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Films Screened In 1984

A Ray Bradbury modern myth and adventure story about a journey in which a boy goes through a series of trials, in the course of which he grows into a man, he finally reaches his destination, and achieves his goal . ... Read more
Synopsis not available Read more
President Raygun has a terrible nightmare in which America is invaded by a huge Japanese electronic monster. ... Read more
"Rear Window" was one of Hitchcock's favourite films, as it was—and still is—to audiences and critics alike ever since its ... original release in 1954. To the director, it represented a rare opportunity to have a ... whole film seen from the viewpoint of one character and embodied in a ... Read more
A graduation film from Leeds Polytechnic Based on five poems by the Yorkshire poet, Ted Hughes, husband of the late ... Sylvia Plath. All the poems deal with the theme of death, and in the film, Christopher Ryan explores his thoughts about ... mortality and death The locations are used are all in ... Read more
A satirical look at the role of secret agents in Australia and how they cope with the new ASIO, the Australian Space and ... Intelligence Organisation. ... Read more
The film is a convincing study of social conditions in Beijing during the turbulence of the early 1930s Xinagzi, a young camel-herd from the west, comes to Beijing ... to seek his fortune pulling a rickshaw, only to find himself trapped in a hopeless economic situation. ... His employer's daughter ... Read more
Hitchcock's first film in colour, and his first as producer/director, remains one of the most extraordinary technical achievements m the history of the cinema. The entire action takes place within a single set, and the 81 ... minutes' screen time coincides with dramatic time . ... Hitchcock covered ... Read more
A stylish, fast-moving, gut-wrenching melodrama of hell-bent youth: a loose knit company of teenage crazies in the milieu of ... motorcycles, heroin, mean streets and pool rooms of Tulsa,Oklahoma. ... They are alienated from society at large, family,peers, lovers, siblings—yet needing them ... Read more
There are women of Hatoma Island, Okinawa, who have a kind of divinity: they follow dreams and search for places in the landscape which are of spiritual significance. The island is becoming depopulated in modern times; the coming and going of these women is seen by some other inhabitants as ... Read more
A live-action film by Bozetto, "Sandwich" is a very funny look at a man on a bicycle outing, who constructs a monumental sandwich for his lunch, only to have it lurch out of his hands and lead him on a wild romp through the countryside. He finally catches up with it, high on a mountaintop, and the ... Read more
Selve has eight children. While her husband is looking for work, she has to cope with all the problems on her own. She wishes for a better future for their children. ... Read more
When its Communist Party Dissolution Bill was rejected by the High Court in 1951, the Menzies government put the ... question of banning the Communist Party to a national referendum, held in September of that year. ... It was rejected by a relatively narrow margin after a fiercely fought campaign ... Read more
An extraordinary filmic record of the lives of a group of teenagers during their final year of High School. They are residents of Muncie, Indiana, the site of the oft-consulted ... "Middletown USA" sociological studies. ... The two-person team of DeMott (female) and Kreines (male) designed their ... Read more
This is a cinematographic journey through the photographic atmospheres of Bill Brandt, Britain's master photographer, who was born in 1904 and died in 1983. Bill Brandt, who first worked with Man Ray, the Surrealists, ... and the Dadaists in the 1920s, documented life in England in the 1930s, and ... Read more
An off-beat flick in which a woman takes off her clothes. ... Read more
Steve to his teachers and mates, Stefan to his parents, Steve Popovski is sixteen and wants to leave school. His father, Vasel, came to Australia to find a better life for his children. Vasel sees passing secondary school as the key to a "good job" and an assured future for his eldest son. ... Read more
During World War 2, the most ominous ending to the broadcast reports on raids on the enemy was “Some of our aircraft are missing". And during the War, Holland was for ... military aircraft, German and Allied alike, what the Sargos Sea was for ancient sailing ships. Between 1940 and 45, more than ... Read more
Christopher Roberts, a young musician from the Julliard School, plays Bach and Mozart for villagers in a remote corner of Papua New Guinea on a string bass which he carries on his back through the jungles. ... The villagers in exchange share their songs with Christopher, who records and translates ... Read more
This animated film gives us a rare insight into the life life of blind, seven year old black boy his intimate world of sound and touch. It's a story of conflict created by the imagination and fantasy of the boy's new friend, juxtaposed against his own world of reality, poignantly confronted by his ... Read more
A documentary about the 40,000 poor people of Philadelphia who "squat" illegally in abandoned buildings. The film concentrates upon Gloria Giles, a 22 year old mother of three children, who has become a leader of the squatters' attempts to improve the city's welfare program. ... In addition to ... Read more
At 16, West Australian ballerina, Sian Stokes, was offered a scholarship to the prestigious Princess Grace Academy of Classic Dance in Monaco. ... The film follows Sian to Monte Carlo where she studies under Manka Besobrasova whose career began under Fokine and whose pupils included Rudolph ... Read more
“Street Angel” went into production shortly after F. W. Mumau's remarkable “Sunrise”, and well demonstrated the ... impact which that film had on American film-especially at Fox. The early sequences of “Street Angel” strongly recall the ... German style of the l920's, with moody ... Read more
The forests of the Himalayas, the basis for subsistence of the people in these regions, are destroyed by powerful lumber dealers. Sudesha is a member of the CHIPKO movement which fights against this ... Read more
The first feature film by young fashion photographer Mazzucco is a charming and fragile work of atmosphere and sincerity. ... Made on a shoestring budget, the film takes us on a trip to New York City with Italian tourist Marco, who tries to find his way through the jungle of a giant foreign city ... Read more
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