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Films Screened In 1984

ULIISSES (Werner Nekes, 1982)
"The grammars of thought are changed by history, but the stories remain the same". The radical, prolific Nekes has subjected James Joyce's epoch-making novel to a similar creative transformation on f… Read more

UP FOR GRABS (Curtis Levy, 1983)
Aboriginal resistance to white settlement has continued for almost 200 years. In earlier times guerilla warfare was waged, but failed against the more sophisticated armoury of the ... invaders Austra… Read more

VARIETY (Bette Gordon, 1925)
In 1925 two German films in particular had immediate and widespread influence on motion picture technique: Variety, which showed that the camera could be put to outstanding uses, and The Last Laugh, … Read more

VERTIGO (Alfred Hitchcock, 1958)
The film's source was a novel by the French virtuoso team, Boileau and Narcejac.Although the psychological murder mystery had been written with the director in mind, he never intended to retain more … Read more

VIDEODROME (David Cronenberg, 1983)
A densely-plotted, witty, fatalistic horror-cum-morality tale with truly gruesome special effects. A cable TV director becomes fascinated with the hard core sex-and-torture programmes on Videodrome, … Read more

Visit Prague (Pavel Koutský, 1983)
A group of tourists "do" Prague in record time. A witty cartoon taking in all the ancient buddings of the city, as the visitors rush from sight to sight. ... Read more

VOICES IN THE FOREST (David Parer, 1981)
The delicate and spectacular plumes of the bird of paradise are items of wealth and decoration to the tribes of the Nuigini Highlands. Whilst adapting to 'modern development', the Highlanders ... ret… Read more

Waltz Mambo (Andrew Quinn, 1983)
This little film brings welcome grace and wit to the high tech world of computer animation. Currently a finalist in the ... Greater Union Awards. ... Read more

Warming Up (Annie Duncan, 1983)
The intense atmosphere generated by members of an orchestra in the last five minutes before going on stage. The film makes an analogy between the mechanics of the human body and that of musical instr… Read more

Went With The Wind (Isay Weinfeld, Marcio Kogan, 1983)
"Went With the Wind" tells the story of Margaret Mitchell, the well-known author of the unforgettable romance "Gone ... with the Wind", from her childhood until her days of glory, satirising Hollywoo… Read more

When The Forest Dies, The Soul Dies Along With It (Heide Breitel, Eval Hammel, )
Authors: Heide Breitcl, Eval Haminel Lollo Stankowski, a 39-year-old teacher and mother, works m an environmental group to fight against the destruction of the trees because of acid rain. ... Read more

WHITE DOG (Samuel Fuller, 1981)
From a story by Romain Gary White. Actress Julie Sawyer takes in a very attractive German Shepherd after having accidentally injured the dog with her car Julie grows very attached to the animal, and … Read more

Who Wants Unions? (Laszlo Barna, Laura Alper, 1982)
A movement to "de-unionise" industry has been gaining considerable ground in the US and Canada in recent years. It has developed a new breed of "union-buster" using persuasive psychological technique… Read more

X-Streams (Myron Emery, 1982)
Seven separate visions of Los Angeles, sprawling, fast-paced city of millions. Myron Emery teaches optical printing at the California Institute of the Arts, using apparatus left over from the first "… Read more

You Are Free (Dea Brockman, Ilene Landis, 1983)
Presents the events at the liberation of the concentration camps at the end of World War 2, from the point of view of four liberators from different branches of the American ... services. One man met… Read more

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