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Films Screened In 1972

The Self-Rescue Breathing Apparatus (Alan Ball, 1970)
A cartoon drawing attention to the fatal consequences of not carrying self-rescuing apparatus in mines. ... Read more

The Shadow of the Daring One (Laurentiu Sirbu, 1971)
An animated fairytale, using folkloric ... graphic and musical material, about ... Prince Charming whose beloved is ... kidnapped by the Dragon. ... Read more

The Silent Revolution (Eckehard Munck, 1971)
Biologically, man will still be programmed as a hunter and food collector, when there will be nothing to hunt and collect. Evolution is too slow to cope with the rapid changes in our environment, and… Read more

The Sixth Continent (Gilbert Lauzun, 1969)
The title of the film refers to the world of the ocean bed, Earth's last unexplored and undeveloped continent. The United Nations is concerned to keep the seabed peaceful, its resources free from pol… Read more

THE SPIDER'S STRATEGY (Bernardo Bertolucci, 1970)
As in his 1971 Festival film, The Conformist, in The Spider's Strategy, Bertolucci again tackles a political subject, this time about the unravelling of the mystery of a political assassination. ... … Read more

The Spirit of Sailing (Jørgen Ekberg, 1969)
A great athlete could be regarded as an artist expressing himself through his sporting ability. The film uses this approach to Paul Elvstr0m, who sails three different boats and explains his feelings… Read more

The Story of the Little John Bailey (Paul Driessen, 1970)
Modern man is being inundated by an ever-growing flood of information, which threatens to engulf him. ... Read more

Within the framework of a social parable, the film attempts to show how easily the structure of a society works to prevent the under-privileged from recognising their true position. Dealing with the … Read more

The Summer Game (Peter Mills, 1970)
In a gradually unwinding historical pageant, the film conveys the ethos of cricket, the "summer game", and presents its origins, its traditions. cricketers past and present, the internationally famou… Read more

Jacques Cousteau's underwater camera team tracks the migration of the salmon to spawning grounds in Alaska, where it must die. ... Read more

Then the Rain (Ramesh Gupta, 1969)
The moods of the parched land before the monsoon, the gathering of the clouds, then the bursting of the rain, is depicted in telling visuals and suitably selected ragas. ... Read more

This Man (Keith Laxton, 1971)
The impact of western culture on the men of the Pacific is revealed through the inner monologue of a Solomon Islander. ... Read more

Thursday SE10 (David Cohen, Peter Bull, 1971)
Any day, any suburb: the goings on of typical people. A "News of the World" cross section of a community and the way they spend their day. ... Read more

Time Out (Alan Nathanson, 1971)
A prisoner released from a political prison in South Africa, goes to visit the wife (she has been unfaithful) of a fellow prisoner. He approaches. the meeting with hesitance— certainly he is re… Read more

To Speak Or Not To Speak (Raoul Servais, 1970)
A cartoon about a little man whose talent will be coveted by the all-consuming society, by money-minded war mongers, and by a totalitarian power. ... Read more

Toulouse Lautrec (Alain Magrou, )
A brief glimpse of the tragic life of Toulouse Lautrec told through his lithographs and drawings. The commentary, based on Lautrec's own words, adds a haunting poignancy to the portrait of this artis… Read more

In this film, Truffaut turned to a love story by the author of "Jules et Jim", about a triangle again, but this time of two English girls and a Frenchman whom they nickname "The Continent". ... Claud… Read more

The bete-noire of current revolutionaries has become not so much the conservative or the reactionary, but the liberal—in particular the academic intellectual who appears only to be paying lip s… Read more

Venceremos (Peter Chaskel, 1970)
A juxtaposition of scenes in the lives of the well-to-do and the poor in Chile, culminating in an expression of hope for the future. ... Read more

Venezuela at its Height (Javier Blanco, 1971)
The film concentrates on the history of telephone in Venezuela. It evokes its origins through the century, and culminates in the installation of the ground-station for satellites, which becomes the h… Read more

WET EARTH AND WARM PEOPLE (Michael Rubbo, 1972)
Glimpses of life in Indonesia, in and around Jakarta. This film is a chance, unscripted view of people in the city and a nearby village, in this crescent of islands, nothing goes by the book. ... Read more

WR - MYSTERIES OF THE ORGANISM (Dušan Makavejev , 1971)
Director Dusan Makavejev has described this film both as a guerilla exercise and as a "Dream Machine for Self-confrontation". ... The film is divided into two main sections. The first intersperses a … Read more

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