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Films Screened In 1978

Shut Down (Curtis Clark, 1978)
Shut Down, in a combination of documentary and fiction film techniques, covers two aspects of Drag Racing, the organised competitive races and the casual encounters on urban streets. ... Read more

Spaceborne (Philip Dauber, 1977)
A selection of footage made during all the moon landing project flights, beginning as the last rocket booster falls away to reveal the receding Earth, to walks on the moon and re-entry landing in the… Read more

Spartree (Phil Borsos, 1977)
The effort and exhilaration of topping a 200-foot firtree in the forests of British Columbia. ... Gold medal, Virgin Islands. ... Read more

SPIDER FOOTBALL (János Rózsa, 1977)
Spider Football satirizes technical education in Hungary. It is set in a newly completed college building where the equipment is entirely modern, but the students achieve consistently low grades. ...… Read more

Spinnolio (John Weldon, 1977)
A satire on the Pinocchio story, with a wry twist in the tail. ... Read more

Striptease (Bruno Bozzetto, Guido Manuli, 1977)
An animated send-up of striptease. ... Read more

Summer of Najade (Friedhelm Heyde, 1973)
The story of the creation of one of the paintings by Berlin artist, Alexander Camaro. ... Read more

Sun (Klaus Jaritz, 1977)
Reflections on the sun rising and setting over Sydney. ... Read more

TELL HIM I LOVE HIM (Claude Miller, 1977)
Claude Miller's film, like Wim Wenders'The American Friend, is taken from a story by Patricia Highsmith. Gerard ... Depardieu plays David, a moody, twenty-eight year old bank clerk who's obsessed abo… Read more

Tennessee Sampler (Frank Mouris, 1977)
A kaleidoscopic sampler of the people, the land, the traditions, the culture and the activities which make up such a large part of life in the state of Tennessee. ... Read more

TENT OF MIRACLES (Nelson Pereira dos Santos, 1977)
A prominent American sociologist arrives in Brazil praising the work of a man long dead and forgotten, Pedro Arcanjo. The American regards Arcanjo as the world's greatest sociologist. Local newspaper… Read more

Thank You, Sirs (Václav BedÅ™ich, 1976)
A wry tribute to Messrs. Daimler and Lenoir, inventors of the motorcar. ... Read more

Luis Bunuel's new film takes the story-line of a French nineteenth century novel by Pierre Louys. The story has been filmed before in 1929 by Jacques de Baroncelh. It was filmed again by Josef von St… Read more

THE AMERICAN FRIEND (Wim Wenders, 1976)
Wim Wenders' new film is a crime thriller, based on a novel 'Ripley's Game' by Patricia Highsmith, who wrote the book on which Strangers on a Train was based. Once again an innocent man is asked to k… Read more

The Anatomist (Yves Brangolo, 1977)
A way-out fantasy based on animated parts of the human head. ... Read more

The Apple (Milau Petŏvský, 1977)
A little moral tale about an apple and two men vying for it. ... Read more

THE APPLE GAME (Vera Chytilová, 1976)
A young nurse, Anna Simova, works at a Prague maternity hospital John (played by film director, Jin Menzel) a doctor with whom she works is cool and ironic He is single and has an affair with a marri… Read more

THE APPRENTICE SORCERERS (Edgardo Cozarinsky, 1977)
This is Argentinean director Edgardo Cozarinsky's first film made in France, where he has been living since 1974. ... Zouzou is a former French teacher in Santiago. She is now married to a film maker… Read more

THE BAKER'S BREAD (Erwin Keusch, 1976)
Erwin Keusch's comedy describes the troubles of a small baker in an age of ... automation and supermarket sales. A young man becomes an apprentice baker in a small town. After ten years, having passe… Read more

THE CHESS PLAYERS (Satyajit Ray, 1977)
This is Satyajit Ray's first film with Hindi and English dialogue. It is also his first historical film, set in mid-nineteenth century India. It is based on a short story by Munshi Premchand. ... Two… Read more

THE CHICAGO MATERNITY CENTER STORY (Jenny Rohrer, Sue Davenport, Jerry Blumenthal, Gordon Quinn, Sharon Karp, 1976)
For more than 75 years, the Chicago Maternity Center delivered babies at home to thousands of mothers. When plans for an expensive new women's hospital threatened the Center's future, Black, Latina a… Read more

The Contraption (James Dearden, 1977)
With painstaking care, a man constructs a strange contraption in a dark and dismal cellar... the ultimate home gadget. ... Silver Bear, Berlin. ... Read more

THE CROWD (John W. A. Weaver, Harry Ben, King Vidor, 1928)
One of the great silent films, The Crowd, is about John, an ambitious young man who fails in love and marries only to find that family life and ambition don't mix. Cast with unknown players, the film… Read more

THE CYCLE (Dariush Mehrjui, 1974)
This is the first film released in Iran from director Dariush Mehrjui since his earlier films, The Cowand The Postman, The Cycle looks critically at corruption in the medical services provided by the… Read more

The Danish Weather (Claus Ørsted, Niels W. Gadesgade, 1977)
The function of the weather in forming the country and people of Denmark. ... Read more

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