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Films Screened In 1978

CINEMA DEAD OR ALIVE? (Urs Graf, 1978)
An analytical documentation on the making of Alain Tanner's Jonas. Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2000 (seen in the 1977 Festival). The film shows how one of Tanner's sequences is developed, the director… Read more

CITIZEN'S BAND (Jonathan Demme, 1977)
Spider (played by Paul Le Mat, the main ... hot-rodder from American Graffiti), drives a blue and white 1957 limited edition Chevrolet Nomad station wagon. He is hooked on CB, and spends a lot of tim… Read more

CITY GIRL (Berthold Viertel, Marion Orth, 1930)
This was Murnau's last completed film. It is the story of a strictly brought up son of a farmer, who comes to the bustling city of Chicago to sell the wheat crop. Here, he meets and fails in love wit… Read more

City Map (István Szabó, 1977)
The never resting, constantly changing mood of a city. ... Grand Prix, Oberhausen. ... Read more

Cold Action Cleans and Whitens (Paul Clydesdale, 1976)
A satirical look at the procedure of recording a slogan for a soap powder commercial. ... Read more

Csontváry (Ferenc Olasz, 1977)
Tivadar Csontvary Kosztka (1853-1919), a highly individual Hungarian artist, took up painting at the age of 41. He developed an individual style and a personal symbolism that became appreciated only … Read more

David (Paul Driessen, 1977)
The eternal struggle of the small man against the giants. ... Grand Prix, Annecy. ... Read more

Dear Marjery Boobs (Bob Godfrey, 1977)
A parody of the kind of letters written to the problem pages of magazines and newspapers. ... Bob Godfrey is anxious to point out that there is no connection between the film's Marjery Boobs and the … Read more

DIARY OF A LOVER (Sohrab Shahid Saless, 1977)
This is the latest film from Iranian director Sohrab Shahid Saless, who is now based in Berlin. The protagonist of this film is supposedly the boy from Coming of Age (seen in last year's Festival), m… Read more

Dojoji Temple (Kihachiro Kawamoto, 1976)
This animated film is based on an ancient tale about a young widow who falls In love with a monk who shuns her attentions. She sets out in pursuit, and finally, in the guise of a big white snake catc… Read more

DUMMY PARTNER (Hans Kristensen, 1976)
This is the third feature film from Danish director, Hans Kristensen, following his earlier films. The Escape and Per. Per, a small-time hoodlum, reappears in this film, trying to make a respectable … Read more

Early One Morning . . . (Hugh Miles, 1978)
A lyrical impression of the English countryside with its rich and varied wildlife. ... Read more

Eclipse (Ivan Gaal, 1977)
Using time lapse photography, the film gives an impression of the 1976 total eclipse of the sun over Melbourne. ... Read more

ELISA, MY LOVE (Carlos Saura, 1977)
In this new film by Carlos Saura,Fernando Rey plays the part of an ageing father, a recluse living amonng his books in the Castilian countryside,and Geraldine Chaplin plays his daughter, Elisa. She c… Read more

Elizabeth Swados - The Girl with the Incredible Feeling (Linda Feferman, 1977)
This portrait of the theatrical composer, director and artist, Elizabeth Swados, presents an intimate study of her developing years and her search for the sounds that relate universal emotions throug… Read more

Eugenie (Susan Sussman, 1977)
A little vignette of a twelve year old girl's first brushes with sex. ... Gold Hugo, Chicago. Bronze Plaque, Columbus. Golden Athena, Athens. ... Read more

Face (Peter Foldes, 1976)
Study of a face: a man rediscovers his youth through music. When he stops playing his flute, his face becomes that of an old man. ... Jury Prize, Cannes. Jury Prize, Oberhausen. ... Read more

Fantabiblical (Guido Manuli, 1977)
An animated science fiction film based' ... on biblical stories. ... Read more

Fight (Marcell Jankovics, 1977)
A film about the reciprocal effect between the creative artist and his ... work. ... Grand Prix, Cannes. Silver Hugo, ... Chicago. ... Read more

Sitting at the moviola, Orson Welles runs through scenes from his 1951 film, Othello, gives his interpretation of the play, and tells of the difficulties he encountered in producing the film. ... He … Read more

First Things First (Paul Simon Jansen, 1978)
Paul and Marie spend three days in a friend's country house. During this period, they attempt to fill the gaps in their lives by fulfilling each other's fantasies. ... Read more

FLESH AND THE DEVIL (Clarence Brown, 1927)
Felicitas, a married woman falls in love with Leo, her husband discovers the affair and challenges Leo, who kills him Leo is ordered to leave the country for a period, he leaves Felicitas in the care… Read more

Following the Tundra Wolf (Neil Goodwin, John Borden, 1975)
Following the Tundra Wolf provides a picture of a predator-prey relationship in one of North America's few remaining great wilderness areas. ... It was filmed in the wild during a period of four and … Read more

FOUL PLAY (Marek Piwowski, 1976)
Bogey, a Warsaw delinquent, is graduating from petty crime into the big-time, with plans for an elaborate raid on a jewellery store in order to test his accomplices before the raid, Bogey stages a fa… Read more

This co-production between Norway and Sweden is the first film that Anja Breien has made since Wives. She has adapted a novel by Hjalmar Soderberg. who also wrote 'Gertrud' from which Carl Dreyer's l… Read more

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