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Films Screened In 1984

Mind Comp (Mike Patterson, 1981)
A homage to Eisenstein utilising found library footage and original footage of "commutensed" Chicago today. ... Read more

Miraj - Through The Hudson Hotel (Molly Burgess, 1983)
Uses mirrors, superimposed images, moving cameras, optical printing and split screen to capture the features and ... atmosphere of a derelict hotel building. ... Read more

Miss Savidge (Witold Stok, 1983)
In 1969 in order save her medieval house, May Savage dismantled it, numbering all the separate pieces. With the use of eleven lorries, she moved from Ware, Herts., Wells-next-to-the-sea, Norfolk, whe… Read more

Muscle (Barry Lank, 1983)
A fascinating look at the Manitoba Women's Provincial Body ... Building Championship both from backstage and up front ... . ... Read more

Narcissus (Norman McLaren, 1983)
Norman McLaren's 59th film, which opened the 1983 World Film Festival in Montreal, is one of the most ambitious in his ... long career, which started in 1933. The film is based on the Greek myth of t… Read more

Ned Wethered (Lee Whitmore, 1983)
Ned Wethered was a family friend who died when Lee Whitmore was 15. In trying to remember him, she wrote down her own recollections; she went looking for ... photographs of him, but found only one; s… Read more

John Pilger presents a documentary impression with interviews of Nicaraguan society under the present Sandinista ... Government, relates a brief history of the events of this century, and returns to … Read more

Night Club (Jonathan Hodgson, 1983)
An animated examination of some of the seedier night clubs ... in Liverpool and the people who inhabit them. ... Read more

NO MORE HIBAKUSHA! (Martin Duckworth, 1983)
The Hibakusha are the survivors of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 The film follows a group of ... Hibakusha who attended a mass peace demonstration in New York in 1982. ... In… Read more

OK, LET'S WATCH (Mort Schreiber, 1983)
The ultimate in audience participation or "how to succeed on stage without a scriptwriter".A touring New Zealand theatre group invites members of the ... audience to describe events from their own li… Read more

Olympic Flame/Olympijsky Ohen (Vladimir Jiranek, Josef Hekrdla, 1983)
An Olympic runner carries the torch to the new games.The little man famous in Czech cartoons attempts to ... overcome obstacles whilst transporting the Olympic Flame. ... Read more

On Probation (David Sproxton, 1983)
One of the “Conversation Pieces" series (another, "Early Bird", is also in this year's Festival) The series uses real-life conversations as the sound track to ... animated clay models. ... This fil… Read more

One or the Other (Nicholas Hondrogen, 1983)
'One or the Other' portrays the troubled psyche of Alexandra Turner, a New York writer imprisoned by her own volatile ... imagination. The film opens with scenes from Alex's recent novel. Is it just … Read more

One Word of Truth (Peter J. Sisam, 1982)
When Solzhenitsyn was given the Nobel Prize for Literature, he was unable to leave the Soviet Union to receive the award. He wrote a speech for that occasion, but it was never delivered. Later it was… Read more

Ossian: An American Boy in Nepal (Thomas Anderson, 1983)
This film is a portrait of a 12-year-old western boy who is living in Nepal and studying in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery as a monk. Ossian Kennard Maclise was born in Great Barrington, Mass., USA, to… Read more

PANKOW ‘55 (Gabor Altorjay, 1984)
Altorjay emerged from Germany's "underground" to make this political sci-fi of life in East Berlin under authoritarian rule The events of the film take place in an Orwellian "Nerve Clinic", with fant… Read more

Passionless Moments (Jane Campion, 1983)
This film documents one of the most neglected aspects of the human condition Psychologists refer to this phenomenon as ... "the passionless moment" ... A series of slyly humorous observations on cont… Read more

PAUL CADMUS: ENFANT TERRIBLE AT 80 (David Sutherland, 1984)
Back in 1934, while he was on the dole, Paul Cadmus "The ... Fleet's inn" . A Hoganhian painting of sailors and whores having a good time, was withdrawn from an exhibition because it offended an admi… Read more

Peace March 1982 (Laila Rakvaag, Erika Nissens, 1982)
From the 13th to 29th of July 1982, representatives from peace- organisations in Nordic countries and the Soviet Union Participated in a March against nuclear. Weapons. With thousands of other along … Read more

Pendulum, The Pit and Hope (Jan Svankmajer, 1983)
Two tales by Edgar Allan Poe and Villiers de L'Isle Adam provided the inspiration for the story of human suffering and people's indomitable hope. The combined film method ... used and subtle art conc… Read more

Satyaiit Ray, renowned film maker and author of children's books, has assisted his son, Sandip Ray, in his first venture into ... film directing a crisp and delightful thriller for children. ... Babl… Read more

PINA BAUSCH (Chantal Akerman, 1983)
The film follows the dance group of Pina Bausch in Germany, Italy and Avignon in France during her most recent European tour. It shows the working atmosphere, the presentation, the intense rehearsals… Read more

Portrait of the Artist as an Old Lady (Gail Singer, 1983)
A cameo of Canadian artist, Paraskeve Clark an irascible and often touching Canadian artist, now 81 years old, whose work ... has won her a place in exhibitions and private collections. ... Read more

Precious Metal Variations (David Ehrlich, 1983)
An abstract animation film in which a series of shapes rotate and evolve into other forms producing an illusion of depth. Colour, texture and super imposed-images undergo structural variations ... Read more

Private and Confidential (Joseph Bogdanov, 1983)
An amusing morality tale told in the manner of True Romance Comix. ... Read more

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