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Films Screened In 1981

Jacob - Everybody's Allowed to Cry (Lyn Budgen, 1980)
A documentary about technology and pain. Jacob, aged six. has his sixth gut operation in six years. He is alive because of our society's commitment to advanced medical technology and his parents' lov… Read more

Pierre, leader of an avant-garde theatre group that lives and works in a renovated loft in the So ho section of New York, acquires the manuscript of a play written by Jane Austen when she was twelve … Read more

JUNO AND THE PAYCOCK (Alfred Hitchcock, 1930)
Hitchcock took O'Casey's great ... tragedy in his capable stride. His script kept closely tothe play and his casting of Sara Allgood as Juno was an inspiration. An almost unknown film actor, Edward C… Read more

JUSTOCOEUR (Mary Stephen, 1980)
Three friends — Paul, a conservative intellectual: Selena, a dancer who specialises in African dance: and Gabriel, an artist who manages to move with ease between the centres of their different… Read more

L.A. Suggested by the Art of Edward Ruscha (Gary Conklin, 1981)
A compendium of Los Angeles icons, from class to kitsch. Edward Ruscha's paintings, drawings and photographs are the point of departure for this impressionistic study of Los Angeles' buildings, apart… Read more

L.A.X. (Fabrice Ziolkowski, 1980)
"L.A.X. can be classified as an essay on Los Angeles, an experimental documentary. If a fictional structure exists in the film, it is that of a journey through the city. ... Through a series of thirt… Read more

LIAR'S DICE (Issam Makdissy, 1979)
Liar's Dice rests on an intriguingly elliptical plot by lead actress, Terry Eubanks-Makdissy From this, director Issam Makdissy has woven a loosely-knit fabric of shifting focus and thickening relati… Read more

LIGHTNING OVER WATER (Nicholas Ray, Wim Wenders, 1979)
When Nicholas Ray and Wim Wenders decided to make a film together, Ray had undergone surgery for cancer. Ray's last completed feature was in 1 962, ending a tumultuous and extraordinarily productive … Read more

Like Two Mountaineers (Ross R. Campbell, 1980)
A film tracing the early influences of Seurat, Cezanne and primitive African art on the development of Cubism. Paintings of Picasso and Braque are shown in close detail from the period when they work… Read more

Little Pierre (Emmanuel Clot, 1980)
An old man who has worked all his life in the fields has built a wonderful merry-go-round in the heart of the forest. ... Read more

Long Ago Hurt (Henry Tefay, 1980)
A film about the trauma of womb-life and birth and a group of people who were able to reach a deeper understanding of their lives by re-living those early experiences. ... Read more

Looking in the Fridge for Feelings (Clare Calder-Marshall, 1980)
This film takes a look at an anti-diet way of coping with food problems. Susie Orbach, psychotherapist and author of Fat is A Feminist Issue, describes her approach: "If you throw away your diet shee… Read more

A social fresco set in Zizkov, a working-class suburb of Prague, between 1925 and 1939. The central idea of the narrative is the fate of the family of a small trader, Vincenc Bursik. He moved to Zizk… Read more

Loved, Honoured and Bruised (Gail Singer, 1981)
A documentary about a woman who has been beaten constantly by her husband over the years until she finally decides to leave him. ... Read more

M (Joseph Losey, 1951)
Fritz Lang's M (1931 ), is one of his most celebrated films, and its tale of a sadistic murderer who kills little girls, offered a portrait of the profound troubles that gripped Germany in the years … Read more

Madonna and Child (Terence Davies, 1980)
A film about the conflict between Catholicism and sexuality, illustrated by the overwhelming sense of guilt provoked in a middle-aged man trapped between his public and private personae. ... Read more

Making Weekend of Summer Last (David Poltorak, Paul Leadon, 1981)
A parapsycomical look behind the scenes at the production of Australia's latest biggish-budget feature film. A film, in fact, which at last deals realistically with the power of the indigenous supern… Read more

MALLACOOTA STAMPEDE (Peter Tammer, 1980)
An observation of life at an Australian seaside resort over the Christmas holiday period. The conflict between some young local boys and their short-term visitors. ... Read more

MAMA TURNS ONE HUNDRED (Carlos Saura, 1979)
In 1972 Carlos Saura made the film Ana and the Wolves. This story of a young woman's visit to a decaying household populated by a range of establishment figures (army, church, law) was, in its day, a… Read more

MARAVILLAS (Manuel Gutierrez Aragon, 1980)
Maria Maravillas is a fifteen-year-old girl whose ageing father, an unemployed photographer, steals her money for his little erotic vices. Fortunately, Maravillas — as she likes to be called &m… Read more

MEN AND NON-MEN (Valentino Orsini, 1980)
Valentino Orsini is one of the virtually unknown filmmakers of Italy whose work has rarely travelled outside his country. In fact Italian production is full of films that deserve screenings beyond th… Read more

Michael Hall: Sculptor (, 1980)
Large sheets of steel and I-beams, welded and braced and bolted, suggest images, provoke questions and become more understandable as Michael Hall speaks of his kind of constructivism, derived from hi… Read more

"Ruy Guerra's Mueda deals with an incident on the Mozambique border with Tanzania twenty years ago: the villagers of Mueda demanded their rights from the Portuguese colonial magistrate in the area, w… Read more

Neon (Alexander Proyas, Salik Silverstein, 1980)
A single frame time-lapse journey through Sydney, the surrealistic city. Figures dart in and out of the shadows of the night. A kaleidoscope of imagery flies by. The music drives the images to a tumu… Read more

Never Say Die! (Sandy Johnson, 1980)
A black comedy set against the grim backdrop of Glasgow in the 1940s. Alex discovers he has a terminal blood clot in his brain, and has only a month to live. He falls for Jean, who has already helped… Read more

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