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Films Screened In 1972

The Air My Enemy (Sarah Erulkar, 1971)
Success has been achieved in the fight against pollution by diminishing smoke in London, but Britain's air still absorbs six million tons of sulphur dioxide. Improved ways of using fuel are being res… Read more

The Arrow (Mel Calman, 1969)
In this miniature essay on the condition of man, a figure chases an arrow until he drops from exhaustion . . . ... Read more

THE CELL (Horst Bienek, 1971)
"The best description of freedom is the description of a prison cell. A film about political prisoners, about total isolation in prison, in solitary confinement; about the compulsion of a system whic… Read more

The Dead Bird (Graham Parker, 1972)
Some children playing, come upon a dead bird. Sorry that the bird will never fly again, they dig a grave, have a funeral and sing to it. They return to sing to their little bird, and put fresh flower… Read more

The Eye of the Storm (William Peters, 1970)
The Eye of the Storm documents a unique lesson in the roots of prejudice. A third &ndash: grade class is separated into "inferior" and "superior" groupings based on their eye colour to teach them the… Read more

The Flower Lovers (Borivoj Dovnikovíc-Bordo, 1970)
A new fad is taking society by storm: explosive flowers. It is not hard to see where it will lead to . . . ... Read more

De Sica's film is a faithful, yet fully cinematic transfer to the screen of Giorgio Bassani's semi-autobio-graphical novel of the same title. ... The Finzi-Continis, a wealthy, aristocratic Jewish fa… Read more

The Girl on the Roof (Ross Dimsey, 1971)
Freddy picks up a beautiful girl, Celia, and takes her to his home, which he shares with two friends. Celia's appearance amongst them shatters the three men's established routine. ... Read more

The Happy Tree (Jósef Gebski, 1971)
In the style of popular woodcuts, this cartoon tells the story of Prot and Cyry!, and their wicked and quarrelsome wives. ... Read more

THE HATCHET (Mircea Muresan, 1970)
Based on the "Miorita", a Romanian folkloric classic, the film analyses the inner motivations of a woman whose compulsion is to reconstruct a tragedy. ... Obsessed by the fact that her husband who fa… Read more

THE HOLIDAY (Tinto Brass, 1971)
Immacolata, a country girl, falls in love with Count Claudio, but he, tired of her advances, denounces her to the authorities. She is declared insane and shut in an asylum. ... Lady Mercedes, anxious… Read more

The Hot Centre of the World (Tim Burstall, 1971)
In this black comedy, two derelicts encounter a would-be suicide on the seashore. ... Read more

The Jewish Wife (Jefrey Young, 1971)
Germany, 1935. A Jewish wife says goodbye to her Aryan husband. She must flee to Amsterdam before she is caught and her husband loses his job. ... Read more

The Lonely Level (Anthony Clay, 1971)
A 20-mile green ribbon of meadowland, the Ouse "Washes in East Angiia, is one of the most important areas for wildlife in Britain. Several species of rare birds breed here; all of these are shown in … Read more

The Man Who Had to Sing (Milan Blažeković, 1971)
A cartoon about a character who started singing already in his cradle, and continued all his life. The song is not bad, and his voice is quite pleasant, too. The only trouble is that he only has one … Read more

The Musical Pig (Zlatko Grgić, 1969)
A cartoon about an unusual pig which can sing. Alas, his public does not appreciate him, and he remains a misunderstood artist to the end of his days. ... Read more

THE NEST OF GENTLEFOLK (A Michalkov-Konchalovsky, 1969)
Through the eyes of Fyodor, a nobleman who returns to his country estate in Russia after eleven years abroad, we take a leisurely look at a group of aristocrats in the nineteenth century. ... On his … Read more

The Numbers Start With the River (Donald Wrye, 1972)
An impressionistic depiction of life in a small American town. ... Read more

The Phonograph (Walerian Borowczyk, 1970)
This is a "poetic documentary" about the ancestor of all sound recording devices: the wax cylinder phonograph. We listen to two pieces of music in competition: "The Charge of the French Army", and "T… Read more

THE POLICEMAN (Ephraim Kishon, 1971)
Azulai is a warm-hearted elderly Israeli cop, proud of his uniform, but too naive to discover an obvious culprit and too weak-hearted to arrest him. ... With qualities like these, it is no wonder he … Read more

THE PROPHET HUNGER (Maurice Capovilla, 1971)
Prophet of Hunger is about contradictions—in this case that of a man who endures hunger in order to earn money for food. ... The film is based on the life of Siki, the fakir who attempted to su… Read more

The Rainbow Verdict (David Thompson, 1971)
The world's first adhesive postage stamp was printed in black, but very soon coloured stamps were introduced. The film shows the complex factors determining the colours used in various issues. ... Read more

Here is a Marxist revolutionary comedy paying homage to both Karl and Groucho Marx. ... The revolution, which came in 1945 together with liberation, was militarily rough, but also inspired a lot of c… Read more

The Rope (Teresa Badzian, 1971)
A rope-obsessed man has collected an enormous quantity of rope. It has become a living nightmare, tormenting the hero day and night. His friend, who has so far only been observing the hero's dreadful… Read more

The Sea (Bane Jovanovic, 1971)
The secrets of the sea are slowly being unravelled by the physicists, chemists, marine biologists, and all other scientists engaged in oceanography research. This science documentary film, centred on… Read more

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