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Films Screened In 1980

Sexy Lola Automatic (Ryszard Antoniszczak, 1979)
An amusing story of a painted doll doing a strip-tease with the use of a huge machine. ... Read more

SIMPLICIO (Franco Rubartelli, 1978)
This film is the second feature by an Italian now living in Venezuela, whose former jobs include fashion photography for Vogue in Europe and America and a feature starring Verushka. ... Simplicio is … Read more

SISTERS OR THE BALANCE OF HAPPINESS (Margarethe von Trotta, 1979)
After working as an actress and script-writer, Margarethe von Trotta has now directed two features. The first The Second Awakening of Christa Klages is currently in distribution in Australia and her … Read more

Sketches from ‘The Tempest' (George Dunning, 1979)
The film, as it stands, is all that was completed by George Dunning, the great British animator, before his tragic death last year. Much of it is in pencil form (done on paper to check the animation … Read more

So Long to Run (Charles Lapp, 1978)
This dramatised story gives an insight into the problems a woman separated from her unstable husband has to face when put on welfare. The small community in which she lives has no sympathy for the wi… Read more

Square (István Szabó, 1963)
István Szabó's short film about one of his favourite parts of his native Budapest complements his other short "City Map". ... Read more

SQUIRE'S LOVES (Wilfried Bolliger, 1979)
This film offers continuing evidence that Swiss film-making is still maintaining the high standards first achieved by Alain Tanner and Claude Goretta in the late sixties. Wilfried Bolliger is a new d… Read more

Stained Glass (Larry Trinkaus, 1979)
Shows the artistic developments of stained glass windows from artist's sketches to finished product. ... Read more

Stanley (Thalma Goldman, 1979)
The adventures of an erotic cat. ... Read more

STANLEY SPENCER (David Rowan, 1979)
This film sets out to tell the story of Spencer through his work. By marrying his words to his pictures, by showing his work from the smallest sketch to the Burghclere Chapel, by filming Cookham and … Read more

STEADFAST IN FIRE (Walter Heynowski, Gerhard Scheumann, 1978)
On September 11, 1973 at about 7.30, Salvador Allende enters La Moneda, his seat of office. In the early afternoon he leaves it, wrapped in a blanket - dead. What happened in the intervening period i… Read more

STRANGULATION (Kaneto Shindo, 1979)
Kaneto Shindo has been represented at previous Melbourne Film Festivals by such diverse works as The Island and Kuroneko and his latest film again veers off into a new area, the high-powered domestic… Read more

TALES OF CHIKAMATSU (Kenji Mizoguchi, 1954)
Kenji Mizoguchi was one of the greatest of all fIlm-makers and his career as a director spanned from 1923 to 1956. Tales of Chikamatsu (1954) belongs to the luminous late years of his career and was … Read more

TAPDANCIN' (Christian Blackwood, 1979)
"Tapdancin' " explores the art of American tap dance through stage performances, candid interviews, and vintage film clips. Old timers such as John Bubbles, the Nicholas Brothers, and Chuck Green are… Read more

The Adman (Mike Alexander, 1979)
John, a successful advertising executive, leads an outwardly full and satisfying existence: at work with his partner Andrew, and assistant Julie — at home with his friend Anna. But his well-ord… Read more

"His first feature film was The Age of Daydreaming in 1964, a story of his own generation and their discontent. It is burdened with French Nouvelle Vague influence to the point of cinema-manque rathe… Read more

The Beach (Suzanne Gervais, 1978)
A brief, animated fantasy about an accident. ... Read more

The Brace (George Viscas, 1978)
"The Brace" deals with fantasy in a young family, both the romantic fantasy as expressed by the young child, and the unhealthy, expressed by the father. Only the mother is unaffected, until the end. ... Read more

The Bum's Rush (David Grotenstein, 1979)
A comedy with music about the chance meeting of a tramp and a street musician, and their subsequent triumph over their self-imposed isolation. ... Read more

Hong Kong's film industry continues to throw up surprises and new talents, and few in recent years have been as surprising and talented as Tsui Hark whose first feature The Butterfly Murders has been… Read more

The Cedars of Lebanon (Ferenc Olasz, 1979)
The film presents the two most well-known paintings, "The Lonely Cedar" and "Pilgrimage to the Cedar Tree" by the famous Hungarian painter, Csontváry. ... Read more

The Chinese Word for Horse (Kate Canning, 1979)
This film shows how some Chinese letters are in the shape of the words they represent. ... Read more

THE ELEPHANT GOD (Satyajit Ray, 1979)
Each new film by Satyajit Ray brings with it fond memories of earlier privileged moments from this master of cinema. Ray has now been at the height of his powers for some years, and his work in the s… Read more

The Fragile Sea (John Stoneman, 1979)
The film examines the marine environment as a fragile and perhaps endangered world It also shows some of the great beauty to be found beneath the waves including sequences on the Coral Reef, sharks a… Read more

The Girl Who Met Simone De Beauvoir in Paris (Richard Wherrett, 1980)
An adaptation of the Frank Moorhouse short story - a bourgeois comedy of manners. ... Read more

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