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Films Screened In 1980

Do Not Pass Go (Phil De Montignie, 1979)
"Do Not Pass Go" follows the story of two teenagers from broken homes who are arrested by the police for separate offences, and committed for trial in the Children's Court. Both are sentenced to rema… Read more

DOCUMENTARY (Herman J. Engel, Sonya Friedman, 1978)
"Documentary" is a compilation film which includes major sequences from the world's great documentaries. Each sequence offers an important example of documentary film style, content and construction.… Read more

Dream Doll (Bob Godfrey, Zlatko Grgić, 1979)
A tale of unrequited love, based on Lamorisse's "The Red Balloon", made by the Oscar-winning Australian-born animator whose previous cartoons include "Henry Nine to Five", "Kama Sutra Rides Again" an… Read more

Erte (Tony Ryan, 1979)
A film portrait of the life and work of Romain de Tirtoff, better known as Erte, the artist who contributed greatly to the development and acceptance of "Art Deco", perhaps the most important design … Read more

Evictions (Richard Lowenstein, 1979)
A documentary on police enforced evictions in the Great Depression of the 30s, and the tactics of the organised unemployed of the time to combat the situation. Based on the memories of Noel Counihan … Read more

Exposure (Kieran Hickey, 1978)
Winter on the West Coast of Ireland. A small and dreary hotel with a prying manageress. Four professional people on working assignments are the only guests — three surveyors from some State org… Read more

Fantasy For Every Day (Mojmir Jaroš, 1978)
Shows in humorous form the possibility ot using free time by cutting out pictures and making collages. ... Read more

Farewell to Charms (Carole Sklan, 1979)
Emma, vivacious but suicidal terrorist, is re-united with Cecily, her old school chum. They meet Stretch, bionic bike dyke, and break open the jelly beans. True Romance — a weepie. ... Read more

FATHER (István Szabó, 1966)
"In 1966 he made Father about a boy's search for his dead father. A warm, tolerant humour is immediately visible in this film which developed into a gentle irony over Szabo's next ten years (a humour… Read more

Film (David Clark, 1979)
"For One striving to see One striving not to be seen" was the sub-title to the first draft of Samuel Beckett's only screenplay so far — "Film". In it Beckett asks us to imagine that we may have… Read more

Filming of an Experiment in Opera: Joseph Losey's Don Giovanni (Jean Pierre Janssen, 1979)
A reportage on the filming of the feature Don Giovanni" directed by Joseph Losey, from Mozart's Opera, with the Orchestra and Choir of the Opera de Paris conducted by Lorin Maazel. ... Read more

Fisheye (Joško Marušić, 1980)
!n a small fishing village, people have been living the same life for generations. The life of the people is only slightly above that of the countryside in which they live. All that they have, and th… Read more

Follow You, Follow Me (Roger Lambert, 1979)
The film examines the complexities in the friendship of two teenage boys: Joseph, who is thirteen, introspective, shy with girls and whose father owns a factory in Hythe; and Peter, who is fourteen, … Read more

FOUR QUESTIONS ABOUT ART (Edward Bennett, 1979)
"Four Questions about Art" is a film about Victorian attitudes to culture, and how these attitudes survive in the institutions of our own day. Its starting point is a lecture delivered by John Ruskin… Read more

Four Times Into Black (Bohumil Sejda, 1978)
Four black-outs about topical themes. ... Read more

Fragments (Paul Davies, Robert Antoniades, 1980)
"Fragments" is the story of Mick Georgiou, a 17 year old casualty of life in the industrial suburbs of Melbourne. Unable to cope with school, he leaves early, and after a brief stint of work, is soon… Read more

FRONTLINE (David Bradbury, 1979)
"Frontline" is about Australian cameraman Neil Davis who survived the Vietnam War for eleven years. It combines his news footage, researched at length from various archives overseas, with interviews … Read more

Gary's Story (Richard Michalak, 1980)
" 'Gary's Story' is about transition: from lust to compassion, compassion to escape, and escape to Sydney. Truth plays a very small part." (Richard Michalak) ... Read more

Geoff Dunbar Commercials (Geoff Dunbar, 1979)
Four commercials for television. ... Read more

Getting the Message (Ivan Gaal, 1979)
A dramatised documentary in which Tony recalls and experiences the frustrations and failures of his past caused by his illiteracy. The documentary shows the positive actions and attitudes through whi… Read more

Goodbye, Johnny Ray (Michael Harvey, 1979)
Two middle-aged people meet, correspond and come together one afternoon in the park... in which they briefly exchange the lost hopes and dreams of their youth, for a fleeting moment of happiness. ... Read more

Guido (Richard Michalak, 1979)
A Director is under pressure. ... Read more

HANDICAPPED LOVE (Marlies Graf, 1979)
The handicapped experience the difficulties of living together in an extreme form. This film shows four of them in the attempt to overcome their greatest handicap: human isolation. Together with unha… Read more

HEALTHY LUST AND FUN (Francisco Bellmunt, 1979)
This film is a ribald and bawdy tale. ... It tells of the marital difficulties of a young specialist in sex problems who discovers that his wife has a lover. He sets out to adjust himself to the situ… Read more

HITLER - A FILM FROM GERMANY (Hans-Jürgen Syberberg, )
Hans-Jurgen Syberberg is a Munich film-maker who spent six years making films which have anatomized the history of German culture and politics since Ludwig II. He produced the first chapter in his ma… Read more

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