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Films Screened In 1982

Earthly Beings (Chuck Eyler, 1981)
An animated film depicting nature and the way it feeds upon itself. ... Read more

Ecocide: A Strategy of War (E. W. Pfeiffer, 1981)
Ecocide: a Strategy of War explores the results and implications of modern environmental warfare techniques used by the U.S. during the Vietnam War. These ecocidal tactics included massive chemical d… Read more

Edward Hopper (Ron Peck, 1981)
A search for the real Edward Hopper, taking in the main locations he painted in Nyack. New York State, New York City and Truro, Cape Cod. But the search becomes concentrated on the paintings, the bar… Read more

Eight Minutes to Midnight is a ... documentary portrait of pediatrician, author and nuclear activist, Dr Helen Caldicott. The film is the story of Dr Caldicott's struggle to inform and arouse the pub… Read more

EL SALVADOR: ANOTHER VIETNAM (Glenn Silber, Tete Vasconcellos, 1981)
Ei Salvador: Another Vietnam ... investigates the history of the crisis and the forces that have embroiled the U.S. in this Central American conflict. The film paints a disturbing picture: 50 years o… Read more

End of Innocence (Stephen Stept, 1981)
A drama about the executions of 'Atom Spies' Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, and the impact they have on a small Jewish boy, his family and community. It is the story of a child's attempt, on this histor… Read more

Experiment in Romance (Robert Sdraulig, 1981)
Clive, an insulated academic, gets a taste of La dolce vita. What happens subsequently is limited only by his imagination. ... Read more

EXPERIMENTS (Dirk de Bruyn, 1981)
This is a two-screen work which is the latest film of filmmaker, Dirk de Bruyn. ... Read more

Expressionism (Sheila Graber, 1981)
The history of the 'Expressive Image' is traced from prehistoric to present day. ... Read more

Extended Play (David Casci, 1981)
This film chronicles the misadventures of a young man, frustrated in love, who seeks solace in a shopping mall amusement arcade where vicarious, but more accessible, thrills abound. ... Read more

Face to Face (Sheila Graber, 1981)
Through pastel animation — smudge and click technique — the film traces a life from cradle to grave. ... Read more

Feyers (Dirk de Bruyn, 1979)
Staring into a fire brings on a certain mood. Feyers tries to capture this by intensely re-working some film of a fire (through hand-tinting, animation, editing, flicker-effects and re-filming), and … Read more

Filminuto #2 (Juan Padron, 1980)
A series of 1 minute animated jokes ... Read more

Malcolm Le Grice is one of the leading British avant-garde filmmakers. He has been making films since the early 1970s. The program notes presented here are extracted from a review in the Monthly Film… Read more

First Impressions (Paul Barron, David Rapsey, 1981)
The film documents Jorg Schmeisser's first impressions on the Pilbara Region. It covers the ideas, stages and techniques involved in the creation of his etchings. ... Read more

Fish Heads (Bill Paxton, 1981)
In mixed live action and collage animation, this film can be described as a post-Dada work. It was produced and designed by Art and Artie Barnes, songwriters of the punk rock song hit. ... Read more

Flank Breeder (Currie, 1982)
Flank Breeder leads an isolated life in a small house. The isolation is partly due to the predatory nature of some of the large birds that roam the neighborhood. ... Read more

Flesh on Glass (Ann Turner, 1981)
Kate's love for her brother's wife, and the ensuing feelings of guilt, lead her to an obsession with the supernatural. One follows her struggle towards self-awareness. ... Read more

Floterian - Hand-Printings from a Film History (Arthur and Corinne Cantrill, 1981)
Sequences from the filmmakers' 16mm, Super 8 and Stand 8 mm work, dating from 1960 onwards, are contact-printed onto 35mm film, then reduced to 16mm for projection. The relationship of the frame size… Read more

Flying Fur (George Griffin, 1981)
Flying Fur synchronizes a 1944 Tom and Jerry cartoon soundtrack with a mosaic of micro-episodes involving anthropomorphic cats, dogs, wolves, mice and houses to take a deadly serious view of sillines… Read more

FOUR FILMS ON NARRITJIN MAYMURU (Ian Dunlop, Dean Semler, 1981)
The films are part of a long-term project being carried out at Yirrkala in north-east Arnhem Land. Narritjin is leader of the Manggaliii clan of north-east Arnhem Land. He and his family have spent m… Read more

Four Steps to Glamour (Anne Harding, 1982)
An easy-to-follow, simple-to-use guide that puts one on the path to beauty, love and ultimate vulnerability. ... Read more

Foxbat and the Mimi (John Skibinski, 1980)
A storm forces a flying fox to take shelter in a cave, something it regrets when cave spirits attempt to capture it. ... Read more

FROM THE ASHES: NICARAGUA TODAY (Helena Solberg-Ladd, 1981)
From the Ashes- Nicaragua Today is the first American film to portray the reconstruction of Nicaragua after its revolution The film documents the history of U S Nicaraguan relations, including newsre… Read more

From the Piano's Life (Jan Mimra, 1981)
Pianos in all shapes and sizes play a history of music ... Read more

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