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Films Screened In 1980

A commentary on a Tolkienesque civilisation evoked by stunning and mystical lakeland imagery. ... Read more
"We are the Guinea Pigs" is a feature-length anti-nuclear documentary on the effects of the Three Mile Island nuclear catastrophe. In interviews with farmers, working-class and middle-class parents of the Harrisburg, ... Pennsylvania area, we meet the infants, children and adults who lived through ... Read more
A film showing a blind child and his difficulties in reading Braille. The child's face reflects and expression of effort. ... Read more
A documentary account of a community of italian families who have made an interesting combination of Southern Italian provincial customs and Western consumer culture. The events symbolising this are, the collective slaughtering and processing of a pig into salamis and meats for winter. The film ... Read more
A spoof on the original "yellow Submarine" film originally made for the television showing of "The Rutles". ... Read more
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