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Films Screened In 1982

Fur in Ice (Schonbeck, 1982)
The old fur hunter hunts again ... Read more

GET THE DEVIL OUT (Christian Paureilhe, 1979)
A road film about world-weariness and the quest for renewal, Get the Devil Out tells of a disgruntled, middle-aged Parisian who turns his back on the ruins of his life and takes to the southern roads… Read more

GREENAWAY (Sue Gilbert, 1981)
The film is a portrait of an aristocratic American couple living on their own island (Greenaway Island), and explores wealth and its manifestations from the perspective of an 'insider' Old values pre… Read more

Greetings From Wollongong (Mary Callaghan, 1981)
Set in Wollongong, where the steel industry dominates not only the landscape but also the life of the community, the film traces a day in the lives of four adolescents faced with the problems of unem… Read more

Guardian Angel (Libuse Ciharova, 1981)
An animated film ... Read more

HOKUSAI MANGA (Kaneto Shindo, 1981)
The film describes the life of Hokusai, the famous woodblock print artist well known for his "36 Views of Mt Fuji", who lived during the latter half of the Edo period of Japan Among all his woodblock… Read more

Home From Home (Simon Heaven, 1981)
This film depicts the tensions and frustrations facing a small, depressed and racially mixed community called Spitalfields Home from Home is a part of a series and this episode concentrates on the Ba… Read more

HOME ON THE RANGE (Gil Scrine, 1981)
Home on the Range is a documentary in two parts, explaining firstly the role that U S bases such as Pine Gap, Nurrungar and North West Cape would play in a nuclear war, their strategic value as part … Read more

Hopedope (Jochen M. Cerhak, 1982)
Hopedope shows parabolically a man's decay of orientation. Climbing higher and higher hoping to reach the very top, he fails. Unable to cope with his situation, his hope turns into dope. ... Read more

HOUSE BY THE RIVER (Fritz Lang, 1950)
Synopsis not available Read more

I Have Rights Over My Body: . . . Sterilisation (Lucienne Lanaz, 1981)
The film deals with the difficulties encountered by responsible, mature young men and women who are not married and have no children, yet decide to get sterilized ... Read more

IN OUR WATER (Meg Switzgable, 1981)
South Brunswick, New Jersey; Spring, 1975. Frank Kaler and his family are convinced there is something wrong with their water: vegetables cooked in it change color, skin lesions appear after bathing … Read more

INSIDE OUT (Eric Sherman, 1982)
A film about the largest and most controversial prison system in the US — the Texas Department of Correction — with 32,000 inmates No film has yet been made about the TDC and the system h… Read more

Iron Horse (William VenDerKloot, 1981)
Iron Horse is a film about public sculpture and its human impact The story concerns a steel sculpture that caused a not in 1954, when it was placed on a university campus It is a film about intoleran… Read more

It's a Hobby for Harvey (Barry Lank, 1981)
It's a Hobby for Harvey will take you from the carnival like atmosphere of Carson City, Nevada, the home of the World Whistling Championship, to the stage of the Winnipeg Convention Centre as Harvey … Read more

John Barleycorn (Nik Lever, 1980)
Using a new version of the traditional English folksong "John Barleycorn", the film uses a combination of animated and still artwork to convey the mood of 19th Century agriculture in England ... Read more

JOURNEY TO THE END OF NIGHT (Peter Tammer, 1982)
Peter Tammer is a Melbourne ... filmmaker who has been making films, mostly from within his own resources, for nearly two decades His last completed film, Mallacoota Stampede, won the Erwin Rado priz… Read more

Joyce and Harry Go Dancing (David Taylor, 1980)
A couple go ballroom dancing We discover something surprising ... Read more

Koko Pops (Antoinette Starkiewicz, 1981)
A fully-animated film on the history of music, hosted by a little female character called "Koko", who represents the muse of music. "Koko" dances and clowns her way through a breathlessly short histo… Read more

Last Breakfast in Paradise (Meg Stewart, 1982)
After attending a conference in Surfers' Paradise, a scriptwriter asks his girlfriend to join him for a brief holiday in this glamorous setting. ... Read more

Level (Christine F. Koenigs, 1982)
A short fiim expressing the maker's feelings, at the time and place of filming. ... Read more

LOOKS AND SMILES (Ken Loach, 1981)
"Looks and Smiles is, quite simply, Ken Loach's best film since Kes — a marvellously sympathetic study of two Sheffield teenagers leaving school to face the spectre of unemployment. One of the … Read more

Lost Love (Cathy Zheutlin, 1981)
An off-beat comedy about how to survive the break-up of a love affair. ... Read more

Luna Luna Luna (Viviane Elnecave, 1981)
A child sleep walks into the forest. A black vastness inhabited by night creatures throbs and chirps, croaks and gurgles. The air is alive with magic. ... Read more

MAEVE (Pat Murphy, John Davies, 1981)
Maeve has a multi-layered narrative structure because it moves through a series of flashbacks of Maeve, the heroine, as a young girl, a teenage schoolgirl and a young woman. This use of flashback is … Read more

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