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Films Screened In 1974

Christmas Down and Out (David Wand, 1973)
This is a record of what happened at Christmas for some of London's estimated 10,000 single homeless people. The St. Mungo Community workers help London's "down and outs" all the year round, and at C… Read more

CHUNG KWO - CHINA (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1973)
Antonioni's China is a long way from the England of Blow-up or his American travelogue, Zabriskie Point. After spending six weeks filming in China, he said 'I felt a need to return to my own origins … Read more

Cinema (Sebastian Schroeder, 1973)
Afghanistan, "Switzerland of Asia", has about 12 million inhabitants and 12 cinemas. To one of these cinemas the admission is one afghani; the duration of the screening 3 minutes. ... Award of Merit,… Read more

Cockaboody (Faith Hubley, John Hubley, 1973)
Two sisters, ages 3 and 5, are engaged in imaginitive pre-bedtime play, their parents having left them in the care of a babysitter for the evening. We see the role of play in a child's growing adjust… Read more

Colter's Hell (Robin Lehman, )
Colter's Hell could be in outer space but it is actually in Yellowstone National Park, USA. It was discovered by a man called Colter, who said he had discovered Hell. ... Golden Bear, Berlin Film Fes… Read more

COUP D'ETAT (Yoshishige Yoshida, 1973)
This study of a fascist ideologue, Ikki Kita, has become a major commercial success in Japan. It comes from an outstanding modern director, Yoshida, who earlier made Eros and Massacre. Coup d'Etat fo… Read more

Dans La Vie (Pierre Veilleux, 1972)
A child escapes from the rectangular stone world of a city, only to be placed into the microcosm of our world: the school. Without the use of a single word, this imaginative animated film sharply rec… Read more

David: Off and On (Martha Coolidge, 1972)
This is a biographical portrait of the filmmaker's brother, David. It follows him from his middle class childhood, through the death of his father, adolescent problems and drug involvement. He spends… Read more

DAYS OF BETRAYAL (Otakar Vávra, 1973)
More than three hours long, this film is a painstaking reconstruction of the days of the Munich crisis. One of Czechoslovakia's most distinguished film-makers. Otakar Vavra, has directed and scripted… Read more

Dear Address (Livia Gyarmathy, 1973)
Through humorous, sometimes sorrowful confessions, the film illustrates the devotion of some postmen, who are just retiring. for their work and profession. ... Read more

Ding Dong (Zlatko Grgić, 1972)
Maxi cat discovers the bell rope . . . ... Read more

DISTANT THUNDER (Satyajit Ray, 1973)
This is Satyajit Ray's second film in colour, and the Grand Prize winner at the Berlin Festival. The film is set in 1942, and its subject is the impact of war on an isolated Bengali village. ... The … Read more

EARTH, OUR SINFUL SONG (Rauni Mollberg, 1973)
Earth, Our Sinful Sonh is adapted from a novel of the same name by Timo K. Mukka, a young Lapp who was only 19 years old when the book was published and became a literary sensation in Finland. Rauni … Read more

Edward Burra (Peter K. Smith, 1973)
The first ever interview with Edward Burra. one-time surrealist. eccentric and recluse, and major British painter. ... Read more

A look at Western Canada at the turn of the century through the critical eyes of Ernest Brown, a photographer, genius, caustic social critic, historian, and lover of life. The film spans his life and… Read more

Fable-Safe (Erik Barnouw, 1971)
In ironic celebration of the USA's national security, this animated film about the arms race treats the subject in a light manner, with mordant drawings and a lyrical story set to folk music. ... Read more

Family of Petrukhin (S. Kononenko, 1971)
The kind and shy Petrukhin and his recently acquired, rather strict wife, have their first children: and they are twins. The whole village celebrates the day and to pay for the celebration. Petrukhin… Read more

Fil A Fil (Christian Paureilhe, 1972)
Two marionettes are jerked into life in a puppet theatre. We watch as desire grows up between the two creatures, until the moment when they are about to touch and are brutally jerked apart. ... Read more

Frank Film (Frank Mouris, 1973)
The flood of visual images that accompany each phase of growing up in America—the spate of products and graphics eagerly taken in to satisfy our appetites—is the content of Frank's life, … Read more

French Windows (Ian Emes, 1973)
An unfolding series of animation experiments utilising basic visual elements: the figure in space. atmosphere, time and rhythm. ... Read more

GRIERSON (Roger Blais, 1973)
This is an affectionate tribute to John Grierson, who founded and led the British documentary film movement in the Thirties, and who later established in Montreal, what grew into the largest document… Read more

Hay Season (Gitta Nickel, 1972)
The film illustrates portraits of people who work at an agricultural co-operative and live in the country. The story deals with a few people at two different times, by using documentary film material… Read more

HERE COMES EVERYBODY (John Whitmore, 1972)
Here Comes Everybody is a highly revealing cinema-verite film about an encounter group session at the Esalen Institute in Bug Sur. California. The sixteen people involved in the week-long session wer… Read more

ILLUMINATION (Krzysztof Zanussi, 1973)
Illumination won the grand prize at the Locarno festival last year, and its director. Krzysztof Zanussi, is considered by many critics to be the most original film maker working in Polish cinema. He … Read more

Keep on Turning (Jack Verbeek, Karin Wiertz, 1972)
Four short experiments in animation, using constantly shifting perspectives. The makers of the films are pupils of Frans Zwartjes, Holland's leading experimental filmmaker. ... Read more

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