Films Screened In 1973

A bird obsessed with motors is attracted by the motor-like sound that insects make in flight and tries to imitate them. ... Seeing a plane, he perches on it blithely so that he can fly with a motor at last. But the plane has trouble and the pilot ends up taking an unwanted bath in the pond. ... That frees the bird of his obsession: he begins to fly naturally again and when a mosquito comes back to... Read more
A satirical study of the influence of television on human relations. ... Read more
Dovnikovic's confused little heroes lined up against a wall to pose for their leader, try their fumbling best to help him out ... an easy flowing black joke. ... Read more
Inspired by nature, Pamela Bone has searched for a way to express the mystery and beauty of an inner vision by photographic means. She said about her work: 'When you value an idea, it enables you to work with infinite care and patience to overcome the limitations that photography would impose.' ... Read more
One citizen's crusade to stop the developers from destroying his environment. ... Read more
He is an obsessed collector of butterflies. He spots the very last specimen needed to complete his collection, and the pursuit begins ... ... Read more
'Commando 52' was a mercenary troop in the Congolese Civil War, led by a West German officer, Major Siegfried Muller. ... Based on original documents, photographs and films, this documentary sets out to demonstrate that the mercenaries considered themselves 'warriors of the Free World', and that their activities were supported by reactionary circles in West Germany. ... Golden Dove, Leipzig, 1965.... Read more
Inspired by Boris Blacher's composition, the film assigns visual motives to the four themes of the work. The natural objects shown are playfully alienated through the manipulation of exposures and colouring. ... Read more
The great sculptor's work, and his contribution to contemporary art. ... Read more
A warm portrait of two Toronto artists and art teachers, Robert Markle and Gordon Rayner. ... Rayner, with his handlebar moustache, represents the cowboy of the title, Markle, half Indian ('the better half, he says), is the Indian Rayner plays the drums, Markle the electric piano. There are women in the film—Markle's wife, Rayner's beautiful mistress— but they stay in the background The film is ab... Read more
A documentary about the age old art of the Indian craftsmen working in metals. ... Read more
Everyone is curious to know what are the contents of a bag on a park bench. ... Read more
Aspects and examples of the science of Cybernetics, some grave, some gay, some beautiful Three lovely girls converge on Pans, exploring as they travel, the wonders of a new age, in which computers defeat, by the speed of their decision making, the contemporary evils of congestion pollution and wasted space and time. ... Read more
Bourek's highly personal tribute to folklore and wedding songs of his native Slavonia. ... Read more
Oshima, the celebiated director of Boy, the Ceremony, and Diary of a Shinkuju Thief, probes the effects of the USA occupation on the indigenous culture of the inhabitants of Okinawa, and explores the guilt feelings of the Japanese about the island, which remained under foreign control until 1972. ... Sunaoko, a fourteen-year old girl, with her music teacher, Momoko as chaperone, journeys to Okinaw... Read more
A white ball bounces down a stairway stretching to infinity Inside the ball is suspended a mechanism bearing a cube Inside the cube a forest of stones, inside the forest of stones a platform on which lives a curious man, Mr R -who spends his life pumping out, with a totally inadequate foot-pump, the water that threatens to engulf him. ... Then one day a catastrophe occurs Mr R Z forgets to keep pu... Read more
Masahiro Shinoda made his first film in 1960, and was immediately hailed as one of the Japanese New Wave. Since then he has made fourteen films, the most recent of which is Double Suicide, which, like his other work, reveals a complex concern for the limits which social conventions place upon the individual's quest for personal fulfilment. It is based on a Kabuki play written in 1720 by Monzaemon ... Read more
Maxi Cat meets his double on the ceiling. ... Read more
Three strippers perform their routine in a sleazy London night club. A fourth comes on the stage, but her act is interrupted by the intervention of a group of men. Stephen Dwoskin, in his second feature film, probes the ritual of the striptease in terms of interaction between the performers and their spectators, and reveals before the camera the desperate vulnerability of his characters. ... Dyn A... Read more
Most of Ousmane Sembene's public statements have been advocating the pressing need to challenge the current French control over African film distribution, and to explore the cultural heritage of his country. ... In Emitai, he has made a him which is set at the end of the Second World War, but whose concern is a contemporary one about colonisation and national identity. ... The French colonials in ... Read more
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