Films Screened In 1983

Likes bees in a hive, people live in apartment houses. The ingenious shooting plan of the film removes walls at will and allows us to observe the lives of the inhabitants. ... Read more
The background of this drama about a ... father-and-son relationship is today's ... terrorism in Italy. It is a highly dramatic ... tale giving psychological insight into its ... characters and a polemical assessment ... of the deep pressures in Italian society. ... Fifteen-year-old Emilio (Fausto Rossi) wonders why his father, a university professor (Jean-Louis Trintignant) ... often invites one ... Read more
A film about a photographer who is questioning both his artistic choice of subject matter and his environment. ... Read more
This candid documentary gives account of the Chereau-Boulez production of ' 'The Ring of the Nibelung'' in Bayreuth. ... Chereau, the “enfant terrible'' of French theatre, insisted that the Wagner cycle must be good theatre, taught his singers to act, transferred the story into the industrial age, and firmly broke with the traditional approach to Wagner's trilogy. Boulez himself had clashes with t... Read more
Pressure from farm owners traditionally ... excluded farm workers from labour legislation regulating their pay or working ... conditions. Farm workers eventually ... formed the Canadian Farm Workers' ... Union, and this documentary records ... their struggles to achieve their working ... rights. Ninety percent of the workers are ... from Judia. ... Read more
The film is based on a tale by P'u Sung- ... Ling , a poor scholar, who lived at the ... end of the 17th century. The director ... combined the filming of “The Heroic ... Maid”, a simple story, with the philosophical concept of Zen, to make it more ... effective. The story is set in a remote ... village in the North of China, at the time ... of the Ming Dynasty. A young scholar, ... Ku Sheng-Chai,... Read more
A celebration of the rain forests and a study of the attitudes towards them from the time of the first occupants - the Aborigines. ... Read more
Made for the Zoo Education Service to mark the Year of the Tree, the film shows groups of monkeys, apes and primitive lemurs with a diversity of Australian tree-dwelling animals. ... Read more
The most comprehensive investigation ... of the perils of asbestos ever made in a ... television programme caused national ... reverberations which continue months ... after transmission. The Health and ... Safety Commission halved asbestos ... control limits in the wake of the public ... outcry, and asbestos company shares ... plunged. ... Read more
lmages of night and images of love are ... interwoven with each other, couples ... meet and separate, fragments of life are ... captured in short scenes. They don't tell ... a story, and yet, they tell the story of ... every one of us: They are like the songs ... of Edith Piaf, simple and eternal. ... This hot summer night in Brussels, ... women, men and children give them- ... selves up to their ... Read more
Shih-chung, King of the Chou Dynasty ... in the 1st century , suffers from epilepsy ... and becomes addicted to the medicine ... prescribed by Occultist Lee, who is conspiring to usurp the throne. The loyal Prime Minister Wang Pu , worrying about the King's health, spares no efforts to send for the best physician ... Chang Po-chin, who makes it a rule never to go on house call, but will make an ex... Read more
A short film which begins with a village ... family reunion... ... Read more
Six short stories which, however they ... might begin, always end with love. ... Read more
Chilean, exiled film director, Miguel ... Littin's new production gives an idealised view of guerilla movements in Latin America; its cinematic approach is sophisticated and the acting highly professional. The action is set in an imaginary country , where U. S. troops are organising a system of repression against ... guerillas. ... Frank, the military chief, takes ... Alsino, a 10-year-old peasant... Read more
As the title indicates, the film puts the ... arms race into perspective both from an ... historical and a present point of view: ... American industry backed Nazi Germany and now is making profits from the current preparation for war. ... Joan Harvey has created a powerful ... plea for our peace and sanity in the ... world, that cannot be overlooked. The ... film is concerned with the impact of .... Read more
Amerigo Tot, a sculptor of Hungarian ... origin living in Italy, belongs among the ... great travellers. The film surveys the ... genuine and imaginary journeys of ... the artist. ... Read more
A metaphysical thriller with a protagonist who plays the saxophone like at angel and takes vengeance like an archangel - Danny is a member of a visiting show band in an Irish country dance hall called Dreamland. He is fascinated by a mute girl, Annie, and is with her later when he witnesses the band's manager (who has earlier argued over protection money), being shot dead by three ... gunmen. ... ... Read more
An animator is trying to find the proper ... animation technique for his new film. ... His character, however, has his own ... ideas about the matter. ... Read more
Artists at Work is a documentary on a unique period in American culture: the ... widespread government support for artists during the Depression of the 1930s. ... The film includes statements by several ... artists as archival film footage and a ... wide spectrum of the artwork produced ... under the WPA and other government ... programs. ... Read more
In his first narrative feature, Edward ... Bennett weaves a complicated pattern of ... political and personal elements. ... Belfast 1920. A young woman, ... Connie, member of the Protestant ruling ... class (‘‘Ascendancy'', as it was known) ... spends her days in mourning for her ... brother who died fighting on the ... Somme. imprisoned in the past, she is ... oblivious to the other violence buil... Read more
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