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Films Screened In 1978

The Detour (Shelby Leverington, 1977)
A short story film showing an ... 83-year-old hospital patient's struggles ... to be left alone to die in peace. ... Read more

THE HUNTERS (Theo Angelopoulos, 1977)
The new film by Angelopoulos is not so much a sequel to The Travelling Players, as a similar formal dramatization of the years 1949 to 1976 in Greece. ... On New Year's Eve, 1976, a hunting party in … Read more

Patricia Moraz' film looks at the last seven days in the life of a young high school student, Jenny Kern, in Lausanne. She is played by French actress Isabelle Huppert, who starred in The Lacemaker. … Read more

The Invasion (Paul Larose, 1976)
History buffs re-created the 1775 US invasion of Canada, wearing exact replicas of uniforms and arms. The exercise sparks comment on a contemporary parallel. ... Read more

The Jogger (Steve Karp, 1977)
A man travels a lifetime as he runs a three-mile jogging course around a reservoir. ... Silver Medal, Virgin Islands ... Read more

The Killing of an Egg (Paul Driessen, 1977)
A boiled breakfast egg holds surprises. ... Read more

THE LAST COMMAND (Josef von Sternberg, 1928)
Print courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art, New York, Paramount and CIC. ... General Dolgorucki is first seen as a quivering recluse, hiding in a rented room in Hollywood and struggling against old a… Read more

THE LAST SUPPER (Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, 1976)
This is the first colour film from Cuban director Tomas Alea, who made Memories of Underdevelopment in 1968. His latest film is about a negro slave revolt on a sugar plantation in the late eighteenth… Read more

THE LAST TASMANIAN (Tom Haydon, 1978)
The extermination of the Tasmanian Aboriginals is the only case in recent times of genocide so swift and total. This film examines the causes and the events which led to this tragic episode in Austra… Read more

The Magic Arts (Bruce Petty, 1978)
Without a commentary, the film sets out to show how art relates and intertwines in our daily lives. Each art form is looked at: weaving, sculpture, painting, live theatre, with quotations from writer… Read more

THE MAIN ACTOR (Reinhard Hauff, 1977)
Reinhard Hauff s The Main Actor takes up the thread of his previous film which dealt with the miseries of farm life in Northern Germany In that film, Pauie Paulander, Hauff filmed the daily lives of … Read more

The Mathematician (Stan Haywood, 1976)
A computer-animated film about a mathematician who makes an important discovery. ... Read more

The Metamorphosis (Józef Cwiertnia, 1977)
An animated satire on the sybaritic life of modern society A man dreams about circumnavigating the world in a sailing boat, but as he plans for more and more comforts, time slips by. ... Read more

Abel, who lives in Quebec, goes to France in search of ancestors, friends and lovers. He travels from Paris to Marseilles, seeking to establish the roots of his own French-Canadian culture. He wander… Read more

THE PATSY (King Vidor, 1928)
The Patsy is the screen version of the stage play of the same title by Barry Connors, and many titles take over, verbatim, the witty lines of the play 'The Patsy' of the story is a younger sister who… Read more

The Present (Viktor Kubal, 1976)
To obtain service, a little bribe can come in handy. ... Read more

THE RED BOWMEN (Christopher Owen, 1976)
Occupying several small hamlets in the dense primary forest of the West Sepik area in Papua New Guinea, are the 900 Umeda people. ... The major event, and great social occasion of their calendar, is … Read more

THE REEF (John Heyer, 1977)
This is the story of the Great Barrier Reef, from man's ancient awareness of it, to his realisation that it is a major world wonder of great value to mankind. ... Beautiful, dangerous and diverse, th… Read more

The Sand Castle (Co Hoedeman, 1977)
Sand creatures build themselves a fabulous castle Then, the wind starts to blow. ... Grand Prix, Annecy ... Read more

The Scroll of Time - A Visual History of Japan (, 1977)
A history of Japan, from 8000 B.C. to the present day. ... Read more

The Secret Miracle (Anthony N. Fragola, 1978)
Based on a Jorge Luis Borges story, the film tells about the fate of an author, Jaromir Hladik, who is sentenced to death by the Nazis. His request to them to complete his unfinished play, 'The Enemi… Read more

THE TWO OF THEM (Márta Mészáros, 1977)
Marta Meszaros, in her latest work, takes up themes from her earlier films, Adoption and Nine Months. The story involves a relationship between two women, Mari and Juli. For twenty years Mari has bee… Read more

The Waiting Room (Bob Kellett, 1976)
A room: empty except for a chair and a clock on the wall. There is one other object in the room: a small wooden box on the floor beside the chair. A succession of people enter the room, each seeing a… Read more

The Wales of Dylan Thomas (Kevin Marsland, 1977)
A documentary which sets the writings and poems of Dylan Thomas against the background of South Wales where he was born and spent much of his working life. ... Read more

The Walls Come Tumbling Down (Michael Rubbo, Pierre Lasry, William Weintraub, 1976)
In the face of modern techniques, whales face extinction. The film gives an account of the current debate about whaling, and the efforts of the Canadian-sponsored Project Jonah to stop the slaughter. ... Read more

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