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Films Screened In 1981

New Jersey Nights (Veronika Soul, 1979)
This film is about lingering emotional memories. The optical effects suggest the relentless tearing of photographs, with the images dissolving into each other through a matte system of torn paper Muc… Read more

New York Story (Jackie Raynal, 1980)
A surrealistic tale of a hotel in New York serves as a prologue to a more naturalistic story of a couple in Manhattan . where a wife sends her husband out to find her a young lover! ... Read more

Nicaragua 1979: Scenes from the Revolution (John Chapman, 1979)
This film documents the revolution in Nicaragua from the general strike in June '79 through the victory two months later and the first 100 days of reconstruction. A moving and human picture of a peop… Read more

NOMUGI PASS (Satsuo Yamamoto, 1979)
Prior to World War I the silk-spinning mills of Japan employed hundreds of young women recruited from destitute iamilies. The families were happy to lessen the number of mouths to feed. The girls wer… Read more

Norman! (John Auerbach, 1979)
Upper middle class teenage psychotic vents frustrations on birthday night. Two girls. One knife Scary... ... Read more

Of Birth and Friendship (Geoff Parr, 1980)
Of Birth and Friendship is set ... amongst a group of people who lead a challenging and confronting lifestyle, a lifestyle which includes highly successful businesses together with the adventures of … Read more

On Stage With Judith Somogi (Jerry Olson, Mary Claiborne, 1980)
The film focuses on a young woman conductor from New York on her way up through rehearsals and performances of opera and symphonies. ... Read more

Orange (Klaus Jaritz, 1980)
Man's interference with nature — nature's reaction. ... Read more

Ouvrez Ici (Marek Budzynski, 1979)
Budzynski takes a children's nursery rhyme and turns it into a nightmare. ... Read more

PAS DE DEUX (Prakash Jha, 1980)
Pheroza is a Parsee, a descendant of the ancient Zoroastrians of Persia Although the Parsees have lived in India for 13 centures as a tiny minority in the sub-continent, they have maintained the dist… Read more

Paul Robeson: Tribute to an Artist (Saul Turell, 1979)
Paul Robeson was a genius, yet generations of Americans have grown up without ever having heard his name His vocal opposition to racism and injustice at a time when society would not tolerate a black… Read more

PERMANENT VACATION (Jim Jarmusch, 1980)
Permanent Vacation is my first feature. It is a narrative which follows two and a half days in the lite of Aloysius Parker, a young wanderer with no home, no school, and no job. He has lived in all k… Read more

PICASSO - A PAINTER'S DIARY (Perry Miller Adato, 1980)
A picture of the artist through his art, his letters, his conversations, old photographs, and rare film footage. As well as Picasso himself, the film depicts his surroundings, the people he knew and … Read more

PICCADILLY (E. A. DuPont, 1929)
Made as a silent film, but issued with a music and effects soundtrack and a prologue spoken by John Longden. this crime melo about a club owner's fiancee accused of killing his Chinese mistress shows… Read more

Portrait of Nelson Mandela (Frank Diamond, 1980)
A short film on the life of the charismatic leader of the African National Congressof South Africa. Mandela, a long time adherent of non-violent action against the "apartheid" regime. became in 1961 … Read more

Precious Metal (David Ehrlich, 1980)
Created solely by David Ehrlich, Precious Metal is a visual and musical elaboration on the Crab Canon. Gold and silver beams intersect and reflect one another from several directions at once in conti… Read more

PRIX DE BEAUTE (Augusto Genina, 1930)
Virtually the last major appearance of Louise Brooks, she is seen to great advantage as a typist who secretly enters an international beauty contest. Moving from the light-hearted banter and freewhee… Read more

PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE (David Bradbury, 1980)
Wilfred Burohett is Australia's most controversial journalist. He has always been first on the spot, first with a good story, from Hiroshima to Hanoi. But his activities attracted the disfavor of the… Read more

Punk Poultry (Jo Andres, 1980)
Dancers costumed as chickens execute an aggressive punk routine to the music of “In the Mood". ... Read more

QUINTET (Robert Altman, 1979)
First, a peek at the initial events of the film. The seal he hunts now being extinct, Essex is persuaded by his girl. Vivia. to return to the city he left ten years ago with the Earth paralyzed by a … Read more

Radium (Ian Lang, 1980)
We watch the last hour of a research scientist's life as he decides to climb upwards for a last glimpse of Melbourne's skyline at twilight. ... Read more

RAPTURE (Ivan Zulueta, 1980)
Jose Sirgado, a film director in his early thirties has just finished his second film and he is deeply dissatisfied Maybe it is because his relations with filmmaking are not as he had hoped Maybe her… Read more

Recluse (Bob Bentley, 1979)
A true story based on the last day in the lives of two elderly eccentric brothers and their sister, living on a remote West of England farm. The elder brother and sister have conspired to sell the fa… Read more

Revenge (Raymond K. Bartram, 1980)
Revenge is tragic and often blind to its consequences With the advent of a strike, three opal miners must decide the degree to which each will settle old differences. ... Read more

For five years feminist artist Judy Chicago worked with a community of four hundred other artists, craftspeople and researchers to create The Dinner Party, a monumental tribute to women of spirit and… Read more

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