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Films Screened In 1976

The Kite (Raymond Corwin, 1975)
A story about a boy and his frustrations and successes, as he designs and builds a kite. ... Read more

THE LOST HONOR OF KATHARINA BLUM (Volker Schlöndorff, 1975)
Katharina Blum is a divorcee, young, attractive and shy. At a party, she meets a young man and they go back to her apartment. In the morning, heavily armed police burst in, but the young man has alre… Read more

The Motion Picture (Junichi Okuyama, 1975)
An experimental film probing the problem of time. ... Read more

The Owl Who Married the Goose (Caroline Leaf, 1974)
This animated film illustrates the Eskimo fable about the tragicomical love story of an owl and a goose. ... Read more

The Party (Paul Brühwiler, Yosh Kashiwabara, 1974)
A toilet-eye view of a party. ... Read more

THE RED DESERT (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1964)
The Red Desert is a pessimistic study of a neurotic woman, set against the background of a ravaged mineral landscape. Guiliana, unhappy with her dispassionate husband, attempts a sympathetic relation… Read more

The Signs of Quoctaas (Lillian Somersaulter, J. P. Somersaulter, 1975)
In a world of primitive nomads, a father is unable to impress his son with the sacredness of messages from their god, Quoctaas. ... Read more

THE SON OF AMR IS DEAD (Jean-Jacques Andrien, 1975)
A young Belgian journalist, Pierre, has a successful partnership with an Arab pickpocket, working the Belgian subways. ... Later, Pierre discovers his fellow thief dead in mysterious circumstances. .… Read more

The Step (Piotr Kamler, 1975)
An abstract, animated film. ... First Prize, Annecy ... Read more

The Stone (Ferenc Rófusz, 1974)
A stone is a stone is a stone. ... Read more

THE STRANGER AND THE FOG (Bahram Beizai, 1975)
Directed by Iranian, Bahram Beiza'i, The Stranger and the Fog is set firmly in a mythic background. A stranger arrives in a primitive fishing village, drifting ashore in a small boat, bloodied and di… Read more

THE TRAVELLING PLAYERS (Theo Angelopoulos, 1975)
Running for four hours, The Travelling Players traces the history of Greece from 1936 to 1952. The film begins and ends during an election campaign in 1952. A small group of strolling players travers… Read more

The Two of Them (Piotr Spakowicz, 1975)
A young girl's love is menaced by war. ... Read more

THE WAY TO PLEASURE (Claude Chabrol, 1974)
A kind of confessional realism is bound up with a fictional form in this latest film from Claude Chabrol. His regular scriptwriter, Paul Gegauff, based the story on the break-up of his own common-law… Read more

THE WHITE WALL (Stig Björkman, 1975)
Monika, who is a divorced housewife, wakes early one morning, at about five-thirty. Next to her in the bed is a stranger, a man she met the day before. He has lied to her about his name, his job, his… Read more

The Working Class on Film (National Film Board of Canada staff, 1975)
Putting the working class on the screen was Grierson's inspiration for the documentary movements he began in England in the 1930's and in Canada at the Film Board in the 1940's. ... This film traces … Read more

Jörn Donner has condensed some sixteen hours of conversation with Ingmar Bergman into this hour-and-a-half profile of the Swedish film director. Bergman talks about his films, his way of life, his c… Read more

To the People of the World (Anon, 1975)
A report on the human rights situation and the conditions of political prisoners in Chile since the coup in 1973, featuring personal accounts from two women ex-prisoners and fresh documentary materia… Read more

TOUCHED IN THE HEAD (Jacques Doillon, 1975)
A seventeen-year-old Swedish girl, Liv, has been living for several weeks with a baker's apprentice, Chris. Through his union, he is fighting a battle with his boss, and it appears that in the dehuma… Read more

Trade (Lear Levin, 1971)
A brief documentary on the training of black boxers. ... Grand Prix, Oberhausen Sports Film Festival ... Read more

Transiberian Express (Russell Hall, Rowland Wilson, 1974)
An advertising film for Count Pushkin Vodka. ... Bronze Lion, Venice. Clio Statuette, New York. ... Read more

U.S. Art - The Gift of Ourselves (Stephen Judson, 1975)
A brief survey of two hundred years of the arts in the U.S.A. ... Read more

UNDERGROUND (Emile de Antonio, 1975)
Underground, made by three film-makers, producer Emile de Antonio, editor Mary Lampson, and cinematographer Haskell Wexler, has been described as 'an anthology of the left'. It includes interviews wi… Read more

Vibrato (Gerald Hagner, 1975)
A nature film, using complex technical devices. ... Read more

VICTORY MARCH (Marco Bellocchio, 1976)
Marco Bellocchio's Victory March is a bitter indictment of military establishments and their training methods. The director takes up the theme of his earlier film on the warping effects that rigid in… Read more

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