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Films Screened In 1979

Perpetuo (Joško Marušić, 1978)
People will never be destroyed, not even when faced with insoluble problems — thanks to man. ... Read more

Portrait of Dame Mary Gilmore (David Muir, 1978)
A detailed study of the evolution of the celebrated portrait of Mary Gilmore. ... Read more

Potters of Hebron (Robert Haber, 1975)
A portrait of a Mediterranean pottery workshop, nestled in the Hebron Hills southeast of Jerusalem, focusing on the craft processes within the workshop. ... Read more

PRISONERS OF CONSCIENCE (Maurice Kanareck, 1978)
This human rights film looks at the plight of Russian Jews who apply for visas for Israel and are refused. Because of the impossibility of filming it as a documentary in Russia, the film is in the fo… Read more

RACE, THE SPIRIT OF FRANCO (Gonzalo Herralde, 1977)
Perhaps the most notorious post-war propaganda film was made in 1942 by Spanish director Saenz de Heredia. It was called Race, and Franco himself was believed to have closely supervised the script. S… Read more

Rainbow Acres (Russell A. Murphy, 1979)
A documentary about a ranch home for mentally retarded adults and the people who live there. The film shows the growth and development of people thought incapable of learning. ... Read more

REMBRANDT FECIT 1669 (Jos Stelling, 1977)
1669, the year in which Rembrandt painted his last self-portraits, and in ... which he died, is the starting point of this dramatised account of some aspects of the great Dutch master's life. ... We … Read more

Remembering Winsor McCay (John Canemaker, 1976)
Winsor McCay (1871-1934) was the greatest of the early American animators. Eighty four year old John Fitzsimmons, who assisted McCay on two of his ten films, recalls McCay's career as a comic strip a… Read more

Rhythmic Composition in Yellow Green Minor (David Muir, 1978)
'Rhythmic Composition in Yellow Green Minor' was one of the first abstract paintings produced in Australia. Roy de Maistre, who was very interested in music, related the colours of the spectrum to th… Read more

Rocker (Doris Chase, )
The graphic image of one of the 'Chase Sculptures for Dance', animated by the use of a synthesizer. ... Read more

Satiemania (Zdenko Gašparović, 1978)
The film is based on the music of Eric Satie. The animator conjures up the fauna of the megalopolis (its bars, hotels, markets) and of the countryside — all accompanied by the satirical and lyr… Read more

SCHOOL WALTZ (Pavel Lyubimov, 1978)
The film shows a year in the lives of three students: from high school graduation day to their first school re-union. ... Gosha and Zosya, in love for a long time, have become lovers. Both have serio… Read more

Scorpio Rising (Kenneth Anger, 1963)
A study of the myth of the American motor-cyclist: the costume and accessories, the tribal rites, the element of self-destruction. ... Kenneth Anger, formerly a child movie actor and maker of home mo… Read more

Shaping Things (Robert K. Machover, 1977)
The development of a dance from conception to performance. ... Read more

Siesta (Igor Śevčík, 1977)
A demonstration of the need for mutual understanding and tolerance in marriage. ... Read more

Silent Forest (Lew Trusty, 1978)
A giant kelp forest beneath the surface of the ocean and a unique community of marine life it supports, are threatened by pollution. ... Read more

SIMPLICIO (Franco Rubartelli, 1978)
This is the story of an eight year old and an old man, both called "Simplicio". ... The old man ekes out a lonely, meagre existence, living in a sunken ship which has been washed ashore a short dista… Read more

SKIN DEEP (Geoff Steven, 1978)
In the small town of Carlton, the Businessmen's Progressive Association is endeavouring to make the area more attractive to city people. Colourful events are held, such as an axeman's carnival and a … Read more

SLAVE HUNTER (Sergio Giral, 1977)
This Cuba 'western' is based on the diary of Francisco Estevez, the most notorious rancheador (slave hunter) of the troubled colonial period of Latin America. The rancheador was essentially a mercena… Read more

SLEEPWALKERS (Manuel Gutierrez Aragon, 1977)
In the Sleepwalkers the stories are interwoven with scenes from an avant-garde theatrical performance, rather in the style and approach of Jacques Rivette. ... Ana works for a committee that seeks th… Read more

Small is Beautiful - Impressions of Fritz Schumacher (D. Kiefer, B. Howells, D. Brittain, 1978)
An exploration of I. T. Schumacher's approach to intermediate technology and its potential application in Canada. ... Read more

A documentary about the new currents of political and philosophical thought in France. The debate centres on people interviewed at the time of the French elections, which the Left was slated to win. … Read more

SONG OF THE CANARY (Josh Hanig, David Davis, 1978)
A probing documentary about the growing epidemic of occupational disease, told through the experiences of the workers themselves. The filmmakers play a unique role in uncovering a national scandal co… Read more

Song of the Paddle (Bill Mason, 1978)
Filmmaker and conservationist Bill Mason's lyrical account of his family's canoeing holiday. ... Read more

Special Delivery (John Weldon, Eunice Macaulay, 1978)
What happens if you don't clean the snow off your front steps . . . ... First Prize, Zagreb. ... Read more

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