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Films Screened In 1979

Station (David Woolcombe, 1978)
Following the break-up of his marriage, a man finds solace in the cathedral security of a main line station. The noise of the station somehow expels the throbbing he feels in his head. His wife and f… Read more

SUN OF THE HYENAS (Ridha Behi, 1977)
This film, like Nicholas Ray's The Savage Innocents, deals with a traditional communal culture confronted by new technological expansion. Mutual integration and the co-existence of the two forms of s… Read more

Sweep Baby Sweep (Miroslav Zahradnik, 1977)
Cleanliness comes first. ... Read more

Tarzan (Zoran Cakuljevic, 1978)
An animated cartoon about Tarzan leaping. ... Read more

The Artisan (Steve Marts, 1978)
Alone in his studio a young craftsman makes a guitar. ... Read more

THE ASYLUM (Hans-Rudiger Minow, 1978)
In 1975 articles appeared in the American and German press about psychiatrists who disguised themselves as patients to enter mental institutions in California and Illinois, to uncover evidence that s… Read more

The Baby in Arms (Barbara Chobocky, 1978)
The film highlights the baby's need for close communication with someone during the first few months of life. ... Read more

THE BRENDAN VOYAGE (Alan Scales, 1978)
This is the true record of an epic and dangerous voyage across the North Atlantic in a leather curragh a replica of a 10th century boat used by the legendary St Brendan on his voyage of discovery. ..… Read more

The Bridge (Robert N. Hatch, 1978)
A bridge turns to let passenger trains cross a river safely. A malfunction occurs and the bridge will not lock in place, so, the operator has to hold it manually. At the worst possible moment, his yo… Read more

The Bronswik Affair (Robert Awad, André Leduc, 1978)
A cautionary tale about the 'Bronswik' TV Set, marketed all over the world by a multi-national, which manipulates viewers to buy consumer goods in quantities that grossly exceed their needs. ... Silv… Read more

Ben Lewin (whose Welcome to Britain was shown in the 1976 Festival) made a lighthearted television comedy from an actual court case in Scotland, which attracted attention from newspapers ranging from… Read more

THE CIRCUS TENT (G. Aravindan, 1978)
A circus with its young and old, tired performers, arrives in a small town and erects its tent. They run into some licence trouble which is smoothed out when they persuade a wealthy resident to help … Read more

THE CITIZEN (Chatri Charlerm Yukol, 1977)
Deserted by his wife, Thongpoon comes to Bangkok to save for his small son's future education by working as a taxi driver. His concern for others and his trusting nature allow him to be cheated by ma… Read more

THE CONSEQUENCE (Wolfgang Petersen, 1977)
Martin is a homosexual, sentenced to two years in jail for seduction of a minor. It is apparent to him that the case would never have come to trial had the relationship involved not been a homosexual… Read more

The Enchanted Prince (Zlatko Pavlinić, )
A political allegory about a frog that turned into a croaking man, and about the career he carved himself with his speeches that nobody understood. ... Read more

THE HOBBIT (Arthur Rankin Jr, Jules Bass, 1977)
This animated film adaptation of the Tolkien classic 'The Hobbit' tells about the adventures of Bilbo Baggins and his dwarf friends, and their epic battles against the evil forces of dragons and gobl… Read more

The Idyll (Paul Jansen, 1977)
Adapted from a Guy de Maupassant story, the film shows how two people, with quite different problems, can help each other. ... Read more

The Joycelin Shrager Story (Barton Weiss, Mark Block, 1978)
The filmed biography of Joycelin Shrager, a mythical, appallingly incompetent woman director, whose obsession with film pervades her whole existence. ... Gold Medallion, Miami. ... Read more

The Jump (Daniel Szczechura, 1978)
A black joke about a day that starts as any other. . . ... Read more

THE KINGDOM OF NAPLES (Werner Schroeter, 1978)
Werner Schroeter, the celebrated German avant-garde filmmaker, who studied in Naples, made his first narrative film in The Kingdom of Naples. ... This is a chronicle about a poor family and their nei… Read more

THE LAST THREE DAYS (Gianfranco Mingozzi, 1977)
The film is based on an actual incident that took place in Bologna, during a visit by Mussolini to the area, in 1926. ... Through the eyes of a teenage boy we watch as one by one, members of his fami… Read more

The Making of Anna (Robert Francis, 1978)
Designed for teaching purposes, the film gives an insight into the less public aspects of the production of a low budget film in Australia. It observes the director, cast and crew, on the 2000-mile j… Read more

The Mallet (Aca Ilić, 1977)
Does man have the right, in the name of a so-called higher goal, to disrupt the elementary biological relationship of the existing living world? ... Read more

THE MEETINGS OF ANNA (Chantal Akerman, 1978)
In 1975, Chantal Akerman made Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, and since then, she has been in the forefront of a developing feminist cinema. Les rendez-vous d'Anna continues her … Read more

The Moment of Truth (Jenő Koltay, 1978)
An animated film about bull-fighting, in which the animated hand — representing the torero — is seen 'controlling' the paper, cut-out bull. ... Read more

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