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Films Screened In 1973

PANDEMONIUM (Toshio Matsumoto, 1971)
Gengo is a samurai warrior whose code of honour is as rigid as the social stratification of the world through which he passes. Whilst his strength and courage in conflict is as admirable as that of '… Read more

Paradise (Jan Lenica, 1972)
Jan Lenica's macabre cartoon film about a man who, fed up with the world, tries to reach paradise by using a time machine. But the paradise he finds turns out to be a bitter disappointment. ... Read more

Paradise Lost (Evelyn Lambert, 1970)
Bright, animated cut-outs epitomise the threat that hangs over all creatures of the wild, as a result of the chemical interference by man with the delicately balanced harmony of nature. ... Read more

Pass of Arms (Peter Elford, 1972)
,p>A knight rides alone through a forest in the early morning. He travels fully armed, but incognito. He comes to a river, guarded by another knight, also anonymous, who challenges his right of way. … Read more

Peggy Day (Rachel Ne'eman, 1972)
A day in the life of a 30-year-old, socially alienated woman, who meets a young American hippy. ... Read more

PERFORMANCE (Donald Cammell, Nicolas Roeg, 1970)
Performance is the result of the combination of the talents of Nicolas Roeg (who made Walkabout) and Donald Cammell. It is a film which has troubled distributors, censors and critics throughout the w… Read more

Piccolo (Dušan Vukotić, 1959)
The final world is neighbourly boorishness. Two neighbours are getting along fine, until one buys a small piccolo and aggravates the other by repeating the bird's tune in the middle of the night. Vuk… Read more

Pickles (Bruno Bozzetto, 1971)
Bruno Bozetto, famed Italian cartoon film maker, uses different techniques to make his satirical comments on such topical problems of the world as drugs, pollution and war. ... Read more

Play (Dušan Vukotić, 1962)
Vukotic's best film, mixing live action with animation. ... Read more

Player's Liberation (Bora Sajtinac, 1973)
An animated parable on a man's struggle against overwhelming odds. ... Read more

Raspberry Yogurt (Frederick Elmes, Gregory Prentiss, 1971)
A would-be man about town decides to find himself a woman. Instead, he loses his watch, his money, and the remainder of his pride. ... Read more

RED PSLAM (Miklós Jancsó, 1972)
Jancso's last film seen in Australia was his Silence and Cry (Melbourne Film Festival, 1969) and it showed the director probing the machinery of oppression in his unique style. ... In Red Psalm, Janc… Read more

Refrain (Krzsystof Kieslowski, 1972)
This bitter satire undertakes the universal and timeless problem of 'man and office'. Precisely— what is man's place in the world he has created for himself? ... Read more

RENDEZ-VOUS À BRAY (André Delvaux, )
The strange encounter around which Andre Delvaux's film is structured, occurs in 1917, against the background of World War I. As in Delvaux's earlier films, The Man Who Had His Hair Cut Short and Un … Read more

Roll Away the Stone (Brian Zick, 1972)
Artist's cartoon version of the song, "Roll Away the Stone". ... Read more

SCARECROW (Jerry Schatzberg, 1973)
Scarecrow is Jerry Schatzberg's third feature: after Puzzle of a ... Down jail Child, he made Panic in Needle Park, which was a critical success, [hough shunned at the box office. Scarecrow represent… Read more

Self-Service (Ben Hayeem, 1972)
A play-boy in a sports car picnics ... in the woods. Everything for the occasion is stored in the boot of the car. including the girl-bound and gagged. ... Read more

Selfportrait of a Pornographer (Robert Swain, 1971)
The story of the demise of the small Parisian 'artistes de pornographe” is personalised in this study of a 'specialist' photographer made obsolete by the emergence of the sex shops. ... Read more

Selling Out (Tadeusz Jaworski, 1972)
Centred on the public auctioning of the farm and personal belongings of a farmer on Canada's Prince Edward Island, the film makes provocative and highly political statements on such matters as the lo… Read more

Sex (David Avidan, 1971)
,p>A man (David Avidan) signs with a woman, representing the totality of the girls who people the film, a kind of anti-marriage contract. For his part, he is to father a child; she waives all claims … Read more

Silences (Predrag Golubović, 1971)
An incident during a German punitive expedition against the Serbs during the winter of 1941. ... Read more

Slow Down (Avram Heffner, 1969)
During a family quarrel between a sixty-odd year old woman and her husband, the wife comes to terms with the realities of old age. The film shows 36 hours of the quarrel, from its beginning to the re… Read more

Sobre un Primer Combate (Octavio Cortázar, 1971)
On 4 March. 1960, the French vessel. La Coubre, bringing ammu¬nition. mysteriously exploded in Havana's harbour. Castro attributed the cause to sabotage on the part of powers hostile to his regim… Read more

Solo (Mike Hoover, 1972)
The many joys of solo climbing: the rhythm of persistent physical effort, the intoxicating scenery, the joy that comes with the successful solution to a difficult situation. ... Read more

Solutions (Norman Prouting, 1972)
Examples of. the price paid in the deteriorating environment for the misuse of road traffic. The film shows how modern railways offer an already existing solution to Britain's transport problems. ... Read more

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