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Films Screened In 1984

Hmong (Jean Noel Delamarre, 1982)
Hmong people belong to an ethnic group of Laos that is today uprooted by the political overthrows of South East Asia .This ... film proposes an observation of the different steps of an exodus that st… Read more

Holzwege: Wood Roads/Wrong Ways (Georgia Wallace-Crabbe, 1983)
Albert Speer walks 31,936 kilometres, an imaginary journey undertaken by the imprisoned Nazi war criminal. ... Read more

HOTEL NEW YORK (Jackie Raynal, 1984)
This is the final version of "New York" shown by Jackie Kaynal in 1980 as a work-in-progress. It is now the story of Loulou Blanchot, a French filmmaker who decides to live and work in New York after… Read more

In Search of Viewable Objects (Jane Nicholls, 1983)
A peeping Tom graduates to the movies. ... Read more

Industrial Park (Paul Elliott, 1984)
. . . the plump hands of lunching businessmen, the stored barrels of toxic waste, the child's vain escape from the bleak ... silhouettes of the housing estate, the roar of the automated warehouses, t… Read more

Iron Boots (Ludvík Kadleček, 1983)
Puppet fairy-tale about a young fisherman who falls madly in love with his rather unusual catch, a little mermaid. But he ... loses his loved one through his own fault and before he can win her back … Read more

It's A Living (Laurie Kirkwood, 1983)
One shift in the perilous life of a Sydney taxi driver. ... Read more

Iwana Station (Peter Jordan, 1983)
A stranded motorist in the outback starts walking He comes to a railway line and an unattended station He settles down to wait for the next train, and he waits, and he waits ... Read more

Jazzman (Clive Heaven, 1983)
A roughly hewn, impressionistically-coloured piece of animation that meanders with the music through the city to ... discover the source. ... Read more

Jockeys Without Horses (Michael Nicholson, 1983)
The Melbourne Cup Race is famous all over the world But ... what social effect does it have on the people of Melbourne ... who flock to see it. ... Read more

Joe's Encyclopaedia (Ric Lappas, 1983)
A young woman is interrupted in her musings on suicide by a one-legged deaf mute salesman who communicates by ... pre-written cards. His name is Joe, and he has a marvellous encyclopaedia to sell whi… Read more

LA BALANCE (Bob Swaim, 1982)
An excellent, engrossing crime drama which interweaves action and character interest with contemporary Paris as its ... background. ... By incorporating quasi documentary elements in a fictitious sto… Read more

In the twenty years of fighting in Indochina, Vietnam's neighbours went through profound changes; Laos was handed over to the communists without much fanfare, while Cambodia was torn apart by the war… Read more

LAST DAY OF SUMMER (Derek Banham, 1983)
A shy, unattractive young woman comes to live in a commune in a large house by the river. She is out of place in the relaxed ... atmosphere of the group, and wins only an amused tolerance from its me… Read more

Let Them Not Alone (Knut W. Jorfald, 1982)
Two organisers of the Turkish trade union Disk tell of the maltreatment and torture of hundreds of their members since the military coup of September, 1980. ... Read more

Letter From A Film Maker (Ioselaita, )
The subject of loselaita's "Open Letter" is Paris seen in all its idiosyncrasies and preciousness by an ironic and highly observant "Eastern Eye". A film that rests placidly on its exhilarating monta… Read more

LIFE IS A NOVEL (Alain Resnais, 1983)
"Life is a Novel"—Gothic novel, fairy tale and philosophical puzzle all in one seeming reputation of Napoleon's truism "la ... vie n'est pas un roman" (probably his version of "life wasn't mean… Read more

LIGHT PHYSICAL INJURIES (György Szomjas, 1984)
When Csaba, a rowdy quick-tempered labourer, is released from gaol for having stabbed a man in a drunken brawl, he ... finds his wife, Eva, living with another man, Miklos. A quick divorce follows, b… Read more

Little Bits (Mandy Walker, 1983)
This film represents two moods through the presentation of contrasting visuals and music. Images of confinement are disrupted by the intrusion of the other seemingly bizarre and conflicting scenes. T… Read more

Little Queen (Peter Wells, 1984)
A child's impression of a small country town in New Zealand during a visit by Queen Elizabeth II. ... Read more

MAN WITHOUT MEMORY (Kurt Gloor, 1983)
The police pick up a seemingly neglected man who has no identification papers, who cannot speak, and who appears to ... have lost his memory. ... Examinations by doctors and the police ... both fail … Read more

Marathon - The Ultimate Challenge (Alan Jacques, 1982)
In attempt to answer the question: What motivates someone to run mile after mile experiencing loneliness, pain and self-doubt? ... Read more

MEANTIME (Mike Leigh, 1983)
Though beautifully made and acted, "Meantime" is definitely I minority-audience film. It concerns an East End family Husband, wife, two grown sons, Mark a cynic, and Colin, a bit simple-minded. The t… Read more

Memorial Day (Michael Ackerman Ulick, 1983)
A touching record of how a small American town annually commemorates its fallen soldiers and sailors from past wars ... Read more

Memories of War (Pierre Hebert, 1982)
A father's intimate and passionate plea for a peaceful world in which to raise his new born son. Employs innovative animation techniques. ... Read more

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