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Films Screened In 1974

The Story of a Painter (Nikola Majdak, 1973)
The work of the painter and graphic artist, Janez Bernik, is well known, both in Yugoslavia and beyond its borders. The paintings of this outstanding artist form the basic inspiration for the film, w… Read more

The Sun is Red (Bent Barfod, 1972)
A film about the environment and pollution, asking among other things, "'. . . Is it enough for me to know that Ihcy are there? Our self-created enemies, whom we do not even know, and who do not hit … Read more

The Trace of the Soul (G. Frank, 1972)
The film tells the life story of the hero of labour of the USSR. ... Read more

The Track (Richard Sanders Rosenthal, 1972)
Three people in a family ravage one another verbally in some shrewdly calculated and vicious game-playing—a perverse, however witty, ritual of verbal gymnastics. The film ends, then is repeated… Read more

THE TRAITORS (Members of Grupo Cine de la Base, 1973)
The Traitors is directed and performed by a group of professional and amateur film-makers known only as the Grupo Cine de la Base. They are drawn from Argentina's new revolutionary left, and the main… Read more

THE WANDERERS (Kon Ichikawa, 1973)
Set in nineteenth century Japan, The Wanderers has been likened in its theme to Easy Rider. It follows the adventures of three "toseinins', unemployed young men who roam the countryside, living off p… Read more

THE WEDDING (Andrzej Wajda, 1972)
Andrzej Wajda, who earlier made Ashes and Diamonds, has turned for his latest film to a Polish play by Stanislaw Wyspianski. The Wedding reconstructs a marriage which in fact took place in 1900 at th… Read more

The Wind (Ron Tunis, 1972)
An animated film which shows a child's first experiences with wind: it tousles his hair, it tears at washing on the line . . . ... Grand Prix, New York International Film Festival. ... Read more

The Wishbone (Jannik Hastrup, 1971)
A short, animated film, which makes fun of pornography. ... Read more

Theatre (Explorations in Shaw.) (Francis Chapman, 1973)
Eminent personalities associated with the theatre, among them Dame Sybil Thorndyke, for whom "St. Joan" was written a half century ago, engage in animated comment on Shaw, his plays, his theatrical s… Read more

THEMROC (Claude Faraldo, 1973)
Michel Piccoli financed this film. which was conceived, scripted and directed by Claude Faraldo. Piccoli plays the title role of a hairy worker who freaks out at work, sleeps wish his sister and amon… Read more

Thoroughbred (Pen Densham, John Watson, 1972)
The life story of a thoroughbred horse, from its birth to the race track, told purely in terms of visuals and natural sounds. ... Read more

Tidikawa and Friends is a unique document providing the only existing record of the Bedamini iiving in the remote isolation of the Great Papuan Plateau rain forest. Legendary for their aggression and… Read more

Time (Jože Bevc, 1973)
This is a film about Citizen Urban, who never has enough time. His wife is at home, waiting. Urban hurries on. and in his haste, even manages to overtake time .... ... Read more

Time Takes a Cigarette (Jack Verbeek, Karin Wiertz, 1972)
Four short experiments in animation, using constantly shifting perspectives. The makers of the films are pupils of Frans Zwartjes, Holland's leading experimental filmmaker. ... Read more

Undercurrents (Robin Lehman, 1973)
A glimpse into the fantastic world beneath the sea. ... Silver Medal, Moscow, 1973. Gold Medal, Atlanta, 1973. ... Read more

Underground (Manfredo Manfredi, 1972)
The film presents the reveries of a man travelling on an underground train, stimulated by the sights rushing past and the faintly disquieting atmosphere of the night. ... Read more

We Have No Answer (Louis Van Gasteren, 1973)
A human being of an older generation in today's environment. A farmer's wife. 63 years old, somewhere in France, makes up her mind about her past life and the future existence of others. Today's situ… Read more

Weekend (Ante Zaninović, 1972)
A short feature film, which deals with an ordinary theme in an unusual way. The theme is that elderly people become superfluous in life and society, superfluous to themselves and to their nearest and… Read more

Wendy Darling (Gilberto Pulido, 1973)
A young, seemingly helpless girl is abducted by a gang of four youths. Held hostage in an abandoned, decaying warehouse cellar, her vulnerability is more imagined than real. Systematically, she destr… Read more

When Roobarb Made a Spike (Grange Calveley, 1973)
Roobarb finds that trying to be a bird, instead of a dog. causes difficulties. ... Read more

Young Girls in Blossom (Francis Leroi, 1972)
A commentary on the way the photographer, David Hamilton, works with his five favourite models, with a selection of his best photos. ... Silver Dragon, Warsaw. ... Read more

ZARDOZ (John Boorman, 1973)
Zardoz is a bleak projection of twentieth-century western society into the twenty-third century. The film is set in the year 2293. and images a society that has developed from our technology. People … Read more

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