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Films Screened In 1972

The capital of the Netherlands is a felicitous mixture of the old and the new. The film explores the city and the cultural and international events that take place there. ... Read more
The film presents a series of impressions of Derby Day 1970, when Nijinsky, ridden by Lester Piggott, gained his legendary victory. The Derby is also an enormous fair with merry-go-rounds, fire eaters, knife throwers, champagne and caviar, which provides a colourful background to the fabulous race. ... Read more
A film depicting the various stages in a man's life as illustrated by the doodles he scrawls on paper, down through the years. ... Read more
The distinguished physician and author speaks against the war in Vietnam. ... Read more
As in all his films, Olmi's interest is in ordinary people, and he observes them with equal sympathy and understanding. ... In During the Summer, the central character is a professor (we are not told what he teaches) who, out of love for his fellow men &ndash: and to make a little cash on the side ... Read more
Based on the Burke and Wills expedition of 1860-61, when the explorers died of exhaustion, exposure, malnutrition, and collapse of their transport, the film shows how, today, chemicals make an essential contribution to life in the fields of food, communication, transport and clothing. ... Silver ... Read more
The gradual growth is shown, hour by hour, of a caterpillar larva inside its egg: then once the caterpillar emerges, we watch it slowly change into the brilliantly coloured butterfly called the Charaxes Jasus. ... Read more
Evolution is an educational film designed primarily for schools, but for theatrical use also. It is a basic introduction into the principles of evolution, set in a whimsical fashion in outer space. ... Best animation film, Toronto; Best children's film, Annecy. ... Read more
A projection of the modern image of the Port and City of London. ... Read more
A young man returns to his family home to discover that the life he left behind is still very much a pan of him, and not so easy to escape from. ... Wit, an engineer, the son of a once rich industrialist, receives a telegram that his father is seriously ill. A friend drives him to his father's ... Read more
Marcel Marceau as a waterfront tramp, dreams that he is sailing on a luxury liner. In this surrealistic misadventure, he plays 16 different roles. ... Read more
A mobile projection unit visits a village in the distant, mountainous regions of Cuba, where no film has ever been screened. During the performance, the camera captures the expressions of adults and children, as they watch Modern Times. ... Read more
A beautiful Constable landscape is slowly eroded into an ugly modern metropolis. ... Read more
Four Moods has become somewhat of a landmark for Taiwan, being the result of the collaboration of the industry's top directors and stars. The film consists of four stories, dealing with four very different kinds of ghosts. ... In "The Ghost of Joy", a scholar chases away a grave robber from a ... Read more
After having made The Gentle Creature, in Four Nights of a Dreamer, Bresson once again turns to Dostoevsky &ndash: the script being based on "White Nights", and centering on what Bresson calls Dostoevsky's "notion of the dream overpowering reality". ... Bresson switches the 19th Century setting to ... Read more
The many tasks a computer will perform, and its use in industry and commerce. ... Read more
The film presents the graphics and drawings of Franciszek Starowieyski &ndash: alias Jan Byk, and gives account of his varied interests and hobbies. ... Read more
An adventure film based upon Jack London's tale about the influence of gold on human character. A lone gold &ndash: digger discovers gold in a deserted canyon. The moment he laboriously extracts it from the ground, he is treacherously shot at by his former partner. A fight for life and death starts ... Read more
The two episodes of a TV series show Pablo Neruda, Chile's Nobel Prize winning poet, visiting the South, where be spent his childhood, and Valparaiso, where he hid after escaping from a prison sentence for his political activities. ... Throughout, Neruda recites his own poems which i elate to the ... Read more
Every sports fan understands by the word "hockey" a game full of tension, excitement and competition. Hardly anyone, however, knows the "back stage" life of this dynamic game; its demands on the physical and mental make-up of the players, and the work that goes into training a champion player. ... Read more
Homesdale is an expensive private guest house on a remote island where the guests are encouraged to live out their fantasies. They have contrived to do this with considerable facility. Mr. Malfrey, who is spending his first vacation at Homesdale is the odd man out, and fails in his efforts to mix ... Read more
A short history of fire; its use and abuse. ... Read more
In sixteenth century Brazil, a Frenchman is caught by a cannibalistic tribe of Indians. When he demonstrates his skill with firearms, they decide to spare his life so that he can train them in the use of the cannon, which will come in handy in their fights against the Portuguese conquerors. ... He ... Read more
Alan Marshall's autobiographical novel of his own youthful fight against polio, has been transposed on to the screen by Czech director, Karel Kachylia. ... The setting has been transported from the Australian outback to the Tlumacov stud farm in Moravia, once the largest of its kind in the ... Read more
The film illustrates the use of photography in science, industry, business, medicine, research, education and communication. ... Read more
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