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Films Screened In 1983

Fishing the Moon from the Pool (Zhou Keqin, )
An animated tale about monkeys chasing after the moon. ... Read more

FORBIDDEN RELATIONS (Zsolt Kézdi Kovács, 1983)
Juli, whose husband has committed suicide, falls in love with Fodor, a newcomer to the village. When she learns that he is her half-brother (from her mother's first marriage), she tries to keep away … Read more

FORTY DEUCE (Paul Morrissey, 1982)
Director Paul Morrissey, long-time associate of Andy Warhol and creator of such films as Trash, Frankenstein, Dracula, and Heat, takes us on a journey through a different sort of jungle: the streets … Read more

Four Commercials (John Heyer, )
Four commercials for Cinema and TV: THE WALL; DUEL; RESCUE; BOOT ... Read more

Foxbat and the Demon (John Skibinski, 1982)
An animated film about a flying fox that is taken captive by a demon. ... Read more

Frankie and Johnny (Were Lovers) (John Hillcoat, 1982)
A satirical view of the B-grade Western, loosely based on Australia's “Frankie & Johnny". ... Read more

From a Letter (Adam Rish, 1983)
A recently-married young woman is neglected by her ambitious husband. ... Read more

G. P. - Medical Practioner (Michael Nicholson, 1983)
A doctor and a nurse have a child in ... secret, then abandon it in a large ... Melbourne, hospital. We see this child ... grow up as a wild doctor in a medical ... jungle. ... Read more

GENTLE STRANGERS (Cecil Holmes, 1973)
A docu-drama about the problems of various overseas students in Australia, studying at the University of N.S.W. ... Read more

GESUALDO (Colin Nears, 1983)
The tragic story of Carlo Gesualdo, a composer and madrigalist, recognised as one of the great musical names of the late 16th century. Set in the year 1613, when Gesualdo discovers his wife and her l… Read more

HAMSIN (Daniel Wachsmann, 1982)
Hamsin is the hot desert wind that periodically blows through the countries of the Middle East, causing extreme temperatures and affecting the moods and tempers of the people. ... In an old farming v… Read more

He (Piotr Andrejew, 1981)
An experimental short film about escaping from gaol and man's need for freedom. ... Read more

HERO (Barney Platts-Mills, 1982)
The story is set in the mythical Scotland of the past. The actors are young people from the streets of Glasgow, playing the kind of characters they might have been centuries ago - outlaw bands who li… Read more

Hooker and Son (Philip Alderton, 1982)
A big-time building contractor whose professional and personal life is unfulfilling, becomes obsessed with a prostitute to escape his problems. Finally, the prostitute and her son become members of h… Read more

HOTEL OF THE STARS (Jon Bang Carlsen, 1981)
A documentary comedy on extras played by extras: Their dreams and American society is reflected in these dreams. ... The film takes place in "Hotel of the Stars", a hotel in the centre of Hollywood. … Read more

If You Love This Planet (T. Nash, 1982)
This powerful documentary records a lecture to American students in 1981, by the outspoken nuclear critic Dr. Helen Caldicott, National President of Physicians for Social Responsibility. ... Dr. Hele… Read more

IN THE KING OF PRUSSIA (Emile de Antonio, 1982)
" King of Prussia " is the name of a General Electric nuclear plant near Philadelphia, and in a way, the connotation of the militaristic regime that the name evokes, is not far from reality. In Septe… Read more

Interruptions (, 1981)
A study of six handicapped individuals whose employers gave them the opportunity to become capable employees. ... Read more

It is of Eden I was Dreaming (David Muir, 1983)
In 1981 Sir Sidney Nolan was invited by the producer, director and scriptwriter to collaborate in making a filmic evocation of the life of the great French poet Arthur Rimbaud. ... Nolan painted 31 l… Read more

Jazz Dance (Doris Chase, 1979)
Synthesised video images transform the supple movements of a dancer, to the sassy rhythms of Jelly Roll Morton's music. ... Read more

JAZZ SCRAPBOOK (Nigel Buesst, 1983)
The origins of jazz in Australia, a rambling collage of the people and places which were part of the great jazz revival in Melbourne, and a glimpse into the Forties and Fifties, when jazz was the thi… Read more

Journey of a Nation (John Heyer, 1946)
A propaganda film for the unification of railway gauges between the stages. ... Read more

A film about the efforts of the Kampuchean people to rebuild their lives after the tragedy of the past ten years, and about the efforts of the international aid agencies to help them. ... Read more

Know Your Friends, Know Your Enemies (Peter Gray, Garry Lane, 1982)
The LaTrobe Valley power workers' ... strike in 1977 seriously crippled the ... State of Victoria. This film analyses the ... causes of the collapse of a just and ... seemingly invincible strike. ... Read more

LA FERDINANDA (Rebecca Horn, 1981)
La Ferdinanda is a Medici villa in Tuscany near Pisa, inhabited by a group of people who have nothing in common, apart from being slightly crazy. A doctor who experiments with peacock eggs, a nurse w… Read more

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