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Films Screened In 1973

Collector (Milan Blažeković, )
He is an obsessed collector of butterflies. He spots the very last specimen needed to complete his collection, and the pursuit begins ... ... Read more

Commando 52 (Walter Heynowski, 1965)
'Commando 52' was a mercenary troop in the Congolese Civil War, led by a West German officer, Major Siegfried Muller. ... Based on original documents, photographs and films, this documentary sets out… Read more

Concertant Music (Ernst Reinboth, 1972)
Inspired by Boris Blacher's composition, the film assigns visual motives to the four themes of the work. The natural objects shown are playfully alienated through the manipulation of exposures and co… Read more

Constantin Brancusi (Julien Pappé, 1972)
The great sculptor's work, and his contribution to contemporary art. ... Read more

Cowboy and Indian (Don Owen, 1971)
A warm portrait of two Toronto artists and art teachers, Robert Markle and Gordon Rayner. ... Rayner, with his handlebar moustache, represents the cowboy of the title, Markle, half Indian ('the bette… Read more

Creations in Metal (Homi D Sethna, 1971)
A documentary about the age old art of the Indian craftsmen working in metals. ... Read more

Curiosity (Borivoj Dovniković, 1966)
Everyone is curious to know what are the contents of a bag on a park bench. ... Read more

Cybernetica (Peter Sims, 1972)
Aspects and examples of the science of Cybernetics, some grave, some gay, some beautiful Three lovely girls converge on Pans, exploring as they travel, the wonders of a new age, in which computers de… Read more

Dancing Songs (Zlatko Bourek, 1966)
Bourek's highly personal tribute to folklore and wedding songs of his native Slavonia. ... Read more

DEAR SUMMER SISTER (Nagisa Oshima, 1972)
Oshima, the celebiated director of Boy, the Ceremony, and Diary of a Shinkuju Thief, probes the effects of the USA occupation on the indigenous culture of the inhabitants of Okinawa, and explores the… Read more

Délicieuse Catastrophe (Piotr Kamler, )
A white ball bounces down a stairway stretching to infinity Inside the ball is suspended a mechanism bearing a cube Inside the cube a forest of stones, inside the forest of stones a platform on which… Read more

DOUBLE SUICIDE (Masahiro Shinoda, 1969)
Masahiro Shinoda made his first film in 1960, and was immediately hailed as one of the Japanese New Wave. Since then he has made fourteen films, the most recent of which is Double Suicide, which, lik… Read more

Double Trouble (Maxi Cat Series) (Zlatko Grgić, 1973)
Maxi Cat meets his double on the ceiling. ... Read more

DYN AMO (Steve Dwoskin, 1972)
Three strippers perform their routine in a sleazy London night club. A fourth comes on the stage, but her act is interrupted by the intervention of a group of men. Stephen Dwoskin, in his second feat… Read more

EMITAI (Ousmane Sèmbene, 1971)
Most of Ousmane Sembene's public statements have been advocating the pressing need to challenge the current French control over African film distribution, and to explore the cultural heritage of his … Read more

Erecting a Monument (Jerzy Jaraczewski, )
For three years, Jan Stach, farmer from the village of Znamuowice built a stone bridge over a 25 metre long gorge with his own hands. ... It was his only way of establishing communication with the wo… Read more

Ersatz (Dušan Vukotić, 1961)
Vukotic plays out the human drama of love, jealousy, murder and suicide in the environment of plastic beach toys. Winner of the first Academy Award for animation outside the United States. ... Academ… Read more

Everyday Chronicle (Vatroslav Mimica, 1962)
The film's complex pattern of collage and paint admirably expresses the story line deploring the ultimate absurdity of industrialisation. Far from being depressing, Mimica and Marks are reworking the… Read more

Exploitation (Nedeljko Dragić, 1970)
This is from the first series of "mini mini" cartoons made as 'openers", by Dragic. ... Read more

Fantorro of The Revenge of the Flowers (Jan Lenica, 1973)
Jan Lenica's latest cartoon is about a man who thinks he is superman— but his best intentions to help humanity al! misfire. Lenica finds a parallel between his hero and the flower children whos… Read more

The life-story of one of the most notorious figures of this century. He was reviled and ridiculed by generations of Allied servicemen and international gossip columnists, yet when Farouk became Egypt… Read more

Flower Storm (Ali Akbar Sadeghi, 1972)
This animated film, based on Persian miniatures, tells of the inhabitants of two towns in the Middle Ages who live in peace and harmony until their kings star! to fight over a bird they both have sho… Read more

Flyaway (R O Lehman, 1972)
A film about a man who tries to escape the noise and confusion of city life, and goes to the peaceful countryside to fly a model aircraft. However, the aircraft has a mind of its own, and he is left … Read more

Follower (Christian Noscha, Vlada Majic, 1970)
With the help of marching songs, sentimental ballads and Wagner, a whole generation of young Germans were enticed to follow Hitler. ... Today, says this film, the potential for a similar herd-like co… Read more

FRITZ THE CAT (Ralph Bakshi, 1972)
Directed by former Paramount animator, Ralph Bakshi, Futz the Cat has been borne into the cinema, in full animation, from Robert Crumb's satirical comic strip. ... Fritz sees himself as a liberated c… Read more

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