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Films Screened In 1976

As in The Seduction of Mimi, Lina Wertmuller is concerned with the sexual swagger and pretension of the Italian male, but this time in a wider setting that transforms her earlier theme. Giancarlo Giannini plays Pasqualino, a desperate survivor from the slums of Naples, trading ruthlessly on his ... Read more
A film about the internationally acclaimed wood-block artist, Shiko Munakata, and his work. ... Read more
From a television series for children, Knots demonstrates the idea of knot-tying as a function and theme of various crafts. ... Read more
The story, told in comic key, takes place in Rome in modern times. ... After school hours, Ettore often joins a group of friends with whom he indulges in acts of petty crime and violence. After a crisis with his school professor and an amorous encounter with one of his class-mates, he realizes his ... Read more
This ornate period melodrama, set in Poland at the turn of the century, is based on a novel by Stefan Zeromski, author of 'Ashes'. A teenage girl, strictly brought up, confesses her sins and is warned by the priest against impure thoughts. Soon afterwards she falls in love with a young man who is ... Read more
A pixillated fantasy on an unusual attempt at escape. ... FIPRESCI Prize, New York ... Read more
Superficially, L'avventura is a love story, a somewhat mysterious one. During a yacht cruise, a girl disappears on a lonely island; her girl friend and lover search vainly for her. Relationships between these characters are established only to be modified as the story proceeds, and the outcome of ... Read more
Krzysztof Zanussi's film explores an area of contemporary family and sexual life that has been opened up by Bergman's Scenes from a Marriage. Marta is forty, married with a son, and quietly unhappy with it all. Her husband, a scientist, is faithful and dull; she begins to ponder whether her life ... Read more
An outrageous satirical broadside in which President Nixon interacts with speeches, plays, and killings on television, and with his own ego and guilt. Rip Torn, playing the part of Nixon, combines improvisations with scenes from Shakespeare's Richard III in a portrayal that is at once frightening ... Read more
The Party Committee at a Soviet construction site ends its meeting late at night, and those taking part head for home. But the events of that day have been far from ordinary. One of the construction teams, led by Vasily Potapov, has been placed third in the socialist emulation drive; but the team ... Read more
Robinson Crusoe with a difference. ... Read more
An animated short on the subject of nutrition, it was produced for a Public Television programme, 'Feeling Good'. ... Read more
Everything a cat and a cigar could get up to. ... Read more
An animated film on sight and hearing tests for children. ... Read more
Francesco Rosi takes up a theme already mined by Elio Petri: political intrigue among officials who plot assassinations and ruthlessly suppress dissent in Italy. An inspector is given the job of investigating the deaths of a number of officials, and he slowly begins to confirm the existence of a ... Read more
Antonioni's film about working people is set in the bleak winter landscape of the Po Valley. Aldo is abandoned, together with his child, by his lover, Irma, who deserts him tor another man. His life is shattered and nothing but death can free him from the memory of a love that had become his whole ... Read more
Selected for The Director's Fortnight at the 1976 Cannes Film Festival, The Devil's Playground, set in a college-seminary, reveals the effects of rigid institutional control on people of a variety of ages, pubescent boys and their tutors, the Brothers of the Order. ... The story develops mainly ... Read more
The inhabitants of a small Georgian village get together in order to form a soccer team. They practice and develop their sporting skills until they are convinced they have developed an effective side. But they make the mistake of challenging professional soccer players of a British ship. (The ... Read more
A black animated allegory about gratitude. ... Read more
In this comedy about wool promotion, Johnny Braithwaite, a trainee weaver in Scotland, hears that once upon a time a sheep was sheared and its wool woven into a suit in a single working day. This gives him an idea for promoting the sale of the woollen textiles produced by his firm. ... Read more
This story of three people's search for their own mutual happiness in a world of solitude and alienation, underlines some of the major anxieties of twentieth century life. ... The quiet, almost idyllic life of a young couple, David and Michele, is shattered by a household accident in which their ... Read more
The Intruder is based on D'Annunzio's book, The Innocent', transferred to the screen with minimal changes by Visconti. Set in the late 19th century, the plot tells of Tullio Hermil (Giancarlo Giannini), who, after a period of infidelity during which he has been the lover of two of his wife's ... Read more
An animated film on the invention of ... inventions. ... Read more
The part played by the Post Office in Australian broadcasting in 1951, featuring the men behind the scenes. ... First Prize Documentary Section, Jubilee Film Awards 1951. ... Read more
A provincial magistrate suspects that a tramp picked up by the police for molesting a young country girl, is the murderer of several young shepherds. The man feels himself driven by a strange frenzy, and calls himself the Anarchist of God. The magistrate slowly breaks down the tramp through ... Read more
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