of the image of Mafai, the unknown; both his most intimate aspect, and an object… Read more

Man of Many Teeth (Fons Grasveld, 1969)
A girl on a train has a rather horrifying encounter with a fanatic who collects teeth. ... Read more

Marionettes Indiennes (Louis Malle, 1968)
Before the puppet theatres of India depicted the heroes of Indian independence, the wooden marionettes retold the legends of the great warriors of the ancient Empire and the customs of the courts of … Read more

Masaccio - La Cappella Brancacci (Giambattista Girardi, 1969)
An absorbing analysis of the structure and meaning of each of the frescoes in the Chiesa del Carmine in Florence. ... Read more

Maybe (Graham Denman, 1969)
Back and forth across the Tyne a ferry runs, linking Northumberland to County Durham, North to South Shields. The ferry belongs to its environment, but is also an extension of the engineman who guide… Read more

Memento (Stafan Sharss, 1968)
A conversation before an accident , intercut with safety warnings, accompanies shots of wrecked cars and views of impending accidents from behind the wheel. A strong case for careful driving. ... Read more

Messieurs les Coureurs: Attention (Bob Bremer, 1967)
Synopsis not available Read more

Monsieur Jean-Claude Vaucherin (Pascal Aubier, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

MY NIGHT WITH MAUD (Eric Rohmer, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

Napalm (Don Lenzer, 1966)
Synopsis not available Read more

North (Josef Reeve, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

One of the Missing (Anthony Scott, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

Paint (Norm Gollin, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

PALAVER (Emile Degelin, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

Panem et circenses (Max Sautet, Paula Neurisse, 1963)
Synopsis not available Read more

Panoply of Ghana (Ato Yanney, )
Synopsis not available Read more

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