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Films Screened In 1976

Niugini Culture Shock (Jane Oehr, 1974)
A survey of Niugini (Papua New Guinea), showing the impact of Western development on traditional lifestyles. ... Read more

NO CHIEF IS GOOD ENOUGH (Svend Abrahamsen, 1975)
During a holiday in Sweden, the sailing boat of a group of Danish children becomes adrift; the children land on a desert island and spend two days before they are rescued. The film probes the social … Read more

No. 446 (Josip Remenar, 1976)
A documentary about a horse stud, with emphasis on a particular stallion. ... Read more

Nonsense (Jar. Doubrava, Miloš Macourek, Adolf Born, 1974)
A moral tale about a little boy who could make his phantasies materialise. ... Read more

ONE NIGHT STAND (Pierre Rissient, 1975)
Paul, a literary translator, receives a telegram telling him of a suicide attempt by his estranged wife, Sonya, who lives in Honq Kong. On his arrival there Paul meets Sandy, a cousin of Sonya, and t… Read more

Out They Go (Michael Edols, 1976)
Out They Go is a visual tribute to a fruit and vegetable market and the people who work in it, which was in the centre of Sydney and is now gone. ... Read more

Parkinson's Law (John Halas, 1975)
The film shows how not to run a business, with the aid of Parkinson's Law, invented by Sir Norman Parkinson. ... Read more

People in Pictures (Eino Ruutsalo, 1974)
A brief survey of Finnish painting in the light of international trends. ... Read more

Perspectrum (Ishu Patel, 1974)
This animated film uses the phenomenon of perspective to create new effects and illusions. ... Read more

Péteri Tó ‘74 (József Magyar, )
Children of an isolated hamlet, their school and their first contact with the arts. ... Read more

Phenakistiscope (Taku Furukawa, 1975)
A cartoon-kaleidoscope, created with pre-movie techniques. ... Read more

Phoenix Gazette (Walter Bal, 1975)
Based on a report that appeared in the Phoenix Gazette, the film tells the story of a twenty-one year old girl who, in punishment for having slept out with her boyfriend, is ordered by her parents to… Read more

POACHERS (José Luis Borau, 1975)
Angel lives with his mother Martina in an old hunting lodge in the heart of an Iberian forest. He is an introverted young man dominated by his suspicious, brandy-swigging mother. His only occupation … Read more

Elektreia, Miklos Jancso's reconstruction of the Greek drama, was shown at last year's Melbourne festival in a retrospective season of his films. His latest film has been shot in Yugoslavia, not, as … Read more

Punishment (Olga Madsen, 1974)
A story about the relationship between a father and his daughter, who can't help punishing each other. ... Read more

Quiddity Tree (Marvin Albert, 1975)
A fantasy film about man and nature, in which the interrelationships of man and his environment are symbolically revealed. ... Jury Prize, Bilbao. Bronze Medal, New York. ... Read more

REHEARSAL (Robert Young, 1974)
A consideration of four different types of musical rehearsals: Opera, the Scots Guards, Wandsworth School and the Incredible String Band. ... Read more

Revisited (Joyce Borenstein, 1974)
This student film explores primordial memories through complex animation techniques. ... Read more

RIVERS OF SAND (Robert Gardner, 1975)
The people portrayed in the film are called Hamar. They dwell in the thorny scrubland of southwestern Ethiopia, about a hundred miles north of Lake Rudolph, Africa's great inland sea. They are isolat… Read more

Romance with a Double Bass (Robert Young, 1975)
Based on Chekov's famous short story, the film tells about the unorthodox meeting between a double bass player and a Princess. ... Silver Award, Chicago ... Read more

Satellites of the Sun (Sidney Goldsmith, 1974)
The solar system pictured by film animator Sidney Goldsmith (whose Universe was screened at the 1961 Melbourne Film Festival) reflects new knowledge gained from man's probes into space. ... Read more

Screentest (Frank Mouris, Caroline A. Mouris, 1975)
Nine men reveal themselves through their fantasies. ... Gold Medal, Virgin Islands; Golden Hugo, Chicago ... Read more

SECOND WIND (Donald Shebib, 1976)
In Don Shebib's first film since Between Friends, he focuses on the life and career of a successful young stockbroker. Roger, who is thirty, has just been made vice-president of his brokerage firm. H… Read more

Secrets (Phillip Jones, 1973)
An animated film constructed from seven hundred portraits, reflects the infinite variety of personal awareness. ... Gold Medal, Atlanta ... Read more

See (Robin Lehman, 1975)
The stunning world of fish in the depth of the sea. ... Golden Bear, Berlin. Best Short, Virgin Islands ... Read more

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