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Films Screened In 1984

Boxer (Laurie McInnes, 1984)
A documentary profile of prize-fighting in Australia today, revolving around four boxers: the many-titled Tony Mundine, former idol Tommy Burns, now in his 60s, and young ... would-be champions Clint… Read more

Boys and Girls (Don McBrearty, 1983)
The daughter of a farming family in the 1940's resists her parents' assumption that she will conform to the traditional woman's role. ... Read more

Breed and Dignity - An Open Letter From Nicaragua (Maria José Alvarez, )
From an Open Letter of Sandino to the President of the United States in 1926: "The USA deprived us of our peace. They came to us in 1909 " Maria Jose Alvarez continues this Open Letter from the viewp… Read more

BROADWAY DANNY ROSE (Woody Allen, 1984)
Is it possible for a movie to be deeply nostalgic and hilariously funny at the same time? Woody Allen's latest proves it can be ... done. He plays the title role of a vaudeville agent-manager who is … Read more

BURROUGHS (Howard Brookner, 1983)
William Burroughs, the noted American novelist, is the subject of this long documentary filmed aver five years and including material shot earlier, in black and white, by British film director Antony… Read more

BYKER (Sirka-Liisa Konttinen, 1983)
Since 1969 Byker, a long-established working class suburb of Newcastle-on Tyne, has undergone "re-development". ... Traditional community values have suffered with the onset of consumerism and aliena… Read more

California Show Time (Jeremiah Comey, 1984)
This zany little film traces the relationship between two people, Linda and Ron Bergman. The film opens just after they have been married and, through the use of still ... photography and fast motion… Read more

Camilla Horn Watching Herself Play Gretchen In Murnau's Silent Movie ‘Faust' (Hans Sachs, Hedde Rinneberg, 1981)
A film by: Hans Sachs and Hedda Rinneberg ... Leading player: Camilla Horn ... Read more

Cathedral Forms (Anne Pollak, 1983)
Stylized representations of cathedral exteriors and interiors ... merge into abstraction, to the accompaniment of choral excerpts from Bach. ... Read more

City of 100 Gates (John Jacobs, 1983)
Mea Sherim is a self-contained community, with its own workshops, markets and schools-almost like a voluntary ... ghetto-within the modern city of Jerusalem. It's inhabitants are deeply religious, an… Read more

Cocaine Blues - The Myth and Reality of Cocaine (Malcolm Barbour, John Langley, 1983)
Attempts to explode the myths and explore the facts of a phenomenon that has become a major social issue of the '80's. Features people from all walks of life who relate their experiences with cocaine… Read more

CRIME AND PUNISHMENT (Aki Kaurismäki, 1984)
Another screen version of Dostocvsky's novel, and one of the best Finnish films of recent years. Raskolnikov here is Rahikainen, a former law student, who now works in a slaughterhouse in Helsinki. O… Read more

Curios in Landscape (Klaus Jaritz, 1983)
A landscape is the result of a continuous battle between ... weather and time, measured over millions of years. Australia's landscape, the oldest on planet Earth, has the oldest stretch of ... expose… Read more

DANIEL (Sidney Lumet, 1983)
E L Doctorow's novel, "The Book of Daniel", written in 1975, is, according to the author himself, a fictive account of ... what might have happened to the children of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg when … Read more

Danny's Egg (David Haythornthwaite, 1983)
Set in the old NSW tin mining town of Tingha, "Danny's Egg" is the story of an eleven-year-old boy who finds an emu's ... egg in the bush. He tries to hatch it by keeping it warm in an electric frypa… Read more

Debris (Alexander Proyas, 1983)
In a bleak black and white post-nuclear age, cities are isolated by distance and fear. Only a few are willing to risk their lives to communicate—some use illegal radio, others drive into the un… Read more

Devrim (Migrant Women's Film Group, 1984)
"Devim" is the story of a young Turkish woman who has migrated to Australia with her husband and two young children. Cultural differences put an increasing strain on the husband who becomes violent. … Read more

Discs (Dirk de Bruyn, 1983)
A pixilated spin through a film -maker's record collection. ... Read more

Dream Flight (Phillippe Bergeron, Danielle Thalmann, 1982)
Computer-animated fantasy of a lonely dreamer from another planet who journeys to earth, but receives an unfriendly ... welcome. ... Read more

Dreams Within Reach (Atiat El-Abnoudi, )
Om Said got married at the age of 16. Now she has eight children. She has never left her village. She cannot read or write. Nevertheless, all important decisions for the family are taken by her. ... Read more

Early Bird (Peter Lord, 1983)
Another contribution to the "Conversation Pieces" series.This one takes a radio breakfast show for its soundtrack. Lord and Sproxton's "Down and Out" won the animation prize at the 1981 Melbourne Fil… Read more

EMPIRE CITY (Michael Blackwood, 1983)
A provocative and visually impressive film about New York City with narration written by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Frances Fitzgerald, which focuses primarily on the Manhattan of today and contr… Read more

Etching (Serge Viallet, 1983)
The subject of this short film may be summed up in a sentence birth, life and death of an imaginary tempest on the ... sea side. For the "tempest" part of the film, a special effect has been ... done… Read more

Etienne and Sara (Pierre Hébert, 1984)
Sara is born. Eighteen month old Etienne comes into a sense of his own identity. A film poem in three parts on the painful ... realisation that children, with their boundless energy, are slowly drawn… Read more

EUREKA (Nicholas Roeg, 1982)
A very complex film composed of a series of interlocking pieces which all have a significance beyond just being part of ... the story—obsession, destruction, the many facets of the human condit… Read more

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