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Films Screened In 1971

Symphony in Steel (William Carty, 1970)
An impressionistic film about steel production at B.H.P. Australia. ... Golden Reel Award. Australian Film Awards 1970 ... Read more

TEOREMA (Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1968)
A two-part allegory in which eros and religion merge in an up-to-date context. Teorema employs the premise that a sudden revelation of possible human self-fulfillment can permanently mar the upper-st… Read more

The Amazing Moments of the Great Traction Engines (Edward McConnell, 1969)
Lying forgotten in a farmyard, undisturbed by the susurration of summer flies, is an old traction engine, a fallen giant of the steam age. A small boy comes exploring. His imagination takes us on a j… Read more

The Art of Claude Lorrain (Dudley Shaw Ashton, 1970)
Born Claude Gelee, in Lorrain in 1600, the painter settled in Rome in 1626 and worked there until his death in 1682. His paintings express certain interlocking conceptions and interests: classical my… Read more

THE BAD SLEEP WELL (Akira Kurosawa, 1960)
The daughter of the president of a government housing corporation marries her father's secretary. At the wedding ceremony, corruption is hinted at in the corporation; there is a police inquiry, and t… Read more

The Ballad of Crowfoot (Willie Dunn, 1969)
Willie Dunn's caustic ballad about the history of the Canadian Indians - proud huntsmen systematically stripped of their possessions, land and traditions by the white settlers - is illustrated by a m… Read more

THE CIRCLE (António da Cunha Telles, 1969)
A young Portuguese woman has problems with her marriage, and leaves her husband after being beaten for infidelity. She becomes the mistress of an American airline worker, who puts her up in an apartm… Read more

THE CLOWNS (Federico Fellini, 1970)
Clowns, freaks, circuses have been consistently recurring facets of Fellini films from La Strada through 8 1/2 to Satyricon. Now Fellini has given bent to his creative sympathies and made The Clowns,… Read more

THE CONFORMIST (Bernardo Bertolucci, 1970)
Self-preservation in the face of, and conformity to the dictates and ideologies of political power have made cowards of countless numbers of solid citizens. ... Just such a coward is Marcello who has… Read more

THE DESERTER AND THE NOMADS (Juro Jakubisko, 1969)
Man as the blind victim of his own innate violence forms the link in this three-part allegory on the futility of violence and war. ... The opening sequence of the triptych (The Deserter), set during … Read more

THE FRUIT OF PARADISE (Vera Chytilová, 1970)
Can one live with the truth? ... Eve in the Garden of Paradise listens to the Serpent. She is about to bite into the fruit of the Tree of Truth. ... In 1970, in the garden of the boarding-house where… Read more

The Gallery (Philip Mark Law, 1970)
A subjective look at the new National Gallery of Melbourne: the building, the objets d'art, the visitors… ... Read more

THE GREAT BARRIER REEF (Pierre Levie, 1970)
A Belgian scientific expedition explores the Barrier Reef. Their underwater photographers and cameramen of the floating aquarium study the many facets of life on the Reef. ... Not since Jacques-Yves … Read more

The Great Walled City of Xan (Hal Barwood, 1969)
This is an animated glimpse of the greatest city that ever was, with a hint of its magic power and a record of its downfall. The dilemma expressed is not so much one of religious faith, but in the ad… Read more

THE IDIOT (Akira Kurosawa, 1951)
Dostoevsky is Kurosawa's favourite author, and in Prince Myushikin, he admires the character's compassion and near godlike quality. ... In The Idiot, Prince Myushikin becomes a Japanese returning fro… Read more

THE JACKAL OF NAHUELTORO (Miguel Littin, 1969)
One of Chile's most notorious crimes provides the subject matter for The Jackal of Nahueltoro. ... When Jose del Carmen Valenzuela, an illiterate peasant, killed a woman and her five children, the pr… Read more

The Key Maker (Trace Johnston, 1970)
The Key Maker is an elderly, retired locksmith who is not willing to give up the activity of living as his neighbouring contemporaries have. ... Read more

The Line (Christopher McGill, 1970)
A train makes its first crossing on the new standard gauge Indian Pacific Line, linking Sydney with Perth. Conventional narration is replaced by a montage of natural sound and folk music, and the vie… Read more

The March on Washington November 13-15, 1969 (F Randolph Swartz, 1970)
This film is a documentary of the largest and most significant peace protest march in the history of the United States. It features the words of Mrs. Martin Luther King, Abbie Hoffman, Pete Seeger, D… Read more

The Merry-Go-Round (Kirsten Stenbaek, 1970)
A grotesque film collage with music and songs about how Soren Rasmussen buries his wife Kristine, and how the funeral procession ends the day on the merry-go-round. ... Read more

The Moebius Flip (Roger Brown, 1969)
A fantasy movie about a group of skiers who find that the world has flip flopped on the other side of reality. The Moebius Flip, a flip plus a full-twist, proves to be the solution to their problem. … Read more

THE MUMMY (Chadi Abdelsalam, 1970)
Inspired by the discovery of the catacombs of Deir el Bahari in 1881, this film describes the final stages of the struggle between officials of the Cairo Department of Antiquities and a proud mountai… Read more

The Nail Clippers (Jean-Claude Carrière, 1968)
The fantastic adventures of a couple as they settle into their room in a hotel. ... Special Jury Prize, Cannes 1969 ... Read more

The Nun's Kiss (Kirsten Stenbaek, 1969)
An aggressive young man has his way with a nun, but in doing so, he destroys the fascination that stirred him. ... Read more

THE PAST THAT LIVES (Philo Bregstein, 1970)
A full-length feature originally made for television, in which Dutch historian, Jacques Presser, depicts his personal life-story. ... Presser is the author of “Ondergang”, a book which revolves a… Read more

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