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Films Screened In 1982

Bread and Dripping (Wendy Brady, Donna Foster, Margot Nash, Elizabeth Schaffer, Vic Smith, 1981)
A comedy with a hard edge to it. A 12-hour shift in a bread factory has different effects on different people. Eventually, it has the same effect on almost everyone. ... Read more

BROKEN SKY (Ingrid Thulin, 1982)
The war years of the 1940s have come to the remote districts of Sweden where paths to the other world are narrow and restricted, and where people must rely on themselves alone. Sweden still has peace… Read more

BROOKLYN BRIDGE (Ken Burns, 1981)
The film traces the transformation of the Brooklyn Bridge, from a spectacular and heroic engineering feat to a symbol in American culture of strength, vitality, ingenuity and promise. ... Read more

BURDEN OF DREAMS (Les Blank, 1982)
A fascinating and controversial look at the ill-starred production of Werner Herzog's five-years-in-the-making feature, Fitzcarraldo. Set in the jungle of Peru, Fitzcarraldois the story of a mad drea… Read more

BURNING AN ILLUSION (Menelik Shabazz, 1981)
A young British-born black woman comes of age and begins to question her attitude to life previously influenced by middle-class aspirations and security through marriage. She gains a greater awarenes… Read more

By Night (Lennart Gustafsson, 1981)
An animated film describing, with movement and sound, the night in a city for all its lonely inhabitants. ... Read more

Cafe of Love (Jinks Dulhunty, 1982)
Cafe of Love is a humorous drama about superficial love in Darlinghurst's cafe society. The central couple, Steve and Penn, decide their fate over a game of space invaders. ... Read more

Captives of Care (Stephen Wallace, 1981)
A dramatization of the story of some disabled people who band together to resist the oppressive over-care of the 'rehabilitation' hospital in which they live. ... A new medium-length film by Stephen … Read more

CELESTE (Percy Adlon, 1981)
In the beginning, he referred to her only as "Madame". Then, for the first time and for all time, he called her "my dear Celeste". The words "my dear Celeste, today I have written — The End", a… Read more

CHANGING THE NEEDLE (Martha Ansara, Mavis Robertson, Dasha Ross, 1982)
A quarter of a million drug addicts — that was one of the most serious consequences of the Vietnam War. But these addicts are not American servicemen; they are the citizens of the South, and of… Read more

CHILDREN ON STRIKE (Filip Bajon, 1980)
In 1901, when part of Poland was subject to German rule, a group of ... schoolchildren (abetted by a local priest) refused to recite the catechism in German. This film recounts the tale of the childr… Read more

CIRCLE OF DECEIT (Volker Schlondorff, 1981)
In 1975, Georg Laschen, a top correspondent for a large German periodical, is assigned to cover the civil war in Lebanon. Georg is married to Greta, herself a writer, but theirs is a barren relations… Read more

CLASH BY NIGHT (Fritz Lang, 1952)
Synopsis not available Read more

Comic Story (Russell Brooke, 1981)
A humorous comment on the often obsessional nature of animation and its relationship to horror comic characters. ... Read more

Commuter (Mike Patterson, 1981)
An animated day in the life of a commuter in Chicago . . . but it could be any city. ... Read more

Conversations with Willard Van Dyke is an engrossing portrait of this distinguished and outspoken photographer-filmmaker who became the guiding force behind the Department of Film at the Museum of Mo… Read more

CORPSE (James Clayden, 1982)
Corpse is a new experimental drama by James Clayden. It has taken him several years to complete. It represents a major addition to that small body of work of the Australian film avant-garde, and is d… Read more

Couples and Robbers (Clare Peploe, 1981)
At their wedding ceremony, Morris and Wendy lose the ring, their friends and their hopes. All they long for are the basic essentials of middle-class life — a video-recorder a Magi-mix blender, … Read more

CUTTER'S WAY (Ivan Passer, 1981)
When Alex Cutter, a crippled and scarred veteran of all the 1960s wars (Vietnam, politics, drugs), finds out that his only friend, Richard Bone, a tired beach-boy worn out with dreams, may know who b… Read more

DEEP WATER (Michel Deville, 1981)
The most insane proof of love a man can give his wife is to 'get rid' of her lovers. In front of everyone, Vic (Jean-Louis Trintignant) puts up with the amorous games of Melanie (Isabelle Huppert). H… Read more

Dilemma (John Halas, 1981)
One of the world's first fully-digitized, computer-animated films. ... Read more

Dinosaur (Will Vinton, 1980)
A look, in three-dimensional animation, at pre-history through the eyes of a fifth-grade wizard, and through the funny, fantastic imagination of his classmates. ... Read more

DONNA (Yvonne Scholten, 1980)
This film raises several subjects: the gap between feminists and women in the farmers' and workers' movement at the beginning of the century; women and fascism; the partisans' fight; present-day femi… Read more

Dragon (Lucy Maclaren, 1981)
Two young girls leave a dragon on a tram and go to the depot at night to find it. ... Read more

E (Bretislav Pojar, 1981)
Am ordinary citizen suffers from a visual defect which affects his perception of things. People around him see that he has treatment and is cured ... Read more

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