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Films Screened In 1976

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.: A Self-Portrait (Harold Mantell, 1975)
Kurt Vonnegut Jr. speaks candidly about his self-discovery as a writer, his themes and his special vision of American life. ... Read more

LALAI-DREAMTIME (Michael Edols, 1975)
Lalai-Dreamtime takes the viewer into pre-settled Australia to show a myth from the spiritual tradition of the people. It is the story of Namaaralee, as presented by Sam Wootagoodjah to his son Stanl… Read more

LAND OF PROMISE (Andrzej Wajda, 1975)
Andrzej Wajda's The Wedding was shown at the Melbourne Festival two years ago, and this new film continues his earlier exploration of the Polish character during the difficult times of the country's … Read more

Landscape (Jan Lenica, 1975)
'Landscape is a nightdream, a landscape of my mind, of my imagination. It evokes memories of the past, reflects the images of reality into the world of fantasy.' ... Jan Lenica ... Read more

Lautrec (Geoff Dunbar, 1974)
By animating Toulouse Lautrec's drawings, Geoff Dunbar creates a personal study of the artist. ... Read more

Leaving Lily (Graham Baker, 1975)
A story of pre-cognition, set in the East Anglian countryside, where the life of a group of villagers is affected by the Great War. ... Read more

LEGACY (Karen Arthur, 1975)
Bissie Hapgood, a well-to-do suburban matron from Pasadena, has been left alone for the day by her husband, who is off on business, and by her children, who are away at summer camp. After visiting he… Read more

Leisure (Bruce Petty, 1976)
Leisure is an important aspect of life today. The pressures of urban living are placing new strains on the individual which leisure can release. Leisure can be immensely creative or insufferably dull… Read more

Leroy the Magician (Phil Parmet, 1975)
Leroy is a magician and will play little tricks. He will become a saint, or threaten to kill you. But Leroy has some big tricks up his sleeve also - dark, dangerous magic. ... Read more

Let's Keep a Dog . . . (Béla Ternovszky, )
A propaganda film extolling the pleasures of keeping a dog. ... Read more

Lift (Lorisgnol Philippe, 1973)
A clerk re-ties his tie in the lift during its thirty-second journey from his flat to the ground floor. During the following days, he gradually adds to his sartorial activities, then extends his rang… Read more

LITTLE RAOUL (Lautaro Murua, 1975)
This film is based on the true case of a young girl who denies her sex, dresses as a boy, and calls herself La Raulito (Little Raoul), She wants only freedom and undemanding companionship. Because sh… Read more

Locomotion (Geoffrey Jones, 1975)
Without commentary, the film shows the development of the British railway system, from its early beginnings to the present day. ... Silver Medal, Moscow ... Read more

Lullaby (György Csonka, 1974)
An animated film based on the famous lullaby by Attila Jozsef. ... Read more

LUNATICS AND LOVERS (Flavio Mogherini, 1976)
The amorous adventures of a Venetian nobleman. ... No further information available. ... Read more

For a period of seven years, starting from their late teens, Masai men serve as Moran, or warriors. This film examines the elaborate rituals which take the Morans of Loita from their adolescence to f… Read more

MAYAKOVSKY LAUGHS (Sergei Yutkevich, Anatoly Karanovich, 1975)
Sergei Yutkevich has brought to the screen a play, 'The Bed Bug', by Soviet poet Mayakovsky. The film is introduced by Alexei Kapler, a contemporary of Mayakovsky, He acts as narrator throughout the … Read more

MIDDLEMAN (Satyajit Ray, 1975)
Somnath is a bright student, but he only gets an ordinary pass in his BA exams. His indifferent results make it difficult for him to get a job. Frustrated by inconclusive interviews, he comes across … Read more

Miracle of Flight (Terry Gilliam, 1973)
An animated comedy on man's efforts to fly. ... Read more

Monet in London (David Thompson, 1974)
During the winter months of 1899 and 1901, Claude Monet painted views of Charing Cross Bridge, Waterloo Bridge and the Houses of Parliament. He returned to France with about a hundred canvasses, and … Read more

Monsieur Pointu (Bernard Longpré, André Leduc, 1975)
A portrait of Canada's foremost musical clown, Paul Cormier, known as Monsieur Pointu. ... Read more

MOTHER KüSTER'S TRIP TO HEAVEN (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1975)
Rainer Fassbinder's film takes up the story of Mrs. Kuster who lives in Frankfurt with her husband, a factory worker, and her son and his pregnant wife. Her life is disrupted when her husband goes be… Read more

MOTHER'S HOUSE (Per Blom, 1974)
Petter, who is in his early twenties, has left university in Oslo and broken off his engagement. He is returning home to the small town where he grew up to spend Christmas with his mother, who is a w… Read more

Mountain Music (Will Vinton, 1976)
An animated film on the subject of technology versus nature. ... Read more

Next Door (Andrew Silver, 1975)
An eight year old boy is left at home alone for an evening. He listens to the radio and overhears a quarrelling couple next door. By the time his parents return, he has outgrown his babyhood. The fil… Read more

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