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Films Screened In 1975

Diary Found With the Ants (Georges Sénéchal, 1974)
Sebastien Maurelle is a gamekeeper at the castle. He lives a secluded and carefree life, until the day he comes face to face with a terrifying reality: his own death. He ponders on the nature of slee… Read more

Dirt (Marcell Jankovics, 1974)
An executive is splashed with mud on the street. His anger starts a chain reaction. ... Read more

The Sakkudei live on the island of Siberut, off the West Coast of Sumatra, in valleys cut off from the rest of the world. They live in harmony wilh their environment, unlike other groups which made c… Read more

Disgusted Binchester (Nicholas Spargo, 1973)
The 1968 Race Relations Act in the context of a long line of social legislation. ... Read more

Don't (Robin Lehman, 1974)
The complete biological life history of a Monarch Butterfly, and all the friends and enemies he meets along the way. ... Read more

DREAMLAND (Donald Brittain, 1974)
This film documents the history of the Canadian cinema from its earliest days to 1939. It contains generous excerpts from films produced during the period, and offers vigorous criticism of the Americ… Read more

Drum Cigarette Tobacco - ‘Matches' (Ian Hart, 1974)
T.V. commercial advertising tobacco. ... Golden Reel, Australian Film Awards ... Read more

Easyout (Pat O'Neill, 1972)
A consideration of one possible conceptual model for human existence: that of a primitive yard-chair, upon which sits the Creator, impassively observing the flow of his mountains. ... Read more

Eggs (John Hubley, 1970)
The Goddess of Fertility endlessly sows the seeds of life, which brings her into direct conflict with the activities of her partner, Death. The two argue over the fate of the Planet Earth, until the … Read more

ELEKTREIA (Miklós Jancsó, 1974)
Elektreia is based on a play by Laszlo Gyurko that has been playing continuously in Budapest for the past five years. It is adapted from the Greek original, and Jancsd has freely changed the adaptati… Read more

Enfance (Piotr Kamler, 1965)
A poem by Verlaine sung by the Freres Jacques group, freely illustrated by a play of coloured abstract forms. ... Read more

Etude 65 (Piotr Kamler, 1971)
An evocation of interstellar space through coloured shapes and music. Kamler used powdered minerals to create this abstract animated film. ... Read more

Evolu (John Leach, 1972)
A man evolves through psychological stages. ... Gold Award, Chicago. ... Read more

Experimental (Robin Lehman, 1974)
The film deals with man's attempts to fly. It lakes a light-hearted look at some of the strange machines which have been invented to try to overcome the force of gravity. ... Read more

Femme du vent (Piotr Kamler, 1971)
An abstract illustration of a poetic chanson by Anne Sylvestre. ... Read more

Fire on Heimaey (ósvaldur Knudsen, 1975)
During the night of January 23rd, 1973. a volcanic eruption broke out on Heimaey, the biggest of the Westmann Islands. A fissure then opened only 200 metres from Iceland's most important fishing cent… Read more

From These Roots (William Greeves, 1974)
With the use of still photographs alone, the film attempts to recreate the social and political climate of the 'Harlem Renaissance'—a period of great artistic and cultural activities in the 192… Read more

Galaxie (Piotr Kamler, 1964)
The life and power of a distant, red galaxy, which is invaded by an external force, bringing in its wake shadows and destruction. ... Read more

Gift of Laughter (Edward Anderson, 1974)
A record about the production of a feature film, directed by Blake Edwards, and demonstrating the close relationship between the director and his star: Peter Sellers. ... Read more

GIOTTO (Antonio Moretti, 1973)
This study of Giotto, the most important Italian painter of the 13th century, presents the most important stages in the life of the itinerant artist, against the background of the social, cultural an… Read more

Goodbye Cambodia (Peter Du Cane, 1974)
Intended as a 'monument' to the soldiers and people of Cambodia, living under the shadow of American bombing, the film is also a ritual celebration of the sexuality of the war in Indo-China. ... Read more

HELP! THE DOCTOR IS DROWNING (Nikolai van der Heyde, 1974)
The robust doctor, Angelino, occupies a central position in his village community. He is surrounded by colourful characters, and most of them are his patients. But one of them strikes him especially:… Read more

HIMIKO (Masahiro Shinoda, 1974)
Takehiko returns from a pre-historic land to his own country which is ruled by the words of the sun god. Only Himiko can hear and understand these messages, and she relays them to the king, his two s… Read more

Hiver (Piotr Kamler, 1964)
A graphic transposition of a movement from Vivaldi's The Four Seasons. ... Read more

Home and Away (Michael Alexander, 1974)
The story of a little boy who leaves his Scottish island to go to school on the mainland. ... Read more

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