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Films Screened In 1984

A truly marvellous counterpoint to "Time", This sensitive portrayal of Basque peasant life effortlessly achieves a deeply moving poetic vision that responds to the "figures" and ... movements of a po… Read more

Every Day, Every Night (Kathy Mueller, 1983)
Every day somewhere in Melbourne a Vietnam veteran suffers breakdown. often violent, sometimes suicidal. The widow of the veteran devotes whatever time is leftover from job and children to counsellin… Read more

EXPOSED (James Toback, 1983)
James Toback's third film is a breathless, dazzling see-saw between illusion and obsession, love and death, role and ... self—the major themes of Bunuel and Godard, with a dash of Fuller—… Read more

Fear of Life (Sally Bongers, 1984)
The super market is being built. The model is being destroyed. People return to their dark houses. “ Fear of life” seek's out the pauses in people's lives to express the gap between what life is … Read more

Fiesta (David Marconi, 1983)
A small boy, from a remote coastal village in Spain, learns the nature of life and death through a chance encounter with a shipwrecked sailor. ... Read more

First Sight (Richard Keith Wolff, 1983)
“Fight Sight” is a journey through the personal daydream of one Augusta September using vehicles of words, animation music and innovative cinematography . At the heart of the daydream is a river,… Read more

Flamenco at 5.15 (Cynthia Scott, 1983)
The extraordinary dancer, teacher and choreographer,Susana, and her husband, Antonio Robledo, come from Spain to teach flamenco to Canadian ballet students. "You must put your whole being behind it a… Read more

FLIGHT TO BERLIN (Christopher Petit, 1984)
Ex-film critic Christopher Pent has come up with a remarkable thriller, exciting, mysterious, and laden with references to other films, among them "Blow Up", and his own detective movie "An Unsuitabl… Read more

Frida and Tina (Laura Mulvey, Peter Wollen, 1982)
This film is about two women artists, Frida Kahlo (1907-54) and Tina Modotti (1896-1942), who lived and worked in Mexico during the period of the "Mexican Renaissance". Kahlo was a painter who develo… Read more

FRIEND OR FOE (John Krish, 1981)
Two London boys are evacuated to a farm during the 1940 blitz. Unaccustomed to the countryside, one is rescued from ... the river by a stranded German pilot. ... The boys in turn help the pilot and h… Read more

FUNNY, DIRTY LITTLE WAR (Héctor Olivera, 1983)
Taking place in a small rural town, Colonia Vela, in 1974, the film illustrates how rivalries between right and left-wing factions within Peronism led to merciless civil strife which threatened the c… Read more

Fury is a Feeling Too (Cynthia Beatt, 1983)
Prize winner at 1984 MFF returns as part of the competition's 30th anniversary, with director Cynthia Beatt (The Party) Eluding easy catagonzation, this film is both a documentary on the city of Berl… Read more

Gaby's Ass (Killian Dellers, Gaby, 1984)
A stylized "happening" with a difference: a woman's—shall we say, posterior?—is subjected to an onslaught of ornamental ... improvisations, including paint, fruit and confectionery. ... Read more

Galapagos - My Special Island (Simone DiBagno, 1983)
Ecudor's Galapagos is a group of 48 small Pacific Ocean Islands, 600 miles off the coast of continental South America. Darwin called the islands a world in itself, a Garden of Eden for wildlife and o… Read more

Games, Toys and Players (Enrique Gracian, 1983)
Parent's buy children toy's displayed in advertisments. Children play while developing a fantasy of their own. Other parents make toys themselves. ... Read more

Getting Wet (Paul John Hogan, 1984)
Alex is 15, he, his parents and his older brother Michael and the woman he loves embark on an action packed beach ... holiday. When Alex returns he has aged considerably. ... Read more

Give Us A Smile (Leeds Animation Workshop, 1983)
A witty, challenging coverage of various forms of harassment encountered daily by women—-from street "humour' and ... media stereotypes to actual assault. ... The Leeds Animation Workshop is a … Read more

Gotta Serve Somebody (John Wilson, 1983)
Everybody has to serve somebody, Bob Dylans life theme, sung by him in this animated parable. ... Read more

Half A Life (Noll Brinkman, )
Haifa married life-time condensed into five minutes; we see the bedroom of a middle-aged couple, a composite impression ... of staid suburban life. It is only on the soundtrack that the intensities o… Read more

Headshots (Ilan Duran, 1983)
A director wants a "new" image of woman for his commercial He finds a free woman who expresses beauty and spirit. But the commercial's look is still imposed by him, the ... patriarch behind the lens. ... Read more

Hellfire (John David Coles, 1983)
A fictional drama set in a modern electronic church which ... portrays an extraordinary day in the life of Howard Woode, a television evangelist. ... Read more

Here You Will Find It (Lee Sokol, 1983)
A film about male sexuality made by a woman with similar concerns and an equally individual "vision" as Bette Gordon's. Lee Sokol was on her way to San Luis Potosi one summer to film the bullfights. … Read more

Hey Marcel . . . (Peter Tammer, 1984)
Descending faces, descending feet, descending bodies. A cascade of nude flesh on a staircase: separate identities ... merging, unravelling and descending continuously. Hey ... Marcel? ... Read more

HIGH SCHOOLS (Charles Guggenheim, 1983)
Shot on location at seven American High schools, the film present a realistic picture of daily high school activity, both in and outside of the classes room. ... “High Schools was based on the repo… Read more

Highland Winter (Roger Scholes, 1983)
An elderly woman living in a nursing home recalls images of the wild and isolated land she is no longer able to visit. The film recalls the winter journeys of her childhood in the Central Highlands o… Read more

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