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Films Screened In 1983

Handel specifically arranged his oratorio as a triptych of three major sections, Part One dealing with the Prophecy and Christ's Nativity , Part Two the Passion, culminating in the ‘Hallelujah Chorus' , and Part Three ... taking the theme of the Redemption. ... Members of the Academy of Ancient ... Read more
An impression of inland Australia ... through the fortnightly 600 Km delivery ... trip by the mailman from Marree in ... South Australia to Birdsville in Queensland. ... Read more
Texas 1901 ... Robert M. Young's film is based on a ... popular ballad, commemorating the true ... story of a Mexican who outsmarted the ... Texas Rangers. ... In a gunfight caused by a misunderstanding, the young Mexican cowhand, Gregorio Cortez, shoots and ... kills a sheriff. Claiming to have ... Read more
The Ballet Russo, under the direction of ... the legendary Colonel de Basil , visited ... Melbourne several times during the ... period of 1936 to 1940. ... Dr. Ringland Anderson, a ballet lover ... and expert amateur cameraman, shot ... over 12 hours of 16mm. silent film during the performances ... Read more
Madrid, shortly after the war. The cafe ... “La Delicia” is always crowded with ... people who want shelter from the cold, ... or company; people who are hungry and ... tired, but have a strong desire to survive. ... Some of them live in their dreams , ... others try to cope with a reality that ... Read more
A gothic tale about a woman's obsession with teaching a cockatoo to speak. ... Read more
This is the first television biography of ... San Francisco's most famous and enigmatic mystery writer. It combines ... original research, interviews, literary ... criticism, and dramatic readings of ... Hammett's “hardboiled” detective ... fiction. ... It explores Hammett's life and work ... Read more
The Children Are Watching Us was de Sica's first serious attempt at realism. ... An adaptation of a novel by Cesare Giulio Viola, the literary and elaborate ... script provides a vivid illustration of his ... attitude of that time: he wanted his films ... to be “a word in favour of the poor and ... Read more
An impression of a small coastal steamer going around New Zealand picking up and delivering cargo. Made in the early English documentary tradition, with a verse commentary by Denis Glover. ... Read more
An animated fairytale about a cowherd. ... Read more
The Easter Rebellion began in Dublin on Sunday, April 24th, 1916. The following evening, Francis Sheehy Skeffington, journalist, nationalist, pacifist was arrested in the street. This action by an officer of the 3rd Royal Irish Rifles, set in motion a chain of events that were brutal, bizarre, and ... Read more
The title of this film is merely an excuse to speak of the loneliness, alienation, fear and neurosis of contemporary man. ... Read more
Karl, a factory worker, is pursued by the sound of the machines he works with. ... Read more
Our civilization is moving towards its end, and fast - this is one possible message of Bresson's film. ... Charles, a sensitive young man, wanders about in Paris, lost and desperate: there is no solution for his sorrows, since they are the sorrows of the world. The solutions that are being offered ... Read more
Martin Dresher is a lover of English painting of the early Nineteenth Century —scraping a living by writing articles for art magazines. He collects paintings in a small way, with a sharp eye for bargains and lucky finds. A chance meeting at a gallery promises bargains unlooked for. ... Read more
Subtle clay animation brings to life Mark Twain's classic, "The Diary of Adam and Eve". ... Read more
A beautifully written and acted drama and yet a highly intellectual film, The Draughtsman's Contract combines the English tradition of film making with a murder story set in the 1690's. ... At the end of the seventeenth century a time of peace and imperial consolidation lay ahead of England, and ... Read more
Herr Hoffman often dreams that he just ... woke up and saw something strange before really waking up... Then, one day, he mistakes reality for a dream. ... Read more
A mill railway in Lancashire is closing down. The steam engine driver relates the story of his last days running the line. ... Read more
A witty parallel demonstrating the fate of mankind through the individual fates of puppet gloves. ... Read more
A fantasy about the survival of the fittest, the film follows the adventures of one young survivor of cataclysm in a devasted world-especially lacking in women. Anxious to find a mate, he manufactures a small aircraft and manages to reach the remnants of a big city. ... There he moves in with a ... Read more
This film runs along two parallel lines: the "signs" of the city deciphered by the music, determining the rhythms and the editing, and the musician's "signs'' while elaborating sounds in counterpoint to, and identification of, the rhythms and images of the city. ... Read more
The tragedy of flood and drought and consequent need for bold water conservation such as the Snowy Mountain Scheme. (An excerpt of 20 mins. will be screened,). ... Read more
A documentary of the journey that six rafters, in single rafts, take along the course of the Franklin River in South West Tasmania, showing the World Heritage area from the viewpoint of the ordinary Australian. ... Read more
A look at two spectacular gorges on the Gordon River in South West Tasmania, filmed for the first time. ... Read more
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