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Films Screened In 1980

THE LAST OF THE BLUE DEVILS (Bruce Ricker, 1979)
The film tells the story of the music that came out of Kansas City in the twenties and thirties. Many of the major jazz innovators of the day played in a travelling band called the Oklahoma City Blue… Read more

The Log Driver's Waltz (John Weldon, 1979)
A short cartoon dedicated to the graceful and artistic Canadian log driver. ... Read more

Juraj Herz is Czechoslovakia's chief creator of fables, fairy stories and parables. His previous works seen at the festival include the grotesque joke called The Cremator and the mordant and elaborat… Read more

THE MAN WHO LOVED WOMEN (François Truffaut, 1977)
The Man Who Loved Women is the second film of François Truffaut to be presented at this year's festival. It demonstrates a quite different aspect of the directorial personality of this most re… Read more

THE MAN YOU LOVED TO HATE (Patrick Montgomery, 1979)
Erich Von Stroheim is one of the eccentric masters of American film and his career as director and actor is examined in this film. Von Stroheim was a flamboyant showman and in his life and work, he e… Read more

THE MEETINGS OF ANNA (Chantal Akerman, 1978)
In 1975, Chantal Akerman made Jeanne Dielrnan, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, and since then, she has been in the forefront of a developing feminist cinema. Les rendez-vous d'Anna Chantal Akerm… Read more

THE MYSTERY OF ELCHE (Gudie Lawaetz, Michael Dodds, 1979)
The film presents an abridged version of the only surviving Mystery Play still performed annually by local amateur performers, set in a context of local lore and everyday life. Dating back to the 14t… Read more

The Orator (Branko Ranitovic, 1979)
A cartoon about a man speaking in public. ... Read more

The Quick Brown Fox (Malcolm Robertson, 1980)
Another in the series sponsored by the Australian Film and Television School of films by Australian Theatre Directors. Malcolm Robertson demonstrates a sense of deft touch in his story of the outland… Read more

THE SECRET (Ann Hui, 1979)
Hong Kong is well represented at the 1980 festival, and one of its three features is a debut film by a young former TV director, Ann Hui. She demonstrates here the new stylistic and technical awarene… Read more

THE SONG OF THE SHIRT (Susan Clayton, Jonathan Curling, 1979)
"The Song of the Shirt" grew out of a video project on women and the Welfare State. It examines why the status of working women had deteriorated from the time of the Industrial Revolution, and how it… Read more

THE SWISSMAKERS (Rolf Lyssy, 1978)
This film may well turn out to be the sleeper of the decade. An unprepossessing story, an unfamiliar cast and crew, a gently comic tone — all these are the basic ingredients of a film that has … Read more

THE TIN DRUM (Volker Schlöndorff, 1979)
Volker Schlondörff has been at the head of German production since the mid-sixties when the revival in quality commenced. His earlier films like Young Torless, The Lost Honour of Katherina Blum, The… Read more

The Turning Point (Jan Kees de Rooy, 1977)
The film was shot in the slums of Bogota, Colombia. It shows the daily struggle of the slum-dwellers, the forced evictions by the army, the resistance organised by the priests, and the official churc… Read more

The Vacuum Cleaner (Pavao Stalter, 1980)
A bird whose wings are too weak to take it up into the air, longingly watches a group of happy fliers, among them a flying snail. However, the bird gets an idea and quickly constructs a flying machin… Read more

The Wedding (Kerry Dwyer, 1980)
The story of three men and their search for a bride... or an object? ... Read more

THE WINCHELL AFFAIR (Avram Heffner, 1979)
A journalist, whose marriage is in some disarray, listens to her father reminiscing about a clique that centred around Lord Winchell who was the victim of a political assassination. She sets out to i… Read more

Through The Rip (Terry McMahon, 1979)
A saga of the Port Phillip sea pilots from their beginnings in 1938 to the present day. The film highlights the hazards of one of the most dangerous harbour entrances in the world, and the vital role… Read more

TIRO (Jacob Bijl, 1979)
Tom is a boy on the verge of adulthood. Living a protected life with his parents and sister, he rebels against his father's plan to sell off the marshlands they own. His family's tradition has been t… Read more

TOWN BLOODY HALL (Donn Alan Pennebaker, Chris Hegedus, 1979)
Film record of an historic debate on women's liberation that took place at New York City's Town Hall in 1971. The participants Norman Mailer, author of "Prisoner of Sex"; Germaine Greer, author of Th… Read more

Travel Log (Donald Winkler, 1978)
This is the story of a woman who sets out on an automobile trip with her husband. Her diary entries and snapshots reveal how the travellers first lose their way; then, gradually, lose each other. ...… Read more

Tung An - A Ship Without A Port (Ib Makwarth, 1979)
A film made by a Danish film crew which documents, without comment, the living conditions of 1,800 refugees who have been living on a sinking ship for four months. ... Read more

VENGEANCE IS MINE (Shohei Imamura, 1979)
Shohei lmamura has been making films in Japan for nearly two decades and it is only further evidence of the West's near complete ignorance of Japanese art and artists that his work has barely raised … Read more

Vox Pop (David O'Brien, 1979)
Doug Smith is a loner who lives in a cheap one-room apartment, and works as a storeman. He is not outgoing. He leaves home for work on a morning in which the Prime Minister has addressed Australians,… Read more

WALKIN' ON A CLOUD (Greg Gold, 1979)
The story of a troubled teenager, his brother, a young, striving stand-up comedian, and his brother's friend and mentor - an aging and forgotten vaudevillian. The story is about alcoholism, but also … Read more

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