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Films Screened In 1981

The Beloved (Michel Bouchard, 1980)
The action of this erotic film takes place at the turn of the century. Before her funeral, the body of a beautiful young girl has been laid out on a bed in the parlor of a private home. At midnight a… Read more

THE BLACK HAND (Fernando Colomo, 1980)
Manolo Falceto has just had this thirty-third birthday He lives with his parents and has finished a degree, but does not want to practise. He has a girlfriend to whom he does not want to be engaged H… Read more

THE BOAT IS FULL (Markus Imhoof, 1980)
A group of refugees have managed a dangerous escape into Switzerland in the Second World War. They include: Judith, a young Jew whose husband has been in a Swiss refugee camp for some time, her broth… Read more

THE BODYGUARD (Ali Khamraev, 1980)
The scene is the rugged, mountainous terrain of Tadzhik, formerly a part of Uzbekistan, directly on the border with Afghanistan. The time is the early 1920s during the Civil War, but also the period … Read more

THE BOGEYMAN (Aravindan, 1979)
The Bogeyman is a film version of an Indian folk-tale about children and can ... be appreciated by children of all ages. ... "The Bogeyman must be accounted the most fully-achieved work from G. Aravi… Read more

The Brooklynn (Nick Vickers, 1977)
A woman who arrives at the top floor of the Brooklynn Hotel is spirited down the stairs by a barrage of noises which distracts her from the fact that she is being followed. ... Read more

The Cat (Tibor Hernadi, 1980)
Protagonists of the film are two mice who are engaged in complicated scientific debate and keep arguing until they are unceremoniously swallowed by a cat. All things are relative. ... Read more

THE CHILDREN OF NUMBER 67 (Werner Meyer, Usch Barthelmess-Weller, 1980)
The Children of Number 67 is a debut feature co-directed by Usch Barthelmess-Weller (born 1940) and Werner Meyer (born 1 948). ... The idea for the film came from a favorite children's book of one of… Read more

THE COMING (Craig Lahiff, 1981)
Technology is breaking down. Is it just a temporary disturbance caused by unusual solar activity? A man struggles to come to terms with his fear and anxiety. A medium length narrative filled with cat… Read more

THE CONTRACT (Krzysztof Zanussi, 1980)
Zanussi's latest film is a departure for him in two ways. Firstly, it is a comedy, a lighter and more sprightly film that the intense dramas of conscience for which he is best known (Camouflage, Illu… Read more

THE CUENCA CRIME (Pilar Miro, 1979)
A shepherd disappears from a small village in the rural province of Cuenca. Charges are trumped up by a local right-wing politician and an ambitious district judge. The Guardia Civil rounds up two lo… Read more

The Discovery (Arthur Joffe, 1980)
The story of a painter who sets out to paint an immense picture of New York right across Paris. ... Read more

The Empire Makes a Nuisance of Itself (Michael Nicholson, 1980)
Darth Fraser versus the Troika. ... Read more

The Eye of the Glasses (Geoffrey Clifton, 1980)
A mugger kills a passing stranger and inherits a pair of spectacles with magical properties. The glasses reveal the physical world to him as his subconscious self perceives it. ... Read more

THE FALLS (Peter Greenaway, 1980)
Peter Greenaway (born 1 942) may well be the most original talent unearthed by the cinema in many years. His short films have been the subject of considerable, often infuriated debate. In them he has… Read more

The Fauves (Ross R. Campbell, 1980)
An examination in detail of paintings which contributed to Fauvism, the brief , explosive development in modern art characterised by violent colors and simplified forms. the 'wild beasts' are represe… Read more

The Fly (Ferenc Rofusz, 1980)
Sensing the approach of autumn, the fly takes shelter in a house hoping for safety we see the surroundings through the eyes of the fly. ... Read more

THE GIRL FROM MAXIM'S (Alexander Korda, 1933)
Beautifully designed (by Vincent Korda), The Girl From Maxim's is a boisterous musical romp based on a Feydeau farce. lt relates how the staid Doctor Petypon (here played by Leslie Henson) becomes in… Read more

THE GRASS IS SINGING (Michael Raeburn, 1981)
" 'Mary Turner, wife of Richard Turner, a farmer at Ngesi, was found murdered on the front verandah of their homestead yesterday morning. The houseboy who has been arrested, has confessed to the crim… Read more

THE HANDYMAN (Micheline Lanctot, 1980)
Micheline Lanctot has served a solid apprenticeship as an actress before making her debut as director on this modestly-budgeted little comedy. That has not stopped the film going on to be a major suc… Read more

The House of Flame (Kihachiro Kawamoto, 1979)
Long ago. in the village of Ikuta, there was a maiden loved by two suitors. She did not know which to choose and so chose death instead Though her intentions were good, after her death her soul was s… Read more

THE KING AND MISTER BIRD (Paul Grimault, 1980)
In the kingdom of Takicardie. a cross¬eyed, pinched-face tyrant. King Charles V + 111 = V111 + V111 = XV1, loves a charming shepherdess. But she loves and is loved by a little chimneysweep. Aided… Read more

THE KINGDOM OF DIAMONDS (Satyajit Ray, 1980)
"It is an ironic comment that the major audiences for Satyajit Ray's mature works are in the West, whilst commercial interests in India limit them to a small coterie: yet his children*s films have a … Read more

Touching on three decades of history, the film chronicles the brief career and sudden eclipse of Rosie the Riveter — symbol of millions of women who worked in the skilled industrial trades duri… Read more

THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY (John MacKenzie, 1980)
Harold Shand is a big-time Cockney capitalist thug; he runs pubs, casinos and restaurants and has the local police under his thumb. A Rolls, a luxury yacht, and a 'classy' mistress all point to his p… Read more

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