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Films Screened In 1981

Ritz: Putting it on (Karin Altmann, 1978)
Ritz uses the techniques of observational documentary to examine the style makers' — in this case a group of rather obnoxious trendies who publish a highly influential fashion magazine called R… Read more

Rivals (Jan Spata, 1977)
A documentary about the European Gymnastics Championships. ... Read more

ROCKERS (Theodoros Bafaloukos, 1977)
The first Reggae musical to rival the legendary The Harder They Come, Rockers is set in the same Jamaican and Rastafarian context Its hero. Horsemouth. lives lackadaisically in Kingston and works as … Read more

Roma (Jane Oehr, 1980)
Roma Moore is a middle-aged housewife who stays at home — it has become a habit, even a phobia. One day she believes she is being interviewed and begins to explore her life more thoroughly, wit… Read more

Sam (Daniel Hoffman, 1980)
Sam is a film about a 12 year-old cerebral palsied boy who sells lightbulbs door to door, encountering a variety of people and emotional reactions. ... Read more

Seaside Woman (Oscar Grillo, 1980)
A simple story of a fishing village in the Caribbean The film follows the daily activities of a local family and contrasts their life with that of the rich tourists on holiday. ... Read more

Self Portrait Blood Red (Ivan Durrant, 1980)
A dream that gives a hint to the creative thought processes of Ivan Durrant: he allows the subject of meat to wander at random, taking in and giving out information that has been built up over time. ... Read more

Sigmund Freud's Dora (Anthony McCall, 1979)
In 1899 Sigmund Freud began treatment with an 18 year-old girl who was brought to him for analysis by her father after she had written a suicide note. Freud was eager to use this case to demonstrate … Read more

SITTING DUCKS (Henry Jaglom, 1980)
A pair of crooks figure out a way to steal three quarters of a million dollars They shift the loot into the tyres of a Cadillac and set off for Florida and a plane for Costa Rica. However, they fall … Read more

Ski Peru (Arthur Makosinski, 1979)
A group of inexperienced Canadians attempt to be the first to climb and ski the 22.000 foot mountain. Mt. Kuascaran. in the Peruvian Andes. ... Read more

Sky Dance: Reaching for Life in the Cosmos (Faith Hubley, 1980)
Without using narrative this film combines animated dance images drawn from prehistoric and primitive art with songs, chants and rhythmic and ethnic music in an exploration of man's search (or knowle… Read more

SLOW ATTACK (Reinhard Hauff, 1980)
Nik Dellmann is released from prison after serving eight years. In the meantime his former girlfriend, Eva, has acquired a new man and a child and now wants to help him. Finding this new situation ju… Read more

STAGES (Martin Rooke, Macau Light Company, 1980)
This film examines the work and philosophy of the Centre for international Theatre Creations and their director, Peter Brook, during their 1 980 Australian tour and their meeting with tribal performe… Read more

Stations of the Elevated (Manny Kirchheimer, 1980)
New York s elevated trains are splattered with graffiti Messages like Earth is Hell", "Slave" and "Crime" reflect the lives of their young authors, the life of the poor — hopelessness prisons a… Read more

Stepping Out (Chris Noonan, 1980)
In November 1979 forty institutionalized mentally handicapped people staged an extraordinary series of mime and dance performances at the Sydney Opera House The film tells the story of this event, co… Read more

Still Life (Richard Wolff, 1980)
The film starts out appearing to be a documentary about the artist Lawrence MacConi. using art work, animation and photographic effects. But by the later stages of the film the audience may suspect t… Read more

Still Lifes (Lisa Roberts, 1981)
A study of dance movement and the movement qualities special to film, in relation to a theme of highly stylized. unnatural movement, moving towards a freer sequence in real time. Uses re-photography,… Read more

Storm (Stephen French, 1981)
An animated ballet concerning love, war, pain and ecstasy. ... Read more

Survival Run (Robert Charlton, 1979)
This is the story of a blind runner and his partner running in a gruelling race over rugged Californian terrain. It is a film about friendship, love, motivation and teamwork. Harry Cordellos, who is … Read more

Sydney-Bush (Paul Winkler, 1980)
A confrontation between the city of Sydney and its environment... seductive bush images of native animals and fauna trying to fight off encroachment by man. A matter of Lebensraum'. or living space'. ... Read more

T.G. Psychic Rally in Heaven (Derek Jarman, 1981)
T. G. Psychic Rally in Heaven marries abstract images of a performance by Throbbing Gristle with the ferocity and intensity of their music to brilliant effect on both eyes and ears. ... Read more

Taking A Part (Jan Worth, 1979)
A documentary about the experience of two girls who both came to London at an early age from working class backgrounds, one of whom has a child. Both are involved in prostitution; one decides to give… Read more

Ten Commandments of Love (Cordelia Swann, 1979)
Two people in an impassioned embrace on an ocean pier Harvey and the Moonglows start singing "The Ten Commandments of Love": ... Oh how happy we will be ... if we keep ... the ten commandments of ...… Read more

TENDER ENEMY (Max Ophuls, 1936)
The change of title wrought by Ophuls ... in his adaptation of Andre-Paul Antoine's play The Enemy epitomizes his deliberate softening of the original to suit his sincere feeling for sentimentality. … Read more

THE 5.48 (James Ivory, 1979)
A New York advertising executive has fired his secretary after a passionate affair. She has recently been released from a mental hospital (she had a breakdown after her dismissal) and now lies in wai… Read more

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