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Films Screened In 1976

Dark (Paul Winkler, 1974)
Using experimental camera techniques, the film expresses the explosion of pent-up emotions relating to the coming out of the Australian Aboriginal from Dreamtime to Action-time. ... Read more

Kees Pulder, a doctor in a small, provincial town, is stirred from his lethargy by the announcement that he is to be visited by Hans van Inge Liedaerd, a famous neuro-surgeon and an old fellow-studen… Read more

England, Home and Beauty (Christopher Mason, 1975)
The domestic architecture, interior furnishings and household objects of the Thirties in England, reveal the taste at different levels of society. ... Aiming to combat the Depression by increasing ex… Read more

Europa Nostra (Charles Mapleton, 1975)
This film was produced by Europa Nostra, the International Federation of Associations for the Protection of Europe's Cultural and National Heritage, to draw attention to the dangers that threaten Eur… Read more

Event (József Gémes, 1970)
An immense crowd awaits the arrival of a distinguished guest at the airport… ... Read more

Exchange Place (Marc de Rossi, Gary Gasgarth, 1975)
A coin changes hands and affects the lives of people who briefly own it. ... Read more

Exponents (Charles Eames, Ray Eames, 1975)
Algebraic equivalences are presented in simple terms. ... Read more

FASCISTA (Nico Naldini, 1974)
Edited from newsreels made during Mussolini's reign by the Italian State film instrumentality, Giornale Luce, the Fascista covers the period from 24 October 1922 (a Fascist rally in Naples at which p… Read more

Film For My Son (Nadja Tesich-Savage, 1975)
A documentary about a four-year-old boy, his world, real and imaginary, set against the memory of another childhood, in another country. Although the film focuses on one child, he becomes a link not … Read more

Footprint (Jacques Armand Cardon, 1974)
A philosophical tale about the moulding of children into a social pattern. ... Read more

FOX: FISTRIGHT OF FREEDOM (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1975)
Rainer Fassbinder's second film of 1975 was made before Mother Kuster. In Fox ... , he plays the leading role himself, as a young homosexual who is seen first as the lover of a fairground showman. He… Read more

Free Ride (Warren Miller, 1976)
A montage of sporting activities, all involving a 'free ride', cut to music. ... Read more

Frootsie (Arnold Levin, 1975)
An animated film made for the Public Television programme, 'Feeling Good', on the subject of nutrition. ... Read more

Good Morning (Václav Bedřich, 1974)
A plea for the preservation of nature. ... Read more

Great (Bob Godfrey, 1975)
Isambard Kingdom Brunei, the pint-sized architect-designer, strode flamboyantly through the middle of the 19th century, bristling with ideas which were far outside the imagination of his contemporari… Read more

Hand of Adam (Murray Grigor, 1975)
This film shows the work of Robert Adam, the Scottish architect of the 18th century. His designs were mostly inspired by Ancient Rome and Greece, having spent several years of his youth studying thes… Read more

Hello Budapest (Elek Lisziák, 1974)
The atmosphere of Budapest reconstructed from contemporary picture postcards. ... Read more

Hotspot (Robin Lehman, 1974)
Robin Lehman went down into the crater of the Nyiragongo volcano to capture the terrifying, yet spellbinding explosion of molten lava at its very source. ... Read more

I AM AN OLD TREE (, 1975)
Michael Rubbo 'wanders into people's lives' and films them as he finds them. The tree, figuratively speaking, is Cuban society: people bending and being bent toward a different value system. Rubbo ta… Read more

I Am Presenting You A Star (Fyodor Khitruk, 1975)
An animated film in four sequences that uses the same characters to demonstrate the plight of women in different epochs. ... Read more

Icarus (Antonio Colacino, 1975)
The silent world of gliding: the glider that is initially launched by powered craft, and the winged men of the hang glider who launch themselves from cliff tops. ... Read more

INDECISION (Mani Kaul, 1973)
Indecision won for its director, Mani Kaul, the Government of India's National Best Director award in 1973. The film dramatises an Indian folk story about a ghost who falls in love with a young bride… Read more

Iron and Horse (Karoly Bardos, 1975)
A student-directed period piece about a school teacher's involvement with a young cowboy. ... Read more

It Happened Here Again (Eric Mival, Patrick Lui, 1975)
An account of how two young film makers struggled to make a feature film on a British Film Institute grant, which was lower than the cost of a James Bond title sequence: the production of Winstanley. ... Read more

KINGS OF THE ROAD (Wim Wenders, 1976)
Two men cross the middle of Germany, from Luneburg to Hof along the East German frontier. Bruno travels in a moving van that he uses to camp in; he is a projectionist and repairs movie equipment. Alo… Read more

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