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Films Screened In 1978

Gentle Birth (Barbara Chobocky, 1977)
This student film documents the delivery of a baby by the Le Boyer method, that provides immediate contact after birth between the child and the parents. ... Read more

Grandpa (Stephen L. Forman, Paul Desaulniers, 1977)
The portrait of an octogenarian, self-made businessman, Ben Forman,who from humble beginnings, built a successful family business. He relates his story himself for the benefit of his grandson, the ma… Read more

Gravity is My Enemy (John Joseph, 1977)
Mark Hicks fell from a tree at twelve, leaving him only his face and neck muscles in working order. He became a superior student and developed into an artist. ... The film tells about Mark's reaction… Read more

HARVEST (Laila Mikkelsen, 1976)
Harvest is set in Norway in the immediate future. Political upheaval in the Third World has led to a complete break-down in the export of raw materials, causing an economic crisis in the industrialis… Read more

Hedgehog in the Fog (Yuri Norstein, 1975)
The adventures of a little hedgehog, lost in the fog. ... Bronze Hugo, Chicago. ... Read more

This is an intimate look at Marc Chagall's life, his imagination and above all, his love: 'Only love interests me, Chagall has said, '”and I am only in contact with things that revolve around love " Read more

Hospitals Don't Burn Down! (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1977)
Designed primarily as training material for staffs of hospitals, this film dramatically portrays the horror and awful consequences of a tragic event; it demonstrates the results of good and bad train… Read more

HOW YUKONG MOVED THE MOUNTAINS (Joris Ivens, Marceline Loriden, 1976)
Jons Ivens' involvement with China began in 1938, when he filmed his The 400 Million, his account of the Sino-Japanese War. He returned to China again in the '50s and '60s, then filmed, with his wife… Read more

I Think Life's Great Fun (Katalin Macskássy, )
This film, drawn and animated by young Gipsy school children, tells about their lives, their plans for the future, of still-surviving Gipsy superstitions, and the children's joy in making the film. ... Read more

Icarus and the Philosophers (F. Chitruk, 1976)
Icarus said, I can fly. The philosophers were not impressed. ... Read more

Ice Hockey (Bogdan Dziworski, 1977)
Shot during the last Ice Hockey World Championships held in Poland, the film demonstrates the technique of the game. ... Read more

In the Shadow (Jerzy Kucia, 1977)
An intimate portrait, made up of fragmentary episodes superimposed on a girl swinging rhythmically on a seesaw. ... Read more

Inside and Out (Joško Marušić, 1978)
A man with wooden wings is flying through the air, while his fellow men below are working on a huge project. ... Read more

Jacka V.C. (Nigel Buesst, Ross Cooper, 1977)
The life and times of Albert Jacka who was the first Australian VC winner of the First World War, and later mayor of St. Kilda. At the time his heroic exploits seized the popular imagination, and to … Read more

John Heartfield, born in 1901, was a Dadaist, whose speciality was the application of photomontage techniques to political tracts and newspapers. His satirical art works infuriated the Nazis, particu… Read more

Kudzu (Marjorie A. Short, 1976)
An unusual documentary about Kudzu(PuerariaThunbergiana), a vine threatening to take over large portions of the Southern landscape of the USA. ... Imported from Japan in the 1930s for erosion control… Read more

La Belle Époque (Lore v. Volkmann-Niessing, 1977)
A poetical analysis of the style, 'Art Nouveau'. ... Read more

Letter to a Friend (Sonia Hofmann, 1977)
In the stars two lovers float: their souls united through time and space. ... Read more

Letters From Poland (Sophia Turkiewicz, 1978)
It is 1950. In Sydney, a young Polish woman, Dana, awaits the arrival of Tadek, her prospective husband from Poland. ... Dana and her baby daughter have come from a refugee camp in Germany. She works… Read more

LISTEN TO THE LION (Henri Safran, 1977)
A surrealist vision of life and afterlife on skid row...blending reality and fantasy into a powerful drama. Wyn Roberts plays Hunter, the down and out who embarks upon an odyssey through the subterra… Read more

Loop (Anna Fodorova, 1977)
Using a variety of techniques, including live action, this film examines the mechanics of the creative process of making an animated film, and the relationship between the creator and his creation. ... Read more

Man the Killer - Man the Keeper (David Parer, 1977)
Isolated in the vast expanse of the ... storm-swept Southern Ocean, Macquane Island is a life raft and sanctuary for millions of penguins, seals and flying birds that live off the rich Antarctic wate… Read more

Manga (Yoji Kuri, 1977)
A series of mini-stories satirising our world in the 20th Century. ... Bronze Award, Cracow. ... Read more

Manimals (Robin Lehman, 1977)
Manimals takes you into the incredible world of exotic pets, full of love, comedy, ego and tragedy. ... Read more

MANTHAN (Vijay Tendulkar, 1976)
A group of young people, headed by a ... veterinary surgeon, arrive at an impoverished Indian village to help start a milk co-operative. They come up against two kinds of vested interest a private co… Read more

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