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Films Screened In 1975

THE CIRCUMSTANCE (Ermanno Olmi, 1974)
Ermanno Olmi wrote, edited and directed this film about the problems of an upper middle class family. The husband, who is middie-aged. appears likely to lose his job as the company he works for strea… Read more

The Concert (Claude Chagrin, 1974)
A performing artist arrives at the Royal Albert hall. As he steps onto the black and white stripped pedestrian crossing, each footfall sounds piano notes. Taking up the challenge to his musicianship,… Read more

THE CONFRONTATION (Miklós Jancsó, 1968)
In The Controntation, Jancsd again deals with social and political problems of Hungarian history and revolution. The film is set in 1947, and the characters are the students in the people's colleges.… Read more

The Conqueror (Radivoje Gvozdanović, 1973)
A man conquers a high peak, and what is his reward? ... Read more

THE CONSCRIPT (Roland Verhavert, 1974)
This film is based on a novel by Hendrik Conscience and is set in 1833. Recruiting for the army is being carried out by drawing lots in the village square. This type of conscription was known as the … Read more

The Egg (Zlatko Grgić, 1973)
A cat is trying to be a sculptor. ... Read more

The Fire (Stole Popov, 1974)
An impressionistic account of the testing of a new blast furnace at the Titov Veles smelting works. ... Read more

THE HOLY OFFICE (Arturo Ripstein, 1973)
The Holy Office, directed by Arturo Ripstein, is set at the end of the sixteenth century in Mexico City. During the burial of the father of the Carbajal family, the eldest son, Friar Gaspar, notices … Read more

The Last Cartoon Man (Jeffrey Hale, Derek Lamb, 1973)
A vaudeville performer who will do anything to please his audience . . . ... Read more

The Legend of John Henry (Sam Weiss, 1974)
This is the story of John Henry, a black American folk hero. In the Big Ben Tunnel, he pitted his strength in competition with the new-fangled steam drill, driving the steel bit into rock with his hu… Read more

The Loser's Club (Derek Phillips, )
A slightly pessimistic view of the world we are all born into — The Losers' Club. ... Read more

The Making of a Ballet, Rudi van Dantzig, a Choreographer and his World (Jan Vrijman, 1973)
A record of the day-to-day work of Rudi van Dantzig, director of the Netherlands' National Ballet Company. The film follows the genesis of a new ballet, and also shows Nureyev rehearsing a part in on… Read more

THE MIDDLE OF THE WORLD (Alain Tanner, 1974)
The story is set in the valley of Moruz, which contains the town of Moruz and St. Claret, about 25 kilometres apart. Paul,34, is the director of a factory in St. Claret. His father is a small farmer … Read more

THE MOUTH WIDE OPEN (Maurice Pialat, 1973)
The Mouth Wide Open received enthusiastic reviews when it was screened privately during last year's festival at Cannes. It is the third feature film from Maurice Pialat, following Naked Childhood (ab… Read more

THE ODDBALLS (Eldar Shengelaya, 1974)
The Oddballs is set at the turn of the century, in a small Georgian town blessed with two eccentric individuals who upset the town's settled ways: Christofor and Ertaoz. ... Ertaoz's father dies and,… Read more

THE PASSENGER (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1975)
The Passenger is Antonioni's first feature film in nearly four years. Jack Nicholson plays an experienced and disillusioned television reporter. He has adjusted to the limitations of his job, yet he … Read more

The Perlmutar Story (Paul Saltzman, 1974)
A warm portrait of a family bakery, which has been run for 65 years out of the same tiny shop in the middle of an old-fashioned looking street market which still exists in Toronto, Canada. The mixtur… Read more

The Picture (Radivoj Gvozdanović, 1974)
The consequences of hanging one's own portrait on the wall... ... Read more

THE PISTOL (Jiri Tirl, 1973)
This film is about the education of Viktor B. Viktor was born in 1949; his father a handyman, and his mother a general worker. His first five years were spent with his grandmother in Baar. His period… Read more

THE PLACE FOR NO STORY (Philip Greene, 1973)
Filmed almost entirely from a helicopter and without commentary, this documentary records California's panoramic and awesome beauty, from the State's dramatic coastline to its varied countryside. ... Read more

The Rovers (Ron Dorfman, 1975)
A satirical love story. ... Read more

The Safebreaker (Jaromil Jires, 1973)
A documentary about a safe-cracker who became quite famous after the war, meeting the police inspector who arrested him 25 years ago. After serving his sentence, the safe-cracker became a guard and n… Read more

THE SECRET (Robert Enrico, 1974)
The Secret, by Robert Enrico, features Jean-Louis Trintignant as an escapee from a police psychiatric ward. He has killed a guard during his escape, and makes for the country to hide in the mountains… Read more

The Silverfish King (Papon Arts (J. P. & Lillian Somersaulter), 1973)
A humorous, yet alarming glimpse ... into the mind of a person whose ... grip on reality is tenuous, revealed ... through the idiosyncratic doodles of ... the narrator. ... Read more

The Tower (Ole Askman, 1972)
A girl feels pursued on the street. She escapes into a tower, where she experiences some frightening moments. ... Read more

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