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Films Screened In 1983

SAMSON AND DELILAH (John Vernon, 1981)
The opera tells the story of the Israelites and their oppression by the Philistines, and is set in ancient Gaza. Samson, the victorious hero of the Israelites, has killed the overseer, Abimelech, at … Read more

Sanctuary: An African Epic (Dick Young, 1982)
A current look at the problems, welfare. and potential solutions for refugees in Africa: New arrivals who have fled for their lives, refugees who have been repatriated, and refugees who have become c… Read more

Sandsong (Stuart Goldman, 1980)
Using the most basic of tools, artist Gerry Lynas creates a sculpture in the sand on the beach of Fire Island... only to watch it dissolve to the incoming tide. ... Read more

Secondary Currents (Peter Rose, 1983)
Secondary Currents is a romp through the worlds of language, conducted by an improbable narrator speaking an assortment of nonsense, It is an imageless film in which the shifting relationships betwee… Read more

Serious Undertakings (Helen Grace, 1983)
The film is concerned with politics and the production of history, sexual difference, and "national identity". Using a variety of formal devices, it marks a break with the documentary tradition of po… Read more

SINS OF THE FATHER (Harry Hook, 1982)
A student film about a candidate for the priesthood, who pays a visit to his estranged father, in a North African country. Here, he is confronted by an alien culture that threatens his values and bel… Read more

SO FAR FROM INDIA (Mira Nair, 1982)
So Far From India is a documentary about two worlds: the world of a recently-arrived Indian immigrant in America, and the traditional world of his new wife who waits for him in his ancestral home in … Read more

Solomon's Nightmare: A Study in Grey (C. F. Shelton, 1981)
A parable about spiritual corruption and insanity, told entirely through images and music. ... Read more

STANDING ALONE (Colin Low, 1982)
Pete Standing Alone is a Blood Indian I caught between two worlds—the 19th j century horse culture of the Plains Indian and the energy politics of the 1980s. | He passionately believes that it … Read more

STANLEY KRAMER ON FILM (Gary Gibson, 1982)
A documentary about the remarkable career of the famous American film director, with excerpts from eleven of his best films: Inherit the Wind, On the Beach, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, The Defiant … Read more

Stations (Jacki McKimmie, 1983)
A story about the differences between reality and dreams. Dora falls in love with Dick and imagines that it will be just as movies and magazines told her it would be. But real life in Queensland 1953… Read more

Stoney Knows How (Bruce Tane, 1981)
Stoney Knows How is a sensitive portrayal of the life of Leonard “Stoney" St. Clair, West Virginia-born master tattoo artist. Stoney is a unique representative of at least two subcultures: hillbill… Read more

Stranger Than Paradise (Jim Jarmusch, 1982)
A simple story about exile (both from one's country as well as one's self), and about a connection just barely missed. ... Read more

STRATASPHERE (Harry Rasky, 1983)
Teresa Stratas is one of the great singing actresses of today, having appeared on all the great opera stages in all the great roles. ... Now, in her mid-forties, she is still the centre of attention … Read more

STREET KIDS (Rob Scott, Leigh Tilson, 1982)
Street Kids is the result of Leigh Tilson and Rob Scott having moved into a sleazy boarding house in St. Kilda, spending several months on the streets, befriending the homeless youngsters and gaining… Read more

SUNLESS (Chris Marker, 1983)
A freelance cameraman travels around the world and wonders about the role of the images he creates. These images,as manifestations of his memories, are being commented upon by a woman friend, who rea… Read more

Swamp Fever (Skater Keemi, 1982)
A film about a hundred cajuns, who celebrate Mardi Gras with their music and wild energy throughout the State of Lousiana. ... Read more

Swan Lake (Louis Saul, 1982)
Swanning it in front of the mirror... ... Read more

Tandberg on Page One (Ivan Gaal, 1983)
Ron Tandberg is Australia's best known political cartoonist. This film follows through Tandberg's work on the front page of the Melbourne' 'Age" on one particular night's edition. ... Read more

TAXI (Barry Greenwald, 1982)
Barry Greenwald, a former taxi driver himself, has produced a unique study of a world few of us are familiar with. Each of the drivers portrayed in the film has his own story, his own reasons for tak… Read more

TELL-A-VISION (Monika Hielscher, Matthias Heeder, 1982)
"It is the function of television to impose silence upon the people''—Monika Hielscher and Matthias Heeder end their film with this short statement. ... Tell-A-Vision investigates the role of p… Read more

TEN THOUSAND SUNS (Ferenc Kósa, 1967)
During the last thirty years, the life of the Hungarian peasantry underwent many changes: From the times of unemployment to the land distribution in 1945, and then, the organisation of the collective… Read more

A profile of one of Britain's strangest and most exciting contemporary poets, John Cooper Clarke. ... Read more

Tennis Club (Bruno Bozzetto, 1982)
A satirical look at the world's most fashionable sport. ... Read more

Tennis Elbow (John Thomson, 1982)
A hilarious student film, in which a tennis match provides the vehicle for countless visual gags. ... Read more

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