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Films Screened In 1975

Putting on the Ritz (Antoinette Starkiewicz, 1974)
A cartoon cabaret, the characters creating themselves from flowing lines. ... Read more

Quo Vadis? (Rudolf Borošak-Vladimir Hrs, 1974)
Man has less and less space to live in and less and less food. Where will this lead? ... Read more

RED PSALM (Miklós Jancsó, )
Agricultural labourers and peasants in Hungary have gone on strike sometime during the 1890's. They are opposed, with increasing violence, by the military. The labourers, who are fighting for their r… Read more

Reflets (Piotr Kamler, 1961)
Moonlight reflected in water: the forms and lines are continually rearranged by the currents. ... Read more

Relax Relax (Yvan Dalain, 1974)
A satirical view of Switzerland, tourist haven to the world. ... Read more

Sad Song of Touha (Atiat El-Abnoudi, 1972)
A documentary about a group of street entertainers in Cairo, fire eaters, dancers, acrobats, who eke out a miserable living from bringing joy to the passers-by. ... Read more

Scherzo (K. Nowak, 1973)
During a concert in a beautiful palace, somebody throws into the room a note requesting to close the windows. When this Is done, the gesture is suitably acknowledged. ... Read more

Sea Creatures (Robin Lehman, 1974)
The life of some of the more unusual sea creatures in the Red Sea. ... Read more

Sérénade (Piotr Kamler, 1968)
Haydn's famous serenade is freely illustrated. ... Read more

SHADOWMAN (Georges Franju, 1974)
The Man Without A Face is a daring criminal who can assume disguises as readily as Sherlock Holmes. No-one knows what he really looks like, not even the woman who loves him and is his partner in crim… Read more

SHAMPOO (Hal Ashby, 1975)
Shampoo offers an unrivalled collection of stars: produced by Warren Beatty, directed by Hal Ashby and co-scripted by Beatty and Robert Towne. It features Beatty, Julie Christie, Goldie Hawn and Jack… Read more

SILENCE AND CRY (Miklós Jancsó, )
This film completes a trilogy from Miklds Jancso that began with The Round-up and The Red and the White, it is set in 1919, a disturbing period after the fall of the Hungarian Republic of Councils, a… Read more

Contrary to the impression the title may inspire, this German film is concerned with industrial relations. Directed by Christian Ziewer and Klaus Wiese, it deals with the conflicts, ambivalent needs … Read more

SNOWFALL (Ferenc Kósa, 1974)
This film, from Hungarian director Ferenc Kosa, is set in the last year of the second World War. Soldiers dash across sandhills in an obstacle race, chasing a 15-day leave pass for the winner. One so… Read more

Spirits Underground (Peter Wallach, 1970)
A drunken subway rider is haunted by a toy train, a horde of little people, and the spectre of his drunken grandeur. ... Read more

Statue of Liberty: ‘Body of Iron . . . Soul of Fire' (Bill Jersey, 1974)
The film traces the history of the Statue of Liberty, from the artist's conception to its completion, and investigates America's changing attitudes towards the meaning of the statue. ... Read more

STILL LIFE (Sohrab Shahid-Saless, 1974)
An elderly railway signalman who watches an isolated crossing is about to retire. He receives the news without understanding what is to happen to him. He and his wife go about their daily chores, sle… Read more

Stress the World of Hans Selye (Donald Brittain, 1975)
An examination of the concept of stress as experienced by a variety of people ranging from astronauts to pickpockets. The film is based on the findings of Prof. Hans Selye of the University of Montre… Read more

Structures (Piotr Kamler, 1961)
Variations in rhythm, duration and attack, realised by deliberately limited plastic means, and set to concrete music. ... Read more

Sub-Igloo (James de B. Domville, J. MacInnis, 1973)
A report of a daring and ingenious experiment to test the ability of man and his equipment to function in the hostile underwater environment of the Canadian Arctic, in mid-winter, when the temperatur… Read more

Suilven Spring (Murray Grigor, 1975)
The North West area of Sutherland: its varied and startling scenery, and something of the region's history. ... Read more

SWEET MOVIE (Dušan Makavejev, 1974)
This film follows Dusan Makavejev's origina! and successful comedy, WR: Mysteries of the Organism. He has since been prevented from making further films in Yugoslavia, and Sweef Movie is his first pi… Read more

Tennis (Zlatko Grgić, 1974)
Who is the wizard whom the cat tries to beat at tennis? ... Read more

THE AUDIENCE (Marco Ferreri, 1972)
This black comedy is directed by Marco Ferreri, who earlier made La grande bouffe. He has written the screenplay, together with Rafael Azcona, and the story draws heavily on Kafka's novel, The Castle. Read more

The Bear's Christmas (Hugh Foulds, 1974)
A cartoon about a browned-off Bear, who, having just lost his job, has the Christmas blues. ... Read more

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